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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As / m: = Married/ n/a = Not Available / ( ) = Note / c.= Circa.




Perform / Notes




Mabley "Moms" Brevard,
N. Carolina
Killer Diller n/a Swing, Comedy 3/19/1894-5/23/1975
Mablin Harold USA n/a n/a Tap Dancer, c.1930's
'Macarrona La' Spain n/a Aka: Juana Vargas Spanish, Flamenco, 1860-1947
MacLaine Shirley Richmond, VA 1960 Can-Can.
1955 Artists & Models
M: Steve Parker. Fosse, Verdon Can-Can, Jazz, Apache 4/24/1934-
MacDonald Donald Denison, TX. Tea Dances Anna Wheaton n/a 3/13/1898-12/9/1959
MacDonald Jeanette Philadelphia, PA Actress /Dancer /Singer, The Merry Widow Fred Astaire Ballroom 6/18/1903-1/14/1965
MacDonalds Roy & Grace n/a Babes In Arms n/a Ballroom c.1937
Machaira "Professor" New York? Dance Instructor/Studio n/a Ballroom c.1917
Mack Lavinia n/a Runnin' Wild [1924] n/a Tap c.1924
Mackaill Dorothy n/a The Dancer Of Paris, 1929 His Captive Women Conway Tearle Ballroom c.1926
Madia ??? n/a n/a n/a Belly c.1904
Madison Louise n/a n/a n/a Tap Dancer, 5-tap wings 1920s?
Madrid Roy Phoenix, AZ Asistant Choreo: Saturday Night Fever. Clubs & Contests Donna Hyatt,
aka: Roy Campanelli
Disco Swing, Hustle c.1971-1979
Maglay Irene n/a Danced in Seymour Hicks musical "The Catch of the Season to the Faust Rag. Fred Farren Foxtrot c.1917
Mahrer Georgie n/a Aka: The Boy of Maxim's . Said to have invented the Merry Widow Waltz. n/a Stage Dance c.1900's
Mahoney William n/a ( Song and DANCE - Vaudeville) Coached by Buddy Bradley Xylophone Tap Dance c.1920s?
Mahoney Arthur n/a n/a Thalia Mara Ballroom c.1940s
Mahler Jacob n/a n/a n/a The Ostende c.1890s
Maison Gil n/a Paradise Restaurant, Star and Garter ( Animal acts.) Mrs. Maison Ballroom, (later animal comedy) c.1930s
'Malena La' Spain? Las Calles de Cádiz (1933) La Argentinita Spanish, Flamenco,  1870-1953
Maley Peggy n/a 1946 Thrill of Brazil n/a Dancer c.1940s
Mallady Rose Marie Texas ?? ?? West Coast Swing, Push c.1980s
Mallory Ben New York Christy Minstrels n/a Jig 1829-11/2/1859
Malone Jimmy n/a 2nd Contest In Old Kentucky Harland Dixon, George White Buck and Wing c.1903
Manelly Cita France? n/a Lyner Tango c.1920s
Mangano Silvana n/a Mambo n/a Mambo c.1950s
Mann Alan n/a Palace Theater Miss O'Shey Steppers c.1932
Mann Barto n/a Slide so many times into orchestra pit was fined repeatedly. n/a Comedy, Acrobatic, Tumbling, Tap 1930s
Manning Frankie Jacksonville, Florida Whitey's Lindy Hopper Freida Washington Lindy Hop 5/26/1914-
Mannion Frank San Francisco Instructor Marie Younger West Coast Swing n/a
Manolete n/a Granada, Spain n/a Aka: Manolete from Granada Flamenco, Spanish c.1945
Manor Nicky Cuba? Montmarte Club, Clover Club Latin Quarter, Morroccan club. Served in Military.  The Miami News - Apr 7, 1947 | Sarasota Journal - Apr 27, 1971 Aka: Mignon & Manor (There were five Mignons. 1st was Letitia). Ballroom, Adagio c.1940
Mansell John n/a 1956 - Harvest Moon Ball Barbara Branca Foxtrot c.1950s
Mara Thalia n/a n/a Arthur Mahoney Ballroom c.1940s
Marando Madeline Turin, Italy (Eddie Foy and the 7 little Foys) M: Eddie Foy (in 1895) Ballet, Texas Tommy, Tango 1871-6/15/1919
