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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As / m: = Married/ n/a = Not Available / ( ) = Note / c.= Circa.




Perform / Notes




Cacciatore Frank n/a 1971 Harvest Moon Ball Barbara Ferre Waltz, Ballroom c.1971
Cahusac Louis de France? La Danse Ancienne et Moderne Manual n/a Author, Dance Master 1706-1759
Cagney James Brooklyn, NY. 1933 Footlight Parade. Yankee Doodle Dandee n/a Tap, Jazz 7/17/1899-3/30/1986
Calderón Carmencita Argentina? 2004 - Blue Tango in Buenos Aires ?? Argentine Tango b.1905
Caldwell Edward n/a 1946 Deadline at Dawn n/a n/a c.1946
Calloway Blanche Baltimore Pearl Theater-Philly. (Related to Cab - Sis) Bill Bailey n/a 2/9/1902-12/16/1978
Calloway Cab Rochester, NY Cotton Club Singer. (Related to Blanche) n/a Eccentric, Jazz, Tap, Shim-Sham 12/25/1907-11/18/1994
Camargo Anita n/a 1936 Ramona, Valley of the Lawless n/a Chorus dancer c.1930s
Camargo Marie Anna De Brussles Swan Lake, First danseuse to wear the ballet dress n/a Ballet 1710-1770
Cameron Sisters ??? n/a Ned Wayburn Shows, The Cameron Sisters [1915] Sister Tandem Dance 1920's?
Campbell Curt Los Angeles n/a Freda Wyckoff West Coast Jitterbug c.1953
Campbell Elaine n/a Moonlight in Vermont Jivin' Jacks Swing c.1942
Campbo George ?England? 6/27/1932 Pathe Newsreel: Clubs and Cabarets aka: the Continental Eccentric dancer Acrobatic, Comedy, Eccentric c.1932
Camprubi ?? France? ?? Serral Ballet c.1840s
Camra Petra ?? ?? ?? Dancer, Spanish, c.1800s
Canales Antonio Sevilla ?? ?? Flamenco c.1960s
Candelin Kate Luton Aka: Kate Vaughan Edward Terry, Susie Vaughan Ballet, Skirt 1852?-1903
Candelin Susie n/a Aka: Susie Vaughan Kate Vaughn Ballet 1880's
'Candy and Pepper' ?? Real Names: Mildred Thorpe and Jewel Welch ?? Tap, 1930s
Cansino Angel Spain 1926 Anna Case, aka: Dancing Cansino's, (Eduardo's Brother?) Pauline Koner, Elsa Cansino Spanish, Ballet c.1920's
Cansino Carmen n/a 1941 The Masked Rider maybe related n/a c.1941
Cansino Eduardo Spain Anna Case [1926],
aka: Dancing Cansino's,(Rita Hayworth's father)
Elsa, Volga Spanish Dancer c.1920's
Cansino Elsa Spain Anna Case [1926], aka: Dancing Cansino's,(Eduardo's Sister) Eduardo, Angel Spanish, Ballet c.1920's
Cansino Gabriel n/a Related Marie Bollinger Flamenco c.1940
Cansino Jose n/a Too Many Blondes [1941].Loves Of Carmen [1948] (maybe related) Gypsy, Spanish c.1940s
Cansino Pilar n/a Maria de La O, Carmen [1959], Rita's Cousin Spanish c.1950s
Cansino Rita Brooklyn N.Y. Aka: Dancing Cansino's, aka: Rita Hayworth Danced w/ Family & solo. Spanish, Ballroom, Tap c.1940s
Cansino(Hayworth) Volga Spain Anna Case [1926],
aka: Dancing Cansino's,(Rita Hayworth's mother)
Angel, Eduardo Spanish, Ballroom, Ballet c.1920s
Cantinflas ?? Distrito Federal, Mexico Real= Fortino Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes. M=Valentina Ivanova In over 55 films, many he danced various dances. Comedy dances 8/12/1911-4/20/1993
Capla n/a Europe Murder at the Cabaret [1936] Nina Alvis Dancers c.1936
Capp Anthony n/a n/a n/a Instructor c.1950s
Carey Addison ?? Chocolate Dandies [1924], Shuffle Along [1933], Hi-De-Ho [1947] Aka: Carey and Davis (Charles) Chorographer c.1930s
