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Picture of Rozika or Rosy and Jenny or Yansci Dolly of the famous Dolly Sisters. These sister were twins who danced on Broadway then in Movies. Jenny  married Harry Fox who invented the Fox Trot dance in 1914. They would later dance Mambo a Latin dance in a few Spanish Movies.

Stage Name

Birth Name

The Dolly Sisters

Yansci "Jenny" Dolly Deutsch

The Dancing Dolly's

Roszika "Rosi" Dolly Deutsch

    The Twins arrived in Brooklyn, NY when they were just five years of age, Roszika ( Rosy) and Jenny ( Yansci) Dolly of the famous Dolly Sisters were internationally known as a single sex dance team, a "Tandem act" if you will. They were not the first sister act to come along, but definitely one of the best. These sisters were twins who danced on Broadway plays then in movies. They were managed by their uncle. Using mirrors, lights and shadow techniques, and identical clothing they would imitate each others dancing movements to perfection.

    The sisters started ballet training for something to do with the urging of their mother. The twins started dancing professionally early in life in local beer halls and made their American debut in the operetta entitled "The Maid and the Millionaire" ( Danced in the pony ballet) in 1907.

    However, because of their age they would not be allowed to perform in New York for two more years, frustrated, they entered the Orpheum Vaudeville circuit and toured the mid west until 1909. Rosie later claimed that the name Dolly was inspired by a friend who said they were as cute as dolls. They returned back to New York and the Keith circuit and by 1911 was with the Ziegfeld Follies, billed as the Dolly twins. It was here that they got their theme ... "Siamese Twins," which they used throughout their career. Later, passing an important audition for Oscar Hammerstein, the Dolly girls become international Stage headliners, but in so doing they find that their private life would be strained.

    Jenny married Harry Fox who is credited for inventing the Fox Trot dance in 1914. Harry Fox sang the song, "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows," with the Dolly Sisters, in the 1918 Broadway musical for which it was written, "Oh, Look." Harry isn't in the film and actually sued the producers for representing him as a "lowly songwriter," he felt it was part of Rosie's "conspiracy to injure him." His suit was unsuccessful.

    Roszika would team up with Martin Brown and perform erotic Spanish ballroom dances which the audience adored. On many billings the two girls would be billed as rivals to create more income at the door. However these teaming's would not last and the sisters would be back together again, better than ever.

   The twins made a fortune off of their dancing and performing as well as the various marriages and more importantly the suitors which included the Prince of Wales, the Aga Khan, and King Alfonso of Spain, Department Store tycoon Gordon Selfridge, etc. who would lavishly shower them with gifts, from a vast amount of Jewelry, to Rolls Royce's, to Real Estate. Their collection of jewelry alone was incredibly excessive, but unfortunately, they were not able to keep it. Gambling is rumored to have played a part of their fortune as well, having claimed to have broke the bank in Monte Carlo - four times.

    Jennie Dolly was in a serious automobile accident, driving over a cliff located along the French Riviera in 1933 with her fiance Max Canstant, they survived the automobile accident but one of her lungs was punctured, her skull was fractured, her stomach displaced but, for her, the worst of it was that the right side of her face was torn apart. The beauty that had brought her wealth and fame was ruined. She almost died. -- but, for the next six weeks, (writes Max Pierce,) "she [ Underwent] over 15 painful and unsuccessful plastic surgeries to restore her beauty, later cursing the doctors for saving her life. This necessitated the sale of most of her jewelry" -- a fact which is included in the film. Afterwards looking exactly as she (Jennie) did before and still able to dance, but sadly very broke and unhappy, as Hollywood was no longer calling. However, never recovering mentally or physically from her 1933 auto accident, Jennie described herself to friends as a broken shell' and committed suicide by hanging herself at the Shelton Hotel in 1941. Rosie, who attempted suicide in 1962, died of a heart attack in 1970.

Note: There were the Dolly Sisters who would later dance Mambo (A Latin dance) in a few foreign Latin movies as they were credited as doing so. These were not the same girls.

Birth Place

Birth Date

Spouse (s)


(Jenny) Budapest, Hungary 10/25/1892 - 6/1/1941 Harry Fox - (1914/21) (Jenny) Manzi (adopted)
    Bernard Vinissky - (1935/40) Klari (adopted)
  (Rosi)  Budapest, Hungary 10/25/1892 - 1/1/1970 Jean Schwartz - (1913/21)    
      Mortimer Davis - (1927/31)    
      Irving Netcher - (1932/43) < Died)

Dance Types, Routines

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Foxtrot Harry Fox Dance (1906)
Galop / Polka Martin Brown Die Aktulle Trompeten Hit Parade No. 1 (LP)
Hunting Dance, the       Dolly Sisters Movie Sheet Music Covers
? Mambo?       ?Jardin de Dolly (1896 by Gabriel Faure)?
Papaltatsa Maxixe (1914)       Dance of the Dolly's (Milton Age)
The Statue Clog      
The Dollies and their Collies routine      

Night Clubs



Casino de Paris (1922) Keith's Union Square Theater 1907 - The Maid and the Millionaire
Casino de Paris (1927) London Hippodrome (1921) 1908/9 - Orpheum Vaudeville Circuit
Jardin de Danse Manhattan Opera House 1909 - Keith Vaudeville Circuit
Loew's Oxford Theatre (5-1921) 1910 - The Echo (Rosi)
  Palace Theatre (1921) 1911/12 - Ziegfeld Follies
  Shubert Theatre (1924) 1912 - The Merry Countess
  Theatre Edouard VII 1913 - Honeymoon Express (Jenny)
  Vienna Theater 1914 - Hello Broadway (Rosi)
  Ziegfeld Theater 1914 - Whirl of the World (Rosi)
    1915 - Maid In America (Eddward and Yansci)
    1916 - His Bridal Night (Rosi)
    1921 - The League of Notions
    1924 - Greenwich Village Follies
    1927 - Casino de Paris
    1931 - Jeannette McDonald En Person (Jenny was costumer in Paris)
    "Folies Bergere"
    "Oh Les Belles Filles"
    "Revue Moderne" (Casino de Paris)




1913 - The Merry Countess ( Brown) n/a 2/27/1914 - Photoplay Magazine
1913 - The Maid and The Millionaire       5/1921 - The Dancing Times (Cover)
1915 - The Call Of The Dance (Jenny)     6/4/1922 - The Syracuse Herald
1915 - The Lilly and the Rose (Rosy)        
1918 - The Million Dollar Dollies (both)       Dance Till Dawn - (Book)
1920 - The Tiger Girl ( Lilly & the rose)      


$1945 - The Dolly Sisters [DVD]       The Dolly Sisters Poster
??many Mexican/Spanish Films??       The Dolly Sisters Movie Poster

  • NOTE:  Jenny married Harry Fox who is credited with inventing the Fox Trot.
  • The Twins also had a brother named Eddie, who was briefly a dance director at Fox Studios. Also, thanks to Max Pierce for supplying some of the above information.

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