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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As / m: = Married/ n/a = Not Available / ( ) = Note / c.= Circa.




Perform / Notes




La Argentina, ( Mercé) (Antonia) Buenos Aires, Argentina n/a Aka:
Antonia Mercé
Spanish, Ballet, Flamenco, Tango 1888-7/18/1936
La Argentinita ?? Buenos Aires 1942 Spanish Fiesta Aka:
Encarnación López
Spanish, Flamenco 3/3/1898-9/24/1945
La Borde M. France? Dance Master n/a Lancers C.1820s
La Fanette ?? France Cafe de le Rat Mort. Marcus Show of 1933 n/a Fan Dancer C.1933
La Jana ?? German? Truxa n/a Dancer C.1937
La Meri ?? Louisville, KY Real Name: Russel Meriweather Hughes ?? Spanish,
Ethnic, Ballet
5/13/1899 - 1/7/1988
La Napiekowska ?? n/a Palace Theater n/a Mime B.1913
La Popot ?? Cuba? Tivoli Theatre Ballet, C.1800s
La Redd Cora n/a Broadway Highlights #4 [1935], Cotton Club, Rhythmania, That's The Spirit [1933] n/a Trick Dancing, Tap, C.1920s
La Rene Barbara n/a 1945 Wonder Man n/a Acrobatic Dancer C.1940s
La Rocque
( La Rock)
Rod Chicago, IL. 1926 Gigolo. 1933 That's the Spirit n/a Ballroom,
The Gigolo Dance
La Rue Geraldine n/a n/a n/a Ballet, C.1930s?
Laban Rudolf Von- Bratislava, Hungary (Created "Labnotation".) Laban Studios. Dance Farm Kurt Joos, Mary Wigman Modern, Ballet, 12/15/1879-1958
Lacey Patty n/a Among the Living. Mad Youth, Four Jacks and a Jill Ray Hirsch Jitterbug C.1930s
Lachamp Adrienne n/a n/a n/a Mime C.1920s
Lachrup Robert n/a n/a Virginia Lachrup Ballroom C.1940s?
LaFayette Jacques n/a n/a Vera LaVern Apache, Tango, Waltz, Acrobatic C.1930s
Laine Frankie Chicago, IL. Champion Marathon dancer and Guiness Record holder. Turned Italian Crooner/Singer Real Name: Frank Lovecchio. Rose Fabian, Ruthie Smith Marathon Dancer 3/30/1913-2/6/2007
Laing Hugh Barbados, W. Indies London Ballet Theater n/a Ballet, B.1911-????
Lamoureux Louise NYC? Souvenir de Ballet n/a Ballet,, Court C.1857
Lander Dennis Dadeville, MO Ted Shawn's Men Dancers n/a Ballet, Jazz, Modern etc. C.1930s
Landhoff Duo n/a Germany? n/a n/a Apache Dancers C.1922
Landis Harry n/a n/a n/a The Harry Landis
, Ballroom
Lane Willa Mae n/a Cotton Club. Kit Kat Club Harlem Club n/a Cabaret Dancer C.1930s
Lane William Henry Providence, R.I. Minstrel, Vaudeville Aka: "Master Juba" Tap, Buck, Jig 1825-1862
Lang Harold Daly City, CA. Kiss Me Kate,
3 Two to make Ready,
Jane Deering,
Jerome Robbins
Ballet, Jazz Website 1923-7/26/1975
Langston George n/a n/a C.1930s Adagio D.1961
Langtry Lilly, Miss Paris, France? Burlesque & Vaudeville Aka: "The Jersey Lilly" Burlesque B.1890
Lanza Joseph Thompsonville, Connecticut Untamed Youth. Rock Around The Clock Jannine, Lenny Smith Bossa Nova, Ballroom, Swing, Choreographer B.4/20/1923
Laridan ??? Paris Follies Marginy Aka: Lariden & Selva (both female) Ballet, Burlesque C.1905
Larry & Larry n/a 1933 The Audition n/a Acrobatic Tap C.1930s
Larsen Dino n/a Doorman at Kenny Wetzels Clubs Kenny Wetzel,
Al White
WCS 4/14/1923-10/23/1989
Larson Trudy n/a June Taylor Dancer n/a Dance C.1960s
Lesesmo Anna n/a n/a Real Name: Anna Limpatico amiga Conchita Lesesmo Dancer, Actress C.1912
Lash Mary n/a Greenwich Village Follies n/a n/a C.1924
Lasky Charles Montclair, NJ On Your Toes. Goldwyn Follies n/a Ballet, Contemporary B.1911-????