Carey Jack Watts, CA. Living It Up!. Orpheum Theater. Harvest Moon Ball (with Edwards.) Bob Hope Comedy Hour (TV) Invented Jack & Jill Contest, Annie Hirsch m: Lorraine Edwards. Real Name: Jack Dossey West Coast, Balboa, Tap, Jitterbug B.1/23/1927-9/24/2013
Carey Mary Jane n/a Stand Up and Cheer [1934] " Goldwyn Gir L" Chorus d.1/11/1990
Carioca Joe "Cartoon" Saludos Amigos [1942] Aka: The Brazilian Jitterbird Animated c.1942
Cariocca (Carioca) Taheya (Tahia) Cairo, Egypt Aka: Abla Mohammed Karim n/a Legendary
Belly Dancer
Carise Erma n/a Follies Bergeré Star n/a Continental c.1920s
Carlos n/a n/a The Magic Ring Aka: Carlos and Inez Oriental, Egyptian, Ballroom c.1924
Carlos n/a n/a Shake, Rattle and Roll, Dont Knock the Rock aka: Carlos and Rosie Swing, Jitterbug c.1950s
Carlos n/a n/a Danced in the Panaram Soundie "Cuban Pete" Aka: Carlos and Zedra   c.1940's
Carlyle Crissie ?? ?? ?? dancer c.1897
Carmela ??? n/a n/a n/a Spanish c.1910s
Carmencita ??? Spain? 1st Edison dance Film: Carmencita [1894]. Koster & Bial's Music Hall -1890 n/a Spanish, Flamenco, El Jaleo c.1890s
Carr Lorena n/a 1933 Dancing Lady Chorus Chorus c.1930s
Caron Leslie Paris n/a n/a n/a n/a
Caroso Fabrito Semoneta, Italy Renaissance Dance. Author n/a Dance Master 1526?-1605?
Carringford Arthur Pomona, CA. Aka: Harry Fox Dolly Sisters, Fox Trot 1882-1959
Carroll Della n/a n/a n/a Fan Dancer c.1937
Carroll June Sorenson Chicago? Chicago Theater n/a Rumba c.1930
Carroll Nancy N.Y, N.Y. 1929 Dance Of Life, 1935 After The Dance Ann Veronica LaHiff Ballet, Ballroom b.7/1/1931
Carson Trudy n/a June Taylor dancer, Rockette. stage: Irene, Film: All That Jazz. Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason, Soupy Sales TV Shows. M: Soupy Sales Dancer n/a
Carter n/a n/a n/a Bambi Lynn Ballroom c.1950's
Carter Clifford Boston, MA. Stage: Plantation Days, Hellzapoppin' and Harlem Cavalcade. Married: Marion (born Mar 17 1896) Original member of the Four Cracker jacks(Raymond Thomas, Harry Irons, Archie Ware). Crackerjacks trade mark act called "the Old Man" number. Tap Dance, Acrobatic, Comedy, Tumbling 8/14/1893-?
Carter Irene St. Petersbg. FL. Derbyshow Marathon Dancer "Tex" Smith Marathon, Waltz c.1935
Carter Katie ?? ?? Aka: Carter and Muriel Ringold Tap 1920's
Carter Nell n/a mother to Mickey Rooney M: Joe Yule Sr Chorus c.1920s
Carter Roy New York? Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric, Tap c.1933
Cartier Jacques n/a n/a n/a Voodoo Congo Dance, Vermilion Shadow c.1930s
Cartier (McCarthy) Walter Bronx, NY Patrick The Great, Fiddler on the Roof Jivin' Jacks, Prizefighter Swing Dance 3/22/1929-8/16/1995
Casazza Yolanda New York M Frank Veloz -1929, aka: Veloz & Yolanda Frank Veloz Merry-go-round, Cobra Tango, Yolanda Tango 3/21/1908-3/24/1995
Cassie Clifford n/a Vaudeville Billy Coden Singer/Dancers c.1920s
Casson Brothers n/a Albee Theater Marie Dance A-LA-Graphonola c.1924
Castle Irene New Rochelle Nightclubs, Actress. Dance Teacher. 1915 Whirl of Life Vernon Castle Castle Walk, Half & Half 4/17/1893-1/25/1969
Castle Nick Brooklyn, NY. Choreographer... Hellzapoppin' and many more. n/a Ballroom, Swing, Tap, Jazz 3/21/1910-8/18/1968
Castle Roy Britain TV-Record Breakers Guinness Record holder Tap, Actor/ Singer 1932-1994
Castle Vernon Norwich, England Night Clubs. Dance Teacher.