Marbury Elisabeth New York, NY Mgr. of famous dancers like Mouvet, Castles Etc. n/a Literary Agent, Socialite 6/19/1856-1/22/1933
Marco & Fanchon (Franchon) New York 1928 Three Weekends (Bro. /Sis team.) Fanchon, Valentino Tango c.1920's
Marco Ines n/a 1962 Diferente n/a Dancer c.1960s
Margaret (Olsson) Ann Valsjobyn, Sweden Bye Bye Birdie. Viva Las Vegas, Dick Van Dyke, Elvis Presley, M: Roger Smith Vegas Dancer, Twist, Nightclub, Fad B.4/28/1941
Margo Rodriguez Marceilla, NY 1956 Harvest Moon Ball, Crime w/o Passion Augie, George Raft, R=Margo Bartolonei Latin, Mambo, Ballet, Adagio, Modern, Spanish, Tango, Rumba c.1956
Marilyn Elfin n/a Ziegfeld Follies Ziegfeld Girl Ballet c.1920s
Mario & Floria Pappas n/a n/a Toast of the Town, Arthur Godfrey Married Latin Dancers, Ballroom dances c.1930s
Markert Russell New Jersey Earl Carroll. Radio City Hall. King Of Jazz. Moulin Rouge. 1928 George White Scandals Rockettes, Roxettes Ballet, Manager, Choreographer 1899-12/1/1990
Markham Dewey "Pigmeat" Durham, N.C. Gonzell White Minstrels, Apollo Theatre, Swanee Showboat, Burlesque in Harlem Partner: Enoch Baker. aka: Black Rock, Judge Pigmeat Markham and Shorty Buck, Sand Dance, Eccentric, Comedy Dancer, Actor 4/18/1904-12/13/1981
Markova Alicia London Giselle. Seven Lively Arts. Haunted Ballroom Aka: Lilian Alice Marks Ballet B.1910-
Marlowe Selma n/a n/a n/a Dancer c.1930s
Marmalis Dolly n/a 1944 Harvest Moon Ball, 1946 All Around State Champ at Roseland, NY Mickey Mass Rumba c.1944
Marque & Marquette n/a n/a n/a Ballroom, Adagio, Dancers c.1920s
Marsh Joan Porteville, CA. 1931- Dance, Fools Dance M: Merrial Belden n/a 7/10/1913-8/10/2000
Marsh Lucille NYC? Dir. of Nat'l Dance League. Disney n/a Doin' The Dopey creator. c.1938
Martez n/a n/a "Rhumba Equalibrists Supreme" Aka: Martez & Delita Rhumba c.1950s
Martin Florence USA? Topsy and Eva [1926], Mlle. Modiste [1913], Modest Suzanne [1912], Fluffy Ruffles [1908] Davis Goodman Dancers c.1910's
Martin Jean USA Nightclub Dancer n/a n/a c.1950s
Martin Jules n/a n/a n/a Redowa-Waltz c.1850s?
Martin Julian n/a The boys with
Musical Feet
George Devore Tap, Jazz c.1910s?
Martin Tony San Francisco, Ciro's Nightclub, Alice Faye, Lana Turner Jitterbug B.12/25/1912
Martinez Alberto (Resortes) n/a Al Son Del Mambo n/a Mambo c.1950s
Masconi's The n/a Palace Theater.
aka: "The Dancing Fools"
Gay Nell, Dorothy Van Alst Adagio, Comedy Ballroom c.1927?
Mass Mickey n/a 1944 Harvest Moon Ball, 1946 All Around State Champ at Roseland, NY Dolly Marmalis Rumba c.1944
Massine Leonide Moscow The Legend of Joseph, Roxy Theater n/a Ballet 1895-1979
Mason Jack n/a 1914 - Palace Theatre - Folies Marigny - New York Lois Whitney Silver Fox, the. Choreographer c.1910-20s
Master Juba Mississippi Aka: William Henry Lane n/a Juba, Jig, Reel B.1825-1852
Mata Hari Margaretha Zelle Germany (Dancer turned Spy.
Executed by Firing Line!)
n/a Risqué , Belly, 7 Veils, Salome B.1876-10/15/1917
Mata & Hari Eugene Hari & Ruth Mata Switzerland 1957 Pinocchio.
1950s Your Show Of Shows
Bambi Linn,
Rod Alexander
Mime, Eccentric c.1950s
Matanza's, the ?? Glascow ? Moss's Empire Theatre ?? Acrobatic c.1960s ?
