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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As / m: = Married/ n/a = Not Available / ( ) = Note / c.= Circa.




Perform / Notes




Jacana Sisters ?? London Palace Theatre 12/26/1944   Dancers De Luxe C.1944
Jackson Bee (Bea) New York? A Charleston Champion n/a Charleston, Black Bottom, Varsity Drag C.1926
Jackson Bill n/a T.O.B.A. circuit?, Blackface n/a Dancer - Comedian 1920s
Jackson Ethel n/a Merry Widow Operetta Donald Brian Merry Widow Waltz C.1908
Jackson James n/a Aka: Pot, Pan & Skillet Gene Ware & Ernest Mayhand Acrobatic, Comedy 1930s
Jackson "Jigsaw" New York Cotton Club Show. aka: The Human Corkscrew. Real Name: Brady Jackson Eccentric, Acrobatic & Contortionist ( A "Freak Dancer") C.1938
Jackson Laurence Baltimore, Maryland The Six Merry Scotchmen aka: Higland Hihlanders, Aka: The Four Buds, Baby Lawrence.Real Name: Laurence Donald Jackson Tap, Jazz, Singer 1921-1974
Jackson Sam n/a Film: Amelie Aka: Peg Leg Sam Johnson Tap Dancer C.1940s
Jacobs Porky Los Angeles 1935 Derby Show Marathon Roma Terry Marathon C.1935
Jalna ??? n/a Born To Dance. Riviera Aka: Georges & Jalna Ballroom, Latin C.1936
Jalomacis Emanuel de Rabbi Ancona Teacher for the Pope. aka: Two Jews from Ancona Grescion Azziz Ballet, Court, Saltarello C.1775
Jamal Sisters  n/a Broadway. Latin Quarter n/a Oriental, Harem, Belly dance C.1958
James Leon New Jersey Cabin In The Sky.
1960's DuPont TV Hour
Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, Wila Mae Rickter, Shorty Snowden Trio Lindy, Jitterbug, Jazz,
Big Apple
, Charleston,
4/1913 - 11/1970
Jamison Judith Philadelphia, PA Alvin Ailey n/a Ballet, Modern, Jazz B.5/10/1944
Janis Elsie n/a Passing Show of 1915. The Fair Coed. Silver Slipper 1919 Century Girl Ballin' The Jack, Solo Waltz C.1915
Janis John n/a Dansants, Clubs Ann Page Fan Waltz, Novelty Foxtrot, Tango C.1910s
Jarrott John New York Rey Jones Cafe. (Introduced the Turkey Trot & Grizzly Bear) Louise Alexander. Joan Sawyer. Louise Greunning Ballroom, Apache,
Turkey Trot, Grizzly Bear
Jarvis Walter (Did Act: the Tango Teacher) n/a Tango C.1914
Jaun, San Olga New York n/a Fred Astaire Ballroom, Waltz 3/16/1927-
Juarez Juanita USA Copa Cabana Review [1950s] Aka: Los Hermanos, Williams and Juanita Juarez Male & Female Dance Team C.1950s
Jefferson Thomas Virginia? (Third U.S. President) n/a Ballroom, Waltz 1743-1826
Jenkins n/a n/a Africana [1927]. Act: Dressed as Street Cleaners with Brooms Aka: Glenn and Jenkins Eccentric dancers C.1927
Jeter Irma n/a Moonlight in Vermont Jivin' Jacks Swing Dance C.1942
Jerry and Turk n/a n/a Copied Red and Struggy routines 2 male Lindy Hop Lindy Hop, Burlesque C.1930s
Jew" "William the Italy Renaissance Dance Master Aka: Guglielmo Ballet, Court etc. C.1440s
Jinishian Mari n/a 1945 1001 Nights. 1947 Diosa arrodillada, La n/a Oriental dance, Temple Dancer, Bayaderes, Choreographer C.1945
Johnny (Taylor) & Kenney n/a 1947 Harlem Rhythm Aka:
Johnny & Kenny
Choreographer? C.1940s
Johnson n/a n/a Africana [1927] Aka: Black Dots, Johnson and Taylor Tap, Black Bottom C.1927
Johnson Arlene-Miles n/a Partner was Joseph Bage Aka: Jan & Arlene. Ballet ? C.1930s