1915 Whirl of Life. Chez Paree
Irene Castle Castle Walk, Half&Half 5/2/1887-2/15/1918
Casey Mary Fresno, Ca. Marathon Dancer Phill Rainey, Curts Marathon c.1930s
Castillo Antonio n/a n/a Member of Jose Greco Troupe Spanish dancer c.1962
Catier Jacques n/a 1933 Ziegfeld Follies n/a n/a c.1930s
Catron Stanley D. Myrtle Beach, SC 1943 Life Mag. (Lindy Hop.) Something For The Boys. Shaggers Hall Of Fame. Kay Popp, M: Betty Lindy Hop D.4/27/1995
Ceballos Hilarion Mexico/ N.Y. Passing Show of 1912 Rosilia Ceballos Whirlwind Waltz, Adagio, c.1907
Cellarius Henri n/a n/a n/a Ballroom, La Cellarius, Quadrilles c.1840s
Celeste Celine France 1851 Green Bushes. Adelphi Theater (London) n/a Cachucha, Greek Romaika, Actress 1814-1882
Cerrito Fanny Naples, Italy Alma, Le Lac des Fees Mons. St. Leon. Ballet, Redowa, Polka, 1817-1909
Ceccheti Enrico Italy (son of Cesare Ceccheti & Seafina Casagli.) Imperial, Maryinsky Theatres Private teacher to Anna Pavlova ?? 1850-1928
Chadimová (Slezak) Anna Kostelec, Bohemia (is said she created the Polka) Joseph Neruba, m: Slezak Polka, Redowa c.1830s
Chalif Louis H. Odessa, Russia Chalif School of Dance (1905) 1st Russian to teach in USA Ballet, Folk 1876-1948
Chamie Tatiana Odessa, RU Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Diaghlev Co. Serge Denhams Co. n/a Ballet d.11/18/1953
Champion Gower Geneva, IL. Lovely To Look At. TV-Broadway Rhythms Jeannie Tyler,
m: Marge Belcher
Choreographer, Ballroom 6/21/1919-8/25/1980
Champion(Belcher) Margret (Marge) Calif. Aka: Marjorie Bell/Belcher. Lovely To Look At M: Gower Champion Ballroom b.8/2/1919-8/25/1980
Champion? (Tyler) Jeanne New York Sert Room-Waldorf Astoria (See Gower Page) Gower Champion Ballroom c.1930s
Chaney Mayris Washington (The White House) Edward Fox Windsor Waltz c.1940s
Chaplin Charlie Lambeth, England Caught in the Cabaret.Tango Tangles Phyllis Allen Actor, Comedy- Dance 4/16/1889-12/25/1977
Charisse Cyd Amarillo, TX Bandwagon. Silk Stockings. Singing In The Rain Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, m: Nico Charisse Ballet, Tap,
Charisse Nico France? Havana M: Cyd Charisse Dancer c.1942
Chase Barri N.Y. City, NY Actress/Dancer. Fred Astaire, Dancer B.11/20/1933
Chatelaine Stella New York 1913 - Ziegfeld Follies Leon Errol Turkey Trot c.1913
Chauvire Yvette n/a n/a Oleg Tupine Ballet c.1910s?
Chavanne n/a France? n/a n/a a Dancing Master c.1760s
Chavita n/a Paris, France? Reutlinger n/a n/a c.1906
Cheat Charles Virginia n/a Clarence Wheeler (fiddler) a Dancing Master c.1670s
Checker "Chubby" n/a Made the Twist Famous n/a Twist, Limbo 1960s
Checkers "Kid" n/a 'In Old Kentucky' contest dancer ?? Tap, Time Steps etc. c.1915
Cheraux Margaret New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Girl Tap? c.1935?