Mathews Edith   Added Twisting Motuin to Lindy Hop. HMB Winner 'Twistmouth George'., Leon James (HMB) Lindy Hop, Charleston c.1935
Mathews John Thomas n/a Was a clown n/a La Cachucha 1805-1889
Mattox Robert, Tom   Dancer, Promoter, Competitor, Instructor, Studio Owner. Dance on TV's "Le Disco and Am. Bandstand" M: Julie Weiskircher, Lynn Vogen West Coast Swing, Ballroom, Latin Country D.12/2002
Maurice Eleanor Ambrose n/a Had Legs insured for $250K. n/a Ballroom Dancer 1930s?
May & Ace ??? New York Juke Joint Aka: Jitterbug Johnnies" (Kit & Kat, May & Ace) Jitterbug c.1930s?
Maye Billy n/a n/a n/a Jazz Dancer c.1920s
Mayfair Mitzi n/a Ziegfeld Follies 1931 n/a Dancer c.1931
Mayhand Ernest n/a Aka: Pot, Pan & Skillet James Jackson & Gene Ware Acrobatic & Comedy 1930s
Mayne & Rowe ?? ?? Grainville Theatre "Personalities In Dance" Dancers c.1950s ?
Mayon Ruth Springfield, MA Good News,
Sky High
Donald Tomkins Tap, Varsity Drag, Toe c.1927
Maywood(Williams) Augusta USA America's first "Prima Ballerina." Faust Fanny Elssler (Faust) m: Mabille, Gargini Ballet, Lamoureux Galop 1825-1876
Mazillier Joseph France n/a n/a n/a 1801-1862
Mazzone Frank NY?
Montmarte Madness(Clip), 1951 Latin Quarter-NY
Les Mazzone Apaches, Abbott Dancers See Photo's in Apache Dance, Ballroom c.1930's+
McAndrews & Mills ?? ?? Moss Empire Theatre, Hippodrome Theatre ?? Dancers c.1955
McCann Jack Los Angeles n/a Veloz/Yolanda Swing c.1939
McCastlin Mary Los Angeles? Ray Rand Swingers Maxie Dorf Jitterbug c.1930s
McCommas Carol USA? The Marriage Market Donald Brian Futuristic Twirl, Turkey Trot c.1916
McCormick Graham New York? n/a Grace Moore Samba c.1942
McCormack Wilbur Rotterdamn Junction, NY Ted Shawn and his Men Dancers n/a Ballet,   Jazz , Modern etc. c.1933
McCoy Bessie Mid West The Yama Yama Girl! Ziegfeld Follies Chorus c.1909
McCracken Joan Philadelphia, PA. Oklahoma, Bloomer Girl. Billion Dollar Baby. 1944 Hollywood Canteen James Mitchell Ballet, Swing Dance 12/31/1922-11/1/1961
McCree Maxie n/a Lafayette Theatre, Cozy Smith Troupe, Put and Take [1922] A Pioneer of dance Legomania, Tap, Singer, Russian, Acrobatic D.1922
McCutcheon Wallace New York? Kalem Pictures Joan Sawyer, Vera Maxwell Ballroom? c.1914
McGarry's Mickey & Elise USA Husband and Wife dance team, Parents of Burlesque star Mitzi. The Mason Dixon Dancers. In Book=Girl Shows  each other Ballroom, Vaudeville, studio c.1930s
McGee Jean USA Helena State Fair Mr and Mrs Jean McGee Ballet, Apache Dance c.1926
McGee (Jordan) Fibber
Peoria, Ill. Aka: Fibber McGee & Molly Marion Driscoll (Molly) d.1961 (Song and Dance Team) 1897-1988
McGowen Jewel Los Angeles? Chool Song. Buck Privates. Junior Prom Dean Collins West Coast, Lindy, Jitterbug c.1920s?-1960s?