Johnson Charles Kentucky The Creole Show Dora Dean Cakewalk C.1914
Johnson Dariel n/a Moonlight in Vermont Jivin' Jacks Swing Dance C.1942
Johnson Dot     The Big Timers, Danced with Tiny Bunch, Whiteys Lindy Hoppers Real=Dorothy Moses-Johnson Lindy Hop C.1930s
Johnson Howard "Stretch" Orange, NY Cotton Club (uncle, James Anderson, the founder of The Amsterdam News, sister Winnie, daughters Wini, Lisa, Wendy) Cotton Club Boys, Bobby, Winnie, aka: Three Johnsons,Real Name: Howard Eugene Johnson. m: Martha Sherman Eccentric, Tap, Lindy Hop, Writer, Lecturer, Activist (WWII Leg injury stopped him from dancing) 1/30/1915-6/12/2000
Johnson & Johnson n/a Murder w/ Music [1947] n/a n/a C.1941
Johnson Ken British Guiana Oh Daddy [1939]. Real name: Kenrick Reginald Huymans Johnson Aka: Ken 'Snakehips' Johnson Snakehips, Eccentric, Tap, Jazz, Musician B. 9/10/1914
Johnson Winnie Orange, NY Cotton Club (uncle, James Anderson, the founder of The Amsterdam News, Brother Howard) Featured dancer at CC. Bobby, Howard. aka: Three Johnsons, Tap, Jazz, Chorus C.1930s
Johnston William Toronto, CA 1898 World Schottisch Champion Beat F.H. Whitlaw Schottisch C.1899
Jolson Al New York n/a n/a Tap, Jazz C.1930s?
Jonay Roberta Pennsylvania Here Come The Waves. Variety Girl Guy Zanette Specialty Dancer? 10/15/1921-3/19/1976
Jones Byron     Dixie to Broadway [1923] Lou Keane, Johnny Nit Dancers C.1923
Jones Dixie California (danced in Night Clubs) n/a West Coast Swing (Excellent Rhythm Dancer) C.1950s
Jones Joe n/a Danced with the Whitman Sisters (1922 age 7,) Four Little Words n/a Tap B.1915?
Jones Leroy "Stretch" New York Savoy. Apollo. Renaissance Ballroom. Cotton Club Shorty George Trio, Edith, Little Bea Lindy Hop, (won Apollo Lindy Contest in 1934) C.1930s
Jones Leroy n/a 1980 Xanadu n/a Xanadu Jazz? C.1980s
Jones Willie St. Kitts Part Of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers. Knickerbocker Holiday 1938   Lindy Hop B.1910
Jordan Bobby Harrison, NY Dead End Kids M: Lee Tap Dance, Actor 4/1/1923-9/10/1965
Jordan Shirley New Jersey? n/a n/a Lindy Hop , Charleston C.1920s
Joslin Bill California Instructor, Competitor, Judge Carolyn Frey West Coast Swing, Latin, Carolina Shag, Balboa, Jig Trot C.1970s
Joyce Lucia Trieste       B.1907
Joyce Peggy Hopkins- n/a Aka: Marguerite Upton n/a n/a 1893-1957
Juba Master Providence, R.I. (see William Henry Lane.) Vauxhall Gardens. Congo Square n/a Tap, Clog, Buck, Jig Breakdown, 1825-1862
Judge Arline Bridgeport, CT. (a Jimmy Durante dancer) M: 8 Times, m:George Ross III Dancer, Actress 2/21/1912-2/7/1974
Jugo Jenny Steinmark, Austria 1927 Cassanova Aka: Eugenie Walker Specialty Dance? B.6/14/1905
Jukoff Leonide Russia Dance Movies n/a Ballet B.1891
Jullian Cora France? n/a n/a Ballet C.1904
June Dorothy n/a Star Night ("Sweetheart of the Coconut Grove") Tap, Acrobatic C.1930s
Junger Esther New York Spring In Brazil. Billy Rose. Life Begins 8:30. Night Clubs Ofelia & Pimento Ballet, Modern Dance C.1930s
Taylor June California? Jackie Gleason (TV) Aka: June Taylor Dancers Dance Group for TV C.1950-60s?
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