Cheselka Anna New York City 1947 Helen of Troy. 1949 Ballet de Monte Carlo m: Alexander Rodzianko Ballet b.1929-
Chester Eddie n/a Parody Club Aka: "The
Struttin' Fool"
n/a c.1925
Chester Helen W.Va. Marathon Dancer Frank Costello Tango c.1935
Chevalier Maurice France? 1920s - Follies Bergeré Mistinguett Actor Dancer 1888-1972
Childress Joel Los Angeles Jitterbug & Flying Lindy Dancer n/a Flying Lindy, Jitterbug, WCS c.1940s
Chiles George n/a Biltmore Hotel Madeline Northway Novelette, Ballroom c.1927
Chilton ?? ?? Aka: Chilton and Thomas ?? Charleston c.1920s
Chiquita ?? n/a Aka: "The Mexican Madcap." 7/1959 Scamp Magazine (possibly 'Chiquita and Johnson dance team') Conga, Rumba, Samba, Mex. Hat Dance c.1950s
Chocolateers The California Eddie West, Paul Black and Albert Gibson   Pecking, Jitterbug, c.1930s
Chourinoff Mlle. ?? The Tatler Mag: 2/11/1925 ?? Russian Dancer c.1925
Christiansen Lew n/a Ballet Dancer Ruby Asquith Ballet n/a
Christine Matilyn USA Ziegfeld Girl Dorothy Gilmore n/a n/a
Christopherson Betty CA George's Brother Fred Christopherson Jitterbug, Collegiate Shag c.1940s
Christopherson Fred CA ?? Betty Christopherson Jitterbug, Collegiate Shag c.1940s
Christopherson George CA. Los Angeles? Swing Dance Contests.
Movies. Swing Exhibitions. M: Roma. Fred's Brother.
Freda Wyckoff Jitterbug, Flying Lindy, West Coast Swing c.1940s
Christy Caroline California Swing Dance Contests n/a West Coast Swing c.1950s
Christy George n/a Christy Minstrels n/a Jig 1828-5/12/1868
Chuck (& Chuckles)   No Maps on My Taps (1979,) Putney Swope (1969,) Pound (1970,) Learned from Bubbles Sublett  aka: Slim and Shorty: Chuck and Chuckles. Real Name: Charles Green and James Walker. Tap, Legomania, Rhythm TAP c.1930s
Chuckles (& Chuck)   Something to Shout About (1943,) Midnight Menace (1946) Chuck Green, Real Name: James 'Chuckles' Walker.   Tap, Legomania c.1930s
Chung Alfred n/a Dance Club Exhibitions Jardin Wong Chinese Ballroom Dance Team c.1950s
Cieri Lan n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Clara ??? n/a Aka: Alberto & Clara Alberto ? Rumba c.1920s
Cirio Ed San Francisco, CA Dancer, Instructor, Historian, Judge, Competitor   West Coast Swing, Jitterbug c.1970
Clark Helen San Francisco? Ballroom Dance Contests. Nobody Home. Princess Theater Quentin Tod Ballroom b.1897-?
Clark Mae n/a Manhattan Mary Harland Dixon Five Step, Ballroom c.1928
Clark Brothers, The ?? ?? 1948 Killer Diller ?? Tap, Dancers - Duo c.1940s
Clayton Bessie n/a   Aka: An American Genee M=Julian Mitchell (d1911) Ballet, Atheletic, Eccentric, Character 1878-1948
Clendenen Leslie, Frank St. Louis (Male Dance Instructor & Author) n/a Ballroom B.1864
Cleo ??? n/a Grecian Knights Band n/a Belly c.1950s
Clifford(Montani) Jack (Virgil) Italy Ziegfeld, Dimples, Salome,
Shanley's Restaurant
Murray, Weston,
M: Evelyn Nesbit
Whirlwind Waltz, Tango 1884-11/10/1956
Coates Lulu ??
Watermelon Trust, Organized Lulu Coates and her Crackerjacks. retired 1922
Grundy, M: Sherman Coates Acrobatic, Tap , Singer c.1910s
Coates Sherman n/a Cotton Club, Watermelon Trust (Grundy and Coates broke up in 1914) Grundy, Crackerjacks, M: Lu Lu Coates, Acrobatic, Tap c.1910s
Cobb Jerry Los Angeles Dancers, Exhibitions, Dance Contests Jackie Cobb West Coast Swing, Jitterbug, Acrobatics 1970's
Coccia Aurelio ??
Top Musical Acrobatic, Ballroom, Flash dance Instructor of the day. Taught Fred and Adele their first show stopper routine. Danced Apache with Swanson in The Hummingbirds.
Gloria Swanson. aka: The Coccoa's Ballroom, Tango, Waltz, Flash Acts, Apache, Acrobatics, Adagio c.1913
Coden Billy n/a Vaudeville Clifford Cassie Singer/Dancers c.1920s
Cody Grace n/a n/a n/a Ballet c.1940s?