Lattere George Henry Brooklyn, NY. Member of the 'Four Dancing Demons' ?? Acrobatic Tap B.12/3/ 1895
Lathrop Mack n/a n/a Virginia Lee - Lathrop, aka: Lathrop Brothers and Virginia Ballroom Dancers, Tap, Class Act Trio C.1920s
Lauban Reginald Karl Detroit, Mich. n/a Gladys W. American Indian Dance C.1930s
Laurence "Baby" Baltimore, MA. Apollo, Ubangi, Club De Lisa, McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Jazz Hoofer Bunny Briggs, Six Merry Scotchmen. Real Name: Laurence Donald Jackson Tap, Jazz, Singer, 1921-1974
LaVelle Miriam ?Chester, Pennsylvania? 1949 Ed Wynn Show, Cover Girl 1944, 1943 Gangs All Here (realname: Miriam Lavelle Patterson) Ballet & Acrobatic dancer B.1927
Lavus Janet n/a Man with the Cloak, Royal Wedding, Too Many Girls, Wonder Man n/a n/a C.1940s
La Vern Vera n/a n/a Jacques Lafayette Apache, Waltz, Tango, Acrobatic, contortionist C.1930s
Law Evelyn n/a n/a (Danced on 1 leg, waving finger in air) Truckin', Jazz, Eccentric C.1920s
Lawless Lee New York? n/a M: Michael Lawless Ballroom Teacher B.1/6/1918
Lawlor ??? France n/a n/a Dancer C.1910s?
Lawrence "Baby" Baltimore, MA.    (see Laurence ) Real Name: Laurence Donald Jackson Tap, 1921-1974
Lawrence Phil n/a Youth on Tap - Vaudeville Mitzi Tap, 1930s
Layton Joe n/a n/a Real Name: Joseph Lic.htman Dancer 5/3/1031-5/5/1994
Le Gon Jeni Chicago Whitman Sisters Shows, Hooray for Love [1935], Fools for Scandal (1938) Count Basie, Fats Waller, Bojangles Tap, Acrobatic, Lindy, Buck and Wing B.8/14/1916-  
Le Goulue n/a France? Said to have resurected the Can-Can in 1875 when she was just 18 years old. n/a CAN-CAN B.1857
Le Roux Pauline n/a n/a n/a n/a 1809-1891
Lea Flora Glen Ellen, CA. Life Begins at 8:40 Aka: Stuart and Lea or Richard and Flora Stuart Ballroom, Ballet C.1920s
Leach Al USA? n/a The Six Rosebuds Tap, Stair Dance C.1880's
Leander Sisters ?San Francisco? 8/22/1897 Edison Films. Bathing Halls n/a Yellow Kid Dance,
Cupid & Psyche
Lecola (Brothers) n/a n/a n/a n/a C.1940s
Ledesma Conchita Spain? n/a n/a Spanish Dancer C.1910s
Lee Billy Nelson, IN. 1933 Little Rascals Aka:
William Schlensker
Tap? 9/12/1929-11/17/1989
Lee (Thomas) "Chink" New York? Cotton Club Cotton Club Boy,
Eccentric, Tap C.1933
Los Angeles,
Rio Rita. Syncopation M: Robert Booth. Marshall Dufferies, Calderini Singer, Dancer B.5/23/1911-6/24/1999
Lee Gwen Hastings,
1929 Hollywood Revue Johnny Mack Brown, Robert Montgomery Bowery Tap, Ballroom 11/12/1904-8/20/1961
Lee "Gypsy Rose"
Burlesque, Actress Aka: Rose Louise Hovick, (Sister-June Hovick) Striptease 2/9/1914-4/26/1970
Lee (Scales) Kathryn Denison, TX Musicals, Revues n/a n/a B.1926
Lee Mary Ann Philadelphia ("America's" 1st. Giselle.) M: William F. Vanhook Ballet. La Smolenska, Galop, Cachucha, La Manola B.1826-1/26/1899
Lee (Leff) Pinky
St. Paul, Minnesota Lady Of Burlesque. 1954/6 Pinky Lee Show. Gumby Show Aka: TV's Greatest Clown. M: BeBe.
(Son=Morgan Lee)
Tap, Actor, Clown, Comedy 5/2/1907-4/3/1993
Lee Sammy n/a Hollywood Revue of 1929 Joan Crawford Actor, Tap C.1923
Lee Virginia n/a n/a Mack Lathrop Tap , Ballroom C.1940s
Lee William USA 1924
Steppin' High
1941-Babes on Broadway, 1941-Melody Lane n/a B.3/12/1890
Leet Marjorie Minneapolis, Minn. Portia Mansfield Dancer n/a Greek, Dance of the Wind C.1920s
Legris 'Brothers' France? Achille (father,) 7 Brothers: Ernest, Évariste, Gaëtan n/a Clog, Gigue, Buck and Wing 1900's
Leitrim Leon Richmond, VA n/a M: Florence Walton Ballroom B.1922
LeMay Buddy n/a Globe Theatre Wife and Partner: Sweetie May, aka Stringbeans Truckin', Buck and Wing, The Grind, Snake Hips, Musician C.1918
Lemkin (Lemkon) Tutte Oslo, Norway Fire Down Below Choreographer Limbo, Russian Dance C.1950s?