McGraw n/a n/a Husband and Wife Team Aka: Brown and McGraw Shake Dance, Acrobatic, Flash, Legomania, Tap c.1910s
McHarris Dave n/a n/a Aka: Delores and Dave McHarris, The Multon Steppers Tap, Rhythm Tap, Patter, Skaters c.1940s
McIntosh Tom n/a One of the Original Georgia Minstrel's n/a Dancer-Comedian, Exhibition drummer c.1910s
McIntyre James Kenosha, WI Tony Pastor & Percy Williams (1910) Theater. (said to have created syncopated Buck and Wing) Aka: McIntyre and Heath. Thomas Heath Tap , Buck and Wing B.8/8/1857
McKay Neil Scotland? Tivoli Theater - Melbourne n/a Comedian & Dancer c.1935
McKinney Nina Mae Lancaster, SC Ziegfeld Follies Ziegfeld Girl Chorus, Tap? B.1912
McNabb Jane n/a Get Hep To Love Jivin' Jills Swing Dance c.1942
McNabb Jean n/a Get Hep To Love Jivin' Jills Swing Dance c.1942
McNeil Joe n/a (in Newspaper Article) Shirley Austin Jitterbug c.1940s
McNish Frank Brooklyn? Minstrel Shows Minstrel Dancer (Minstrel Dancer) c.1885?
Meade Charley Kingston, Jamaica Buddy Bradley Shows. Cleopatra n/a Tap , Jazz, Calypso, Lindy Hop, Twist B.1932
Meade Mary n/a Wonder Man,
1946- Goldwyn Girls
Goldwyn Girl Chorus c.1946
Meazza Andrea n/a Entertainers in Britsih Films: a century in British Cinema Constance Seymour n/a n/a
Medley Charles Robert Owen n/a n/a
n/a Dancer and Choreographer 12/19/1905-10/20/1994
Meehan Aileen n/a Dance Lovers Magazine Arthur Murray Foxtrot c.1924
'Mejorana La' Spain? Café cantantes n/a Spanish, Flamenco, 1862-1922
Melcoll Agnes n/a 1937 & 1938 All Around
Harvest Moon Ball
Walter R. Cosden Rumba | Ballroom c.1937
Melrose Mildred ?England? 1927 Pathe Newsreel: The Real Black Bottom Dance n/a Dancer, Black Bottom c.1927
Menard Yvonne n/a 1957 Nuits de Paris. Follies Bergere n/a Showgirl c.1940s?
Mendez Mario n/a n/a Olga Ley Ballroom, Adagio c.1930's
Mercè Antonia Buenos Aires, Argentina n/a Aka: La Argentina Spanish, Flamenco, Argentine Tango 1888-1936
Meri La Louisville, KY Real Name: Russel Meriweather Hughes. Sister Lilian Hughes n/a Spanish, Ethnic, Ballet 5/13/1899 - 1/7/1988
Merit Jack Los Angeles? Clubs, Contests, Exhibitions Ronny Merit West Coast Swing, Jitterbug c.1950s
Merova ??? n/a Five O'Clock Girl Berinoff Ballet, Adagio c.1928
Merton ??? France? Empire, Riviera& Picadilly Hotels Aka: Balliol & Merton Ballet, Adagio c.1928
Meyers Sheila n/a Royal Wedding, Road to Hong Kong n/a Dancer, Choreogrpher c.1950s
Michael Gertrude Harlem? Ebony Rhapsody n/a Jitterbug 1930s
Michau Madame Louise London? Created the La Madrilaine dance n/a La Madrilaine, Polka Quadrilles, Gladiator dance, c.1850s?
Middleton Jr. Ray Chicago,
1958 Panama Hattie (TV) n/a Ballroom? 2/8/1907-4/10/1984
Middleton Velma n/a Louis Armstrong dancer (Famous for her Splits) Eccentric, Jazz, Splits c.1940s
Midnight And Daybreak n/a Copied Jack Wiggins n/a Tap c.1920s
Mignon ??? Cuba Montmarte Club Aka: Manon & Mignon Ballroom c.1950
Miguel Fernandez Mila n/a 1936 Ramona n/a Dancer c.1930s
Miller Alec London 1925 World Ballroom Champions (1925). Pathe Newsreel. Phyllis Haylor Ballroom c.1925
Miller Ann Houston, TX Movies 1936 Scandals Tap, B.4/12/1919
Miller Bros. The n/a Hi-De-Ho [1947] Aka: Miller Brothers and Lois Tap, c.1947
Miller Buzz
Pajama Game. On The Riviera. Anything Goes Verna Miller, Jack Cole Dancers n/a 12/23/1923-2/13-1999
Miller Dot Harlem, NY Day at the Races, Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, (Norma's sister) Lindy Hop, Charleston c.1930s
Miller Duke n/a    see Pete Nugent Aka: Pete, Peaches and Duke Tap, Class Act Trio D.1937
Miller Florence California? 1940 Let's Make Music Dean Collins Jitterbug c.1940s
Miller Flournoy Nashville, TN 1929 Harlem Nights. Harlem Mania. 1940 Mystery in Swing, Aubrey Lyles,
aka: Miller & Lyles
Ballroom 4/14/1887-6/6/1971
Miller Frank Washington Marathon Dancer Ruth Smith Marathon Dancer c.1931
Miller John n/a 1947 Road to Rio.
