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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As / m: = Married/ n/a = Not Available / ( ) = Note / c.= Circa.




Perform / Notes




Eargle Gray Dallas Tx ?? Rose Marie Mallady (Phx) West Coast Swing, Push c.1980s
Easter Fred n/a n/a Ruth Hazelton Acrobatic c.1924
Easton Sydney Svannah Made film "Dixie": The chronicles of America Series - Yale University 1924 n/a Square dance, Vernacular dances B.1886
Ebreo Guglielmo Pesaro Court of Urbino Aka: 'William The Jew from Pesaro' (Top Dancer, Dance Master,) Court Dances, Saltarello B.1430
Ebsen Bilma n/a Hoop! (see Vilma) Gypsy Toe Dancer, B.4/2/1908-
Ebsen Buddy Bellville, IL. Movies, Vaudeville (Sister Vilma Ebsen) Ballroom, Tap, Stetson c.1930s
Ebsen Jilma Bellville, IL Modernistic Ballet (misspelled: see Vilma) Ballet c.1930s
Ebsen Vilma Bellville, IL Ziegfeld Follies Ziegfeld Girl, Buddys Sister Ballet, Chorus B.1910-
Eckl Shirley Pittsburgh 1947 Helen Of Troy n/a Ballet B.1924
Edison Thomas Alva Milan, Ohio n/a n/a Square Dances 2/11/1847-
Edward Sisters New York Harlem n/a n/a 1920s
Edwards Edith "Baby" n/a Kiddie Hour, Apollo, Willie Joseph, Spic and Span, aka: "Taps and Baby," Edith Edwards Hunt Tap, n/a
Edwards Jodie n/a n/a Aka: Butterbeans and Susie Tap, Black Bottom c.1920s
Edwards Thelma n/a n/a n/a Oriental, 1920s
Eggers Pat California Dancer Ca. Swing Dance Hall of Fame Inductee M: Darlene West Coast Swing, Jitterbug c.1960s
Eggerth Mártha Budapest Hungary 1948 Valse Brilliante M: Jan Kiepura Waltz, Valse, Dancer B.4/17/1912
Egypt "Little" Syria Chicago Worlds Fair Aka: Faheda
Mahzar Spyropolos
Belly Dance, Burlesque
Striptease, Hootchy
Eis Alice USA 1913- The Vampire Dance Bert French The Vampire Dance-
( Ballroom Specialty)
Eilers (Ellers) Sally n/a 1932 Dance Team, 1927 Sunrise James Dunn Ballroom c.1930s
Ekaterina Geltzer Moscow Bolshoy Ballet, Diaghilev n/a Ballet 1876-1962
Elam Beatrice NY? 1937 Ask Uncle Sol, Savoy Ballroom, Cotton Club Aka: "Little Bea." Shorty George, Leroy 'Stretch' Jones Lindy Hop, Charleston c.1930's
Ellen Vera Norwood, OH. - - Actress, Dancer 2/16/1921 - 8/16/1981
Elizabeth Queen England n/a n/a Stately / Court c.16th?
Ellington Mercedes N.Y, N.Y. June Taylor Dancer. Jazz 2001 (Duke Ellington's Grand daughter) June Taylor dancer, Jazz B.1938-?
Elliot William Pattonsburg, MS. 1925 Plastic Age.1933 Gold diggers (Dancer and Actor ) aka: Wild Bill Dancer 10/16/1904-11/26/1965
Ellis ( Cutout) Maceo NY? Deep Harlem Leonard Reed Eccentric c.1929
Elson Anita England? Queens Theater n/a Ballroom, Ballet, Jazz? 1930s
Elssler Fanny Vienna Paris-Opera Ballet Younger sister to Theresa Elssler. m=Prince Adalbert of Prussia. Shadow Dance, Ballet, Cachucha 6/23/1810-1/27/1884
Elssler Theresa Vienna n/a Older sister to Fanny Elssler, aka: Baroness Von Barnim Ballet B.1808-????
Elya Louise New Orleans? French Opera, Melvin Flegal, Dave Roma Co. Ballet, Vaudeville & Variety Dance c.1927
England Adele, Miss n/a n/a n/a Chestnut Tree dance c.1938
Englert John New York 1937 Harvest Moon Ball Collegiate Shag Champions Partnered and married: Ruth Scheim. Arthur Murray 'How To Shag' Video. Collegiate Shag | and swing dances b.1919
Enhardt Lita Argentina? Cuba? Teatro Colon? Aka: Lita and Cortes Spanish Dancer c.1950s
Enters Angna Milwaukee Dance moods n/a Mime, Modern, Ballet, 1907-1989
Ephraim Bobby n/a n/a Master Tap Dancer Tap Dancer 1930s
Erdman Jean Hawaii n/a Aka: Mrs. Joseph Campbell Ballet, Spanish, Hula, Ballroom B.?1920s?
Erlanger & Klaw n/a Aerial Gardens-NYC Klaw, ?Fay Templeton? n/a c.1904
Ernst Carl Sandusky, OH ? Created the Ohio Dance: 1919 Catherine Zimmerman The Ohio, Dance Instructor c.1919
Errol Leon New York 1913 Ziegfeld Follies, " Turkey Trottishness," Stella Chatelaine Legomania, Rubberlegs, Turkey Trot c.1913
??? Estella n/a Cotton Club- Express-"Chile" Renee,
aka: Renee & Estella
Rumba c.1930s?
Escudero Vincent n/a n/a La Argentina Spanish, Fandango, Flamenco, own Dance Troupe 1885-1980
Esparza Natalie n/a   Tony (married in 1952) Lindy, WCS, Balboa d.11/2003
Esparza Tony n/a   Natalie (married in 1952) Lindy, WCS, Balboa D. 9/2003
Essen Viola USA 1946 Spector of the Rose Mordkin Ballet. Broadway & Movies Ballet 1925-1/16/1970
Essex John England Author & Dancing Master n/a Contredanses, Quadrilles 1680-1744
Essler Fanny Vienna (see: Fanny Elssler) n/a Ballet 6/23/1810-
D' Este Ercole Italy? Court of St. German Renee of Lorraine La Italiana, Galliarde c.1528
Estella n/a n/a Copacabana, Waldorf, Ritz, Riviera Aka: Estella & LeRoy Rumba, Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot c.1937
Ester Lil' USA n/a n/a Black Dancer c.1920s
Etting Ruth Nebraska Ziegfeld Girl, Marigold Gardens M: Moe Snyder Chorus, Jazz, Torch Singer 1897-1978
Evans Ralph & Peggy Ohio Dance Marathon Aka: Paw & Maw n/a c.1935
Evarists Egle and Caryl Italy? Italian Dance Performers n/a Ballroom, Comedy, Leg Guitar 1920s
Exner Rudolph USA? 1927 - My Old Dutch 'Jingles Exner' Apache, Tango, Black Bottom c.1927
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