Leon Gary Chicago, IL. Dante's Inferno Rita (Hayworth) Cansino n/a B.2/5/1906
Leonard Eddie Richmond, VA. 1929 Melody Lane Minstrel & Vaudeville Virginia Essence, Soft Shoe, Tap B.1860-?
Léotard Jules France Invented the Leotard n/a Acrobatic 1842-1870
LeQuorne Fred n/a Dance Union Org. Teacher,
Ballroom C.1933?
Leroux Adele Louise Pauline France Pas Villageois,
Le Diable Amoureux
n/a Ballet 1809-1891
LeRoy n/a n/a Copacabana. Ritz. Waldorf Aka: Estella & LeRoy Ballroom, Rumba etc. C.1937
Leroy & Edith n/a Lindy Hop Contest?? Apollo Aka: Leroy "Stretch" Jones Lindy Hop C.1934
USA 1931 Ziegfeld Follies. Strike Me Pink. Thumbs Up 1935 Night w/ the Stars Eunice Healy Tap, Jitterbug 12/10/1913-5/2/1985
Lester Roy Broadway Serenade [1939]  Helen Seamon Jitterbug C.1939
LeTang Henry Harlem, N.Y. Films: Cotton Club, Tap, Bojangles   Tap, Teacher, Choreographer D.2007
Lethbridge Miss Alice n/a San Toy. Gaiety Theater.
Daly's Theater
n/a Skirt , Waltz, Marionette, Saltarello, Gavotte, Fire, Shadow C.1900s
(Lo Vecchio)
(Paul Francis)
1928 Merry Garden Ballroom. Arcadia Marathon, Anita O'Day, Ruth Smith, M:Nan Grey. aka: Frankie Laine. Marathon Dancer B.3/30/1913
Levy (Levey) Ethel San Francisco, CA. Alexander's Ragtime Band Vaudeville singer/dancer n/a C.1910s
Levy Florence n/a Gaiety Theater n/a Burlesque, Can Can,
Step dancer
Lewis Marianne New York n/a John Forest Thumbs Up C.1943?
Lewisky Bella n/a n/a n/a n/a C.1960s
Ley Olga St. Petersburg, Russia n/a Mario Mendez,
Charles Laskey
, Adagio
Lightfoot "Peg" n/a 1st One-Legged Dance act     One-Legged dancer C.1920s
L.I.M.E Trio n/a n/a n/a n/a Golliwog, Acrobatic Dancers C.1930s
Limon José Sinaloa, MX Roberta. Story of Mankind M: Pauline Lawrence (designer) Ballet, Modern
, Folk
Ligget Genevieve Gantry n/a n/a n/a n/a C.1900
Lind (Griminger) Darlene Los Angeles?, CA. Night Clubs, Contests n/a West Coast Swing C.1950s?
Lind Letty n/a Gaiety Theater. Daly's Theater Aka: Letitia Elizibeth Rudge Burlesque 1861-1923
Lindsy Paul California Dancer Ca. Swing Dance Hall of Fame Nominee Club Contests, Pips, Two on The Town West Coast Swing 1960s (d.2005)
Linn Bambi Brooklyn,
Your Show of Shows. Oklahoma Rod Alexander Ballet, Ballroom B.4/26/1926-
Lionetti John n/a 1956 Harvest Moon Ball Ann Wogksch Ballroom C.1950s
Livingston Guy n/a Meadowbrook Foxtrot Annette Woodman Foxtrot C.1914
Livry Emma n/a (Burned to death at age 21) n/a n/a n/a
Llorens Pepe Cuba Instructors Aida Rumba, Tango, Mambo, Samba C.1950
Lloyd George Miami, FL Whitey's Lindy Hopper Member, Harvest Moon Ball 1957-58 Finalists w/ Bates, 1983 First w/ Batiuchok Barbara Bates, Margaret Batiuchok Lindy Hop B.1921
Lockwood (Baca?) Zita n/a Movie Prologs Aka: Zita and Naro Adagio, Ballroom C.1920s
Lois n/a n/a Hi-De-Ho [1947] Aka: Miller Brothers and Lois Tap, C.1947
Lois and Jean n/a London? London Palladium (1936) "Dancing Darlings" Ballroom C.1936
Lola And Andre n/a Show of Shows [1929].