1947 Hit Parade
Albert Ruiz? Dancer B?-1968
Miller(Reynolds) Marilyn Evansville, IN 1929 Sally. 1930 Sunny. Ziegfeld Follies Ziegfeld Girl Ballet, Tap,
Miller Mlle. Europe? Aka: Venus de Medicis de la danse" M: Pierre Gardel Ballet, Court c.1790
Miller Muriel - King USA Palace Theater. Strand. Latin Quarter. Ritz Bros. n/a Dancer, Singer c.1940s
Miller Norma Harlem, N.Y. Hellzapoppin'. Day at the Races. Malcolm-X. Sparkle. Apollo. Savoy Ballroom. Club Alabam, Blackbirds [1939], Swingin' the Dream [1939] , Capitol Women Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, Billy Rickter, George Grenidge, Twistmouth George (sister Dot Miller) Lindy Hop, Charleston B. 12/2/1919 (c.1930s)
Miller Taps n/a 1943 Song and Dance Man. Shuffle Along, Stormy Weather n/a Tap c.1930-40s
Millers Marvelous, The n/a Creators of the Tango Torreador (Ethel Miller) "Tango," Miller Whirl (1914,) Waltz c.1912
Milles William J. n/a Bowery Theater John J. Burke (Song and Dance) B.1883?
Militello Sam CA? ?? ?? Balboa, Swing, Lindy D.2/27/2007
Millman Bird New York? 1920 The Deep Purple. Midnight Frolic Tipe Rope Tight Rope Wire Walker 1895-8/5/1940
Mills Billy n/a Dixie to Broadway [1923] n/a Dancers c.1923
Mills Florence Wshington, D.C. 1921 Shufflin' Along., Leslie's Plantation Revue, Blackbirds of 1926 Mills Trio, Maude Mills, Johnny Nitt, M: Johnny Nitt, U.S. Thompson Tap duet, BuckBaltimore Buzz, Charleston, Tap, 1/25/1895-11/1927
Mills Johnny n/a The Gangs All Here M: Ann Tap, Swing B.1912
Mills Maude n/a n/a Aka: Hardfoot Maude, Sister of Florence Mills Tap 1920s
Mills Shirley Tacoma, WA. Always a Bridesmaid, Betty Co-Ed, Patrick the Great [ Web-site] Jivin' Jacks and Jills, Louis DaPron, Donald O'Connor Swing Dancer B. 4/8/1926
Marjorie (Dorothy) Los Angeles Wheeler, Woosley and Lee Robert Booth Eccentric, Comedian B.5/23/1911-
Mims J. T. USA Elmore Theatre n/a Tap c.1930
Minelli Liza May Los Angeles 1965 Flora. The Red Menace Judy Garland Daughter Singer, Dancer, Actress 3/12/1946
Minerva Vera n/a n/a n/a Ethnic, Burmese c.1930s?
Minns Al Harlem Hellzapoppin', Day at the Races Whitey's Lindy Hoppers Lindy Hop 1/1/1920-4/24/1985
Minstrel ?? Boston, MA Othello Blackface Jump Jim Crow, Juba dance 1603
(Da Cunha)
Carmen Lisbon, Portugal 1942 Springtime in the Rockies. 1947 Copacabana.
