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Condos Brothers

Stage Name

Birth Name

Condos Brothers Nick Condos (1)(2)
?? Steve Condos (2)
  Frank Condos (1)

   The Condo's Brothers were one of the most acclaimed white Rhythm tap dance acts in history. Frank worked at his fathers restaurant while in high school which was across the street from the local Standard theatre. Frank used to deliver meals to the dancers and became hooked on dancing. Frank Condos loved wing steps and practiced them endlessly. During his time, most folks thought five-tap wings to be impossible to do. While 16 years old Frank was approached by an old timer about the idea of doing a Five-tap Wing, Frank ran with it. Frank left home at the age of sixteen with his partner Mateo Olvera and eventually became a famous duo known as King and King. They were billed as the "Fastest legs in show business."

    Their routine started with a Soft-Shoe dance done to the song Tea for Two, then a Clog dance to Three O'Clock in the Morning and finally a fast paced Challenge dance done to June Night.

Nick and Steves Autograph
    By 1927 they would be featured dancers in the Broadway Stage show called Artists and Models. Olvera and Condos split in 1929 with Olvera creating King, King and King wth his brothers. Frank joined with his brother Nick and formed the Condos Brothers for 8 years, with frank going solo then retiring and youngest brother Steve taking his place.    The Condos Brothers were known for their tricky footwork and very complicated steps such as "Wings" and would master perform these together as well as separately. Steve Condos died of a heart attack in Lyon, France.

Condos Brothers Condos Brothers Condos Brothers Condos Brothers Condos Brothers

Birth Place

Birth Date



Pittsburgh, PA. (Nick) 1/26/1915 - 7/8/1988 n/a n/a
Pittsburgh, PA. (Steve) 12/1918 - 8/16/1990            
  Greece (Frank)                  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Clog Dance Betty Grable n/a
Jazz Dance Mateo "Mattie" Olvera      
the Soft Shoe      
Tap Dance (Rhythm, Wings and Flash)      

Night Clubs



n/a Winter Garden (1927) 1927 - Artists and Models (King & King)
      London Palladium (1930 for 2 years) 1932 - Earl Carroll's Vanities (Frank & Nick)
    Radio City Music Hall (Frank Only) Heaven on Earth (Steve)
      Say Darling (Steve)
      1972 - Sugar (Steve)




1932 - Midshipmaid Gob Tonight Show (Steve) Book: 1964 - Jazz Dance (Marshall Stearns)
1936 - Dancing Feet (Nick)            
1937 - Wake Up and Live            
1938 - Happy Landing [DVD]            
1941 - In The Navy [DVD]            
1941 - Moon Over Miami [DVD]            
1944 - Hey Rookie            
1944 - Pin Up Girl [DVD]            
1944 - Song of the Open Road            
1946 - The Time, The Place, The Girl            
1951 - Meet Me After The Show            
1953 - She's Back On Broadway            
1989 - Tap [DVD] (Steve)            

NOTE: were also known as Frank and Harry Condos.