Coffey Jack USA Hollywood Canteen Jivin' Jacks Swing c.1944
Cohan George Michael Providence, RI Vesta Tilley Vaudeville Co. [1898] Gov. Son. [1901] I'd Rather Be Right. [1932], Phantom President [1932], Pigeons and People [1933] 1898 The Four Cohans. m: Ethel Levey, Agnes Nolan Tap, Cakewalk 7/3/1878-
Colacino Jason San Francisco, Ca. U.S Open Competitor, Broadway Swing Dancer Katie Boyle West Coast Swing, Country 1977-2009
Cole Bob Athens, GA. n/a Johnson Bros. Tap, Soft Shoe 7/1/1868-
Cole Clay Hubbard, Ohio Twist Around the Clock [1961]. Host for TV Show 'Rate the Record' and 'The Clay Cole Show'. Vicki Spencer. Real Name: Albert Rucker Twist b.1937
Cole Dorothy n/a 1925 World Tango Champion Scott Atkinson Tango,
Black Bottom
Cole Jack New Brunswick, NJ Choreographer, Chez Paree Florence Lessing, Jack Cole Dancers Ballroom, Choreographer 4/27/1914-2/17/1974
Cole Tommy ?? 1950s Mickey Mouse Club.
10/1957 - Disney Mag Cover
Cheryl Holdridge Ballroom, Swing b.1942
Coles Charles "Honi" Philadelphia, PA. Shoot Me While I am Happy.
Kiss Me Kate. Rock & Roll Revue. Paree-Pare. Swing Hostess. Dancing Pirate. 1978-The Wiz. Cotton Club, His Majesty's Theatre-Canada [1946]
"Cholly" Atkins, Jane Goldberg, Lucky Seven Trio Tap, Charleston, Ballet, Modern, Swing 1/7/1904-6/26/1999
Coles Joyce n/a n/a n/a Ballet, Jazz? c.1920s
Coleman Bob USA Patrick The Great Jivin' Jacks Swing Dance c.1945
Coleman Edward USA Metropolitan Intercollegiate Dance Contest Winner.
Apple Tree. Last Sentence
Kathryn Conklin Arthur Murray Shag c.1937
Coleman Warren New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric,
Tap/Soft Shoe
Coles Charles "Honi" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Apollo Theatre, Las Vegas, Dirty Dancing (1987,) Cotton Club (1984,) Rock and Roll Revue, Basin Street Revue (1956) Cholly Atkins Choreo, Swing, Charleston, Tap 4/2/1911-12/11/1992
Collins Charles "Chink" New York Paree-Paree. Swing Hostess. Dancing Pirate. 1978-The Wiz. Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric,
Collins Dean Columbus, Ohio Don't Knock The Rock. Living It Up. Hellzapoppin'. Buck Privates. Stage Door Canteen. Savoy Ballroom, Jewel McGowen, Florence Miller West Coast Swing, Lindy, Shim-Sham, Tap 5/29/1917 - 6/1/1984
Collins Janet n/a Thrill of Brazil n/a Dance Soloist c.1930s?
Colville Peter ?? Moss's Empire Theater Vic Gordon Dancers c.1950s?
Compson Betty Beaver, UT 1923 Hollywood. 1924 Miami. 1926 Belle of Broadway Theodore Kosloff Apache, Ballroom, Tango 3/19/1897-4/18/1074
Compton Betty ?? The Legacy [1930] ?? Tap c.1930
Compton Netty Iowa Ponsell Brothers Circus Cakewalk Contest, Black Patti Troubadors Bobby Kemp Cakewalk B.1879-
Conde Zedre n/a Kismet. Havana n/a dancer c.1944
Condos Nick Pittsburgh, PA. 1936 Dancing Feet. Moon over Miami Aka: Condos Brothers Tap 10/12/11918-9/16/1990
Condos Steve Pittsburgh, PA 1936 Dancing Feet.Moon over Miami Aka: Condos Brothers Tap 1/26/1915-7/8/1988
Conesa Maria Mexico? ?? Aka: La Gatita Blanca Couples Dancer, Singer c.1900s
Conine Tommy ?? ?? Master Tap Dancer Tap c.1940s?