1940 Down Argentine Way
Dean Collins, Caesar Romero, Groucho Marx Latin, Samba, Jitterbug 2/9/1909-8/5/1955
Mirova Vera n/a n/a n/a Ethnic, Javanese, Lotus, Belly c.1950s
Mistnquett (Jeanne) Enghien Les Baines, France Moulin Rouge. Casino de Paris. 1914 La Valse renversante, Follies Bergère Maurice Chevalier, Max Dearly. Real Name: Jeanne-Marie Bourgeois Music Hall Dancer, Comedian 4/5/1875-1/5/1956
Mitchell Billy n/a Song and dance, marched with toes pointing backwards n/a March, Eccentric, Comedy c.1920s
Mitchell Dolores n/a Give Out Sister Jivin' Jills Swing Dancer c.1942
Mitchell James Hollywood, CA. Bloomer Girl. Billion Dollar Baby. Brigadoon Joan Mc Cracken Ballroom, Ballet c.1940s
Mitchell Julian n/a Chocolate Dandies (1924). Ziegfeld Follies. Invented the "production number for groups" M=Bessie Clayton. Mae Murray: (Vampire dance). Choreographer, Instructor, Vampire Dance 1854-6/24/1926
Mladova Milada Oklahoma City, OK Gay Parisian. Merry Widow. Atlantis. Addio Mimi. Waldorf - Wedgewood Room M: James Newell Ballroom, Ballet B.1922
Moke (& Poke) Leon Harlem Ella Fitzgerald. Cootie Williams. travelled with the Ink Spots, Cabin in the Sky Aka: Leon 'Poke' James. Fletcher Moke, ( Savoy Ballroom) Moe Gale Comic Dancers, Acrobatic, Rhythm Tap C. late 1930s
Molasso ??? New York? L'Amour de l'Apache Corio (Raphael?) Apache c.1908-09
Molitteri Pat Philadelphia (Bandstand's Dance Queen.) 6/1958 Teen Mag Kenny Fad Dances c.1958
Mollandin Henry & Georgene n/a General Crack Film Aka: Georgene and di Henry . m: Georgene Von Dettum Ballroom, c.1920s
Monahan Jimmy n/a Inman's: Coney Isl. n/a Jig c.1910s?
Moncion Francisco n/a n/a n/a Dancer 7/6/1922-4/1/1995
Moneau Yvonne n/a Follies Bergère Federico Rey Ballet, c.1940s?
Monsplaisir Adele NYC? L' Almee - Broadway Theater Mr. Monsplaiser La Zinqarilla c.1847
Monte & Nina USA n/a n/a Eccentric, Rope c.1920s
Monte Sisters France? Follies Bergère - Andalusian n/a Spanish c.1900
Monterito ?? Spain? Female n/a Spanish Dancer, Flamenco Dance c.1902
Montero María Spain 1927 Pin Wheel n/a Flamenco c.1927
Montessu n/a France n/a n/a n/a 1805-1877
Montevecchi Liliane n/a MGM Moonfleet n/a Spanish c.1955
Montez (2) Lola n/a (Actress/ Dancer) Aka: Lola & Andre Spanish, Ballroom c.1930s
Montez, (1) Lola Limeric, Ireland (Mistress-Ludwig I of Bavaria) Aka: Marie Dolores Gilbert. Ballroom, Spanish,
Spider, Irish
Montez Maria n/a Arabian Nights n/a 7 Veils, 1 Veil c.1950s
Montgomery Dave n/a n/a Fred Stone Stop-Time Dance c.1920s
Montjoie Louis Stanislas France La Tentation n/a n/a 1789-1865
Montoya Velma n/a n/a n/a Spanish c.1933
Moon George n/a Musical Comedies Daniel Morris Tandem Dancers c.1900's
Annabelle n/a 1894 Annabelle's Serpentine Dance 1894 Movies Serpentine, Flag, Scarf dance 7/6/1878-12/1/1961
Moore Colleen Port Huron, Michigan 1926 Twinkletoes n/a Charleston? 8/19/1900-1/25/1988
Moore Constance Sioux City, Iowa 1940 La Conga,
1940s Mexicana,
1945 E. Carroll Vanities
Tito Guizar Spanish Dance B.1/18/1920
Moore Grace Slabtown, TN 1936 The King Steps Out. Ziegfeld Girl
Graham McCormick.
m: Valentin Parra.
