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Stage Name

Birth Name

Ernest Belcher

Ernest Belcher?


    Ernest Belcher was a Ballet dancer and choreographer. He studied ballet in London and was the principal danseur at the Alhambra Theatre around 1902. However Ballet was not his only dance. Belcher taught dancing in Southern California and founded the "Celeste School of Dance" in 1916, which turned out many dancers for films such as Fred Astaire, Maria Tallcheif, Shirley Temple, Cyd Charisse etc. as well as producing ballets for Hollywood Bowl concerts (1923-36.)

    Belcher also worked for Walt Disney studio's and had his daughter Marge as the model for "Snow White" and the "Blue Fairy" in Pinocchio. Would be titled the "Father of Ballet in Southern California."

   His daughter Marge Belcher-Champion , step daughter and Gower Champion.

Birth Place

Birth Date



London, England 6/8/1882 - 2/23/1973 was Married, yes Marge Belcher
                  Lina Basquette

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Apache Dance Lina Basquette n/a
Ballet Marge Champion      
Ballroom Ernest Belcher's Dancing Tots      
Stage Dance      

Night Clubs


Stage / Ballets

n/a Alhambra Theater (1902-1909) 1932 - Grecian Ballet




1918 - Broken Blossoms ( DW Griffith) n/a 1932 - Musical West Mag.
1925 - Phantom of the Opera (Choreo)            
$1927 - King of Kings            
1929 - Hollywood Revue ( Tots)            
1939 - The Little Princess            
The Christian        
The Spanish Dancer (Choreo for Negri)        
Phantom of the Opera ( Choreo)            

NOTE: Belcher's Studio was located at: 634 West 15th Street (Ernest Belcher's Celeste School of Dancing - c.1925) and 607 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles.

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