Conklin Kathryn n/a Metropolitan Intercollegiate Dance Contest Winner Edward Coleman Shag c.1937
Conley "Onset" n/a Thrill of Brazil aka: "Tom-Tom" Conley Specialty? c.1930s?
Conlin Jimmy Camden, NJ. 1943 Jitterbugs. 1940 Let's Make Music Bonnie Glass ?Turn Dance?, Jitterbug 10/14/1884-5/7/1962
Connor Tommy n/a n/a n/a Chestnut Tree n/a
Cook Charles ?? Sarah Venable and her Picks, Chicago's College Inn [1930], Cotton Club [1934], Aka: Cook and Brown, Ernest Brown, member of the Copasetic's Comedy, Eccentric, Acrobatic, Tumbling c.1926
Cook Crystal n/a n/a n/a Tap , Toe, Jump Rope c.1930s?
Cook Louise ?? Hot Chocolates [1929], Described as Little Egypt type dancer Aka: Louise 'Jota' Cook Shake, Shimmy c.1929
Cook Millicent New York Cotton Club, M: Sonny Greer Cotton Club Girl, n/a c.1935?
Cooley Ethelinda H n/a (President Cooley's Daughter) Commodore Hotel Exhibition Ed. B. Browning Charleston c.1926
Cooper Betty Jane n/a Star Reporter series (Broadway Highlights video) n/a n/a c.1930s
Cooper Irene USA (Irene Cooper either sang or danced at Elmore Theatre - Hill District, Pittsburgh) ?? Down Home Glide c.1930s
Cooper (Cooperman) Jackie (John) Los Angeles? 1929 Fox Movietone Follies Bonita Grainville Balboa B.9/5/1921
Cooz Madame England 1924, created the Coodena dance n/a Coodena c.1919
Coralli Jean Paris? or Italy? Giselle Choreographer. 1807 The Incas Coralli & Teresa Ballet 1/17/1779-5/1/1854
Corbus (Rooney) Betty San Francisco, Ca. Swing Dancer ?? West Coast Swing c.1980s
Cordell Lola Britain on Video: Entertainers in Britsih Films: a century in British Cinema Aka: Al Gold and Lola Cordell British dancers ??
Cordoba Robert Los Angeles, CA. Dancer, Competitor. Hall of Fame Inductee Keldee Bjerknees, Melanie Roberts-Dawson, Deborah Szkely West Coast Swing, Hustle, NC2S, Ballroom, Latin c.1990s
Córdoba, de Margarita Argentina? La Honradez de la cerradura n/a Dancer c.1950s
Córdoba, de Luisa Spain? 1960 Mi último tango.
1962 Abuelita Charlestón.
1938 Rainbow Room
Maurice Ronet? Maxixe, Tango, etc. B.9/15/1921
Córdoba, de Margarita n/a 1950 La Honradez de la Cerradura n/a Spanish c.1950s
Cornning James n/a n/a Emma Corning Clog c.1910s
Corine ??? n/a Follies Bergeré n/a Bubble 1940s
Corrine Saw n/a Florentine Gardens Tito Valdez Ballroom c.1940s
Corio ??? New York? L'Amour de l'Apache Molasso Apache c.1908
Coroso Fabrito Venice? 1581 Il Ballarino &
1605 Nonlita di dame Dance Manuals
n/a Ballet, Court, Choreographer b.1531
(aka Court)
Beverly Minnesota Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe (Teen Dancer) m: Julius Quirouet Salome b.7/2/1929
Cortez Estaban New York? Bombo 1921, BoomBoom 1929, Always You, Nifties of 1923, Peggy Mathias. aka: Peggy and Cortez. realname: Walter Haber Arg. Tango c.1920s
Corwin Ada n/a n/a Solo? Ballet c.1900s
Cosdon Walter Raymond n/n 1937 & 1938 All Around Harvest Moon Ball Champion Agnes Melcoll Rumba | Ballroom c.1937
Costanzo James Los Angeles? Taught at Beverly Hills Hotel. Movie: Mary Lou-(as dancer) became famous Musician. Marda Saxon- Costanzo Musician & Dancer c.1940s
Costello Frank New York City Derbyshow Marathon Dancer Helen Chester Tango c.1935
Cotton Club... Boys / Girls n/a New York Cotton Club's Dance Groups n/a Eccentric, Tap, Line c.1933
Coulon Eugène Paris? Author - Coulons handbook. Dancing Master. Almacks Dance Hall Mrs. Henderson Redowa, Polka, La Cellarius, Mazurka, Cotillion, Quadrilles 1787-1830
Court Beverly NY? Billy Rose n/a Salome b.1929?
Courtney Inez N.Y N.Y. 1933 Hold Your Horses., 1937 Hit Parade Tom Patricola Ballroom 3/12/1908-4/5/1975
Courtney's, The ?? Europe Hansley Theatre Royal ?? Acro- Adagio c.1950s
Covan "Willie" Savanahh, GA. In Old Kentucky, Palace Theatre, Duke Is Tops. Gang War. Dixie to Broadway [1924]. Added a new style to the Soft-Shoe Marie Bryant, Four Covans, Dewey Covan, Maxie McCree. M: Florence Swing, Jitterbug, Clog, Soft-Shoe, Tap 3/4/1897-5/7/1989
Coverdale Minerva ?? The Red Widow [1913] George White Ballroom c.1913
Cox Baby ?? Hot Chocolates [1929] ?? Snake Hips c.1929
Cox "Stretch" New York? Fire Down Below. aka: The Stretch Cox Troupe. Choreographer n/a Limbo c.1950s?
Coy Jonathan n/a 1945 Duffy's Tavern. Bring On The Girls. That's The Spirit Miriam Franklin, Mary Martin Tap b.1924
Crabtree Lotta N.Y. Goldrush actress and dancer n/a Dancer/ Actress 1880s?
Crackerjacks, The (Troupe) New York Sherman & Lu Lu Coates Coates, ware, Irons, Carter, Thomas n/a B.1914 & b.1922
Crawfords Dancing, the ?? ?? ?? Dancers c.1930s
Crane Douglas New York Aka: Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Crane.
Jardin de Danse
Ivy Payne Ballroom c.1914
Crane Ivy California Aka: Ivy Payne M: Douglas Crane Ballroom, Tango c.1913
Crane Jefferson Ohio? 1893 Kirmess Opera House Leslie Temple, JD Platt Jr. Scotch Highland c.1893
Cranwell Peter & Gloria El Paso, Los Angeles 1954 - KLAC Radio Charleston Champions. aka: Gloria Cotchonis n/a Charleston, Swing c.1950s
Craw Buster n/a Marathon Dance Joie Abdill Marathon Dancers c.1930s
Crawford Joan San Antonio, TX 1933 - Our Dancing Daughters Fred Astaire, Boris Karloff, Allen Jenkins Charleston, Jitterbug, Black Bottom 3/23/1904-5/10/1977
Crawford Lew ?? ?? Leonard Harper Dancer c.1930s
Crawley Kathleen Sarah USA Old Mother Riley (Apache Scene) aka: Esme Grande Partner and husband: George Wolkowsky Apache c.1930s-50s
Craske 'Miss' n/a Stage Dancer Gabriella Ray Female Acrobatic Dancers c.1905
Crescendo ?? Caifornia Star Seach clip, Street Life Wayne "Crescendo" Ward & T.c. Diamond Tap, Hip-Hop, Free Style 1980's
Crim Jerry Tulsa, OK Instructor, Judge, Competitor. President Jodi Bridges Supreme Swing, West Coast Swing 1980s
"Crip" Heard "Crip" USA? Boarding House Blues [1948] (Handicapped) One Legged Dancer c.1940s
Crisantema Bella n/a n/a n/a Dancer c.1910
Crivellis n/a Italy  n/a n/a Acrobatic c.1920s
Cross James New York, N.Y. Aka: "Stump & Stumpy," Boarding House Blues [1948] Harold Cromer, Eddie Hartman? Tap 1870-1/25/1981
Cross Michael Denver, CO 1st U.S. Open winner in 1978 M: Amber West Coast Swing 1970s
Cromer Harold n/a Aka: Stump & "Stumpy," Boarding House Blues [1948], Cotton Club [1984] James Cross, Eddie Hartman Tap c.1940s
Crowder Gladys n/a 1937 Harvest Moon Ball Eddie Davis Lindy Hop c.1930s
Crumbly Walter Ohio 1901 - Smart Set Show ?? Buck and Wing, Tap c.19o0s
Cuban Doris London? New Queens Theatre Aka 'The Dancing Xylophonist' Dance, Music c.1/1939
Cummings Alma n/a Champion Marathon Dancer n/a