Samba 12/5/1898-1/26/1949
Moray & Maxine London? ?? Palace Theatre(3/4/1946) ?? Dancers c.1946
Mordecial Jimmy n/a Cotton Club, St. Lous Blues [1929] Aka: Wells, Mordecial and Taylor, Three Klassy Kids, the Tap , Class Act Dancers, Slow Drag? c.1930s
Morena "La" Spain? n/a n/a Spanish Dance c.1904
Morgan Daisy n/a n/a n/a Dancer c.1900's
Morgan Marion Los Angeles? Had Troupe: Marion Morgan Dancers (14 total) London Palladium, Reisenwebers. Mr. George Nelson, Modern dance, Ballet, Ballroom Society Dances c.1920s
Moris & Moris n/a n/a n/a Eccentric c.1920s
Morlacchi Mlle. NYC? Moorlacchi's Ballet Troupe. De Polls Ballet Troupe. Theatre Comique Mlle. Baretta Ballet, Can-Can C. 1867
Morley Paule n/a n/a Derminy La Mattichiche c.1905
Moro George n/a Vaudeville. Las Vegas. Warner Brothers. Ruth Landis,
aka: Moro Landis
Tap c.1950s
Morris Daniel n/a Musical Comedies George Moon Tandem Dancers c.1900s
Morris Jean n/a n/a Albert H. Ludwig Varsity Drag n/a
Morris Mildred n/a 1934 Stand Up & Cheer n/a Dancer c.1930s
Morrison Ernest New Orleans, LA. 1943 Kid Dynamite.
1929 Steppin' Along
Aka: Sunshine Sammy" Tap c.1920s
Morse Lee n/a Artists & Models n/a Hula c.1924
Morton Charles Boston Harvard Dance Master n/a n/a c.1680s
Morton Jill Los Angeles, CA. Owner of Westmore Dance Studio. Originally from Europe. m: John Morton| Int'l Ballroom dancer, Instructor, Studio Owner c.9180's
Morton John Los Angeles, CA. Owner of Westmore Dance Studio. Originally from Europe. Television Ballroom comp MC. m: Jill Morton| Int'l Ballroom dancer, MC, Instructor, Studio Owner d.4/4/2015
"Mose" n/a n/a n/a n/a Legendary Tap Dancer 1900s
Mosely Nick n/a 1956 Harvest Moon Ball Iva Tarver Rock & Roll, Jitterbug c.1950s
Moss ???? n/a Sunny 1925 Georges Fontana Hesitation. Waltz, "Tragacio Tango" c.1925
Mosolova Vera Russia? n/a n/a n/a c.1917
Mountain Sisters Ruth & Rita Philadelphia, PA n/a n/a n/a c.1920s
Mousie Helen Albright California? Groovie Movie, Jr. Prom, Twice Blessed, Hollywood Cafe Dean Collins, Waxey West Coast Swing, Jitterbug c.1940s
Mouvet Maurice New York? 1916 The Quest of Life. Night Clubs & Exhibitions Florence Walton, Elenora Hughes, D'Harville Apache, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Maxixe 1888-5/19/1927
Mozert Zoe n/a n/a n/a Fan Dancer c.1940s?
Muller Amy n/a Edison Films n/a Toe Dancer c.1896
Mumaw Barton Pennsylvania Ted Shawn and his Men Dancers, Denishawn n/a Ballet, Jazz, Modern etc. B.1912
Murphy Colleen n/a Good News (Play) George Murphy Charleston c.1920s
Murphy George n/a Good News (Play) Collen Murphy Charleston, Ballroom c.1920s
Murray Arthur Manhattan , New York 1938 You Can't Take It With You. 1941 Cuban Rhythm. 1950 Arthur Murray Party (TV) Aka: Murray Teichman. M: Katherine. Louise Glum Ballroom, Latin, Tango, Swing, 1895-3/3/1991
Murray Kittie n/a Eddie 'Rochsester' Anderso Troupe n/a Excellent Comedy Dancer 1920s?
Murray Mae
Portsmouth, Virginia The Merry Widow. There's a Crowd. Peacock Alley. 1920 On With the Dance. 1908 Ziegfeld John Gilbert, Clifton Webb, Amy Revere aka: Marie Koenig "Merry Widow Waltz" 5/10/1889-3/23/1965
Muris Enrico n/a n/a n/a Ballroom c.1914
Murice ??? n/a The Rainbow Room Aka: Murice & Cordoba Maxixe, Tango c.1938
Musso Marion n/a 1945 I'll Remember April Mike Musso Jitterbug c.1940s
Myers Margo n/a 1/1955 Focus Mag. Michael Drake Kinsey Waltz c.1955
Myron Myrna Los Angeles? (Owned Goldberg's Ballroom aka Colonial Ballroom, Myron's Ballroom) M: Vernon Myron, son named Jan Myron Dance Teacher, Studio Owner, Ballroom Owner D.2001

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