Lal-e-Yamin [1933]
Alberto Galo, aka:
Andre and Lola (Gilbert)
Ballroom, Flamenco, Spanish, Adagio C.1930s
Lola Ella Boston, MA Turkish Dance [1898]. A La Trilby [1898], (Edison Silent film,) Solo, ( Started dance at age11) La Trillby, Shimmy, Hula, Ballet, Turkish, B.9-2-1883-?
Loller Marvin n/a Follies n/a Tap C.1937
Long Avon Baltimore, MD. Cotton Club Jauno Hernandez,
Lena Horne
Voodoo Dancer C.1930s
Long M. Eillen Chicago? Dance Studio Thomas W. Healy Ballroom C.1920s
Long Lucy n/a n/a n/a Black Dancer? C.1852
Loper Don USA? Copa Cabana Review [1950s] Aka: Loper and Barrat Male/ Female dance team C.1950s
Lopez Aileen Spain n/a n/a Spanish, Fandango C.1925
López Encarnación Buenos Aires, Argentina Spanish Fiesta [1942] Aka: La Argentinita Spanish,
Lopez Jennifer Bronx, NY Fly Girls. Music Videos. Selena M: Ojani Noa. Cris Judd Singer, Actress, Dancer B. 7/24/1970
López Pilar Buenos Aires, Argentina Ballet Espanol José Greco,
Mando Vargas,
La Argentinita
Spanish Dance, Flamenco 6/4/1906-3/25/2008
Lorraine Christine n/a n/a n/a Ballet C.1920s
Lorca Nana n/a Proud & the Damned [1973] José Greco Troupe. Caesar Romero Flamenco C.1940s
Losch Tilly Vienna, Austria Duel in the Sun [1946] Fred Astaire Ballet, Ballroom 11/15/1907-12/24/1974
Louis XIV (The Sun King) King of France Balls, Etiquette n/a Branle, Minuet, Volta 1638-1715
Love Bessie Midland, TX Birth of a Nation [1915]. Broadway Melody. Those who Dance [1924]. King on Main St [1925]. Anita Page,
Charles King
First On Screen Charleston 9/10/1898-4/26/1986
Love Miss Mabel England In another Girls Shoes [1917]. Gaiety Theater (learned from D' Auban, turned to other things) n/a 9/16/1879-5/15/1953
Love Ruth n/a n/a Donald Tomkins Ballroom, Varsity Drag, Charleston C.1920s
LoVecchio Frankie Chicago, IL. Champion Marathon dancer and Guiness Record holder. Turned Italian Crooner/Singer Aka: Frankie Laine. Rose Fabian, Ruthie Smith Marathon Dancer 3/30/1913-2/6/2007
Lowe "Uncle Jim" n/a (danced in Minstrel and Vaudeville) Taught Master Juba Jig, Reel C.1825?
Lloyd George Miami, FL Social dancer, danced in a few contests in 1940s Barbara Bates, Margaret Batiuchok Lindy Hop C.1940s
Loyd Paula n/a Helen Of Troy 1947 Art American Mag.
m: Charles Atkins
Ballet B.1926
Lu Hsu n/a Dance Magazine n/a Oriental, Ribbon Dance C.1930s
Luce Claire Syracuse, NY. Ziegfeld (1932) Fred Astaire Ostrich Ballet B.?-8/31/1989
Lucienne n/a New York? Latin Quarter [1952] Aka: Lucienne and Ashour Apache, Adagio C.1952
Ludwig Albert H. n/a n/a Jean Morris Varsity Drag C.1910s?
Luis & Delirio n/a n/a n/a n/a Maxixe B.1913-
Jean Baptiste Arno, Italy Palais Royal Aka: Giovanni Lulli. Pierre Beauchamps Ballet 1/11/1632-5/22/1687
Lumley Agustus London ?? ?? Cotillion, Quadrilles n/a
Luna Cruz n/a Amaya's Gypsy Fire Video
Pepa Reyes Spanish, Flamenco C.1940s?
Lunette Sisters n/a n/a Created the Aviation Waltz n/a Aviation Waltz C.1918
Lupino Rita n/a 1944 Brazil.
Red, Hot & Blue
(sister-Ida Lupino) Team, Specialty,
Lygon Georgina France? n/a n/a Lancers C.1850s
Lyles Aubrey n/a n/a Flournoy Miller Ballroom n/a
Lynn Diane San Diego, Ca Competitor, Dancer Lowell Gosser West Coast Swing, Hustle C.1980s
Lynne Carrol n/a Danced in 1932 'Legomania' Charles Troy Tap Dancers C.1932
Lyon Annabelle New York Goldwyn Follies. Carousel. Great Lady Aka: Mrs. Julius Borah. Goldwyn Girl Ballet C.1930s
Lyon Geneiveive USA? (dance instructor) John Anderson Maxixe, Tango, Turkey Trot, One Step C.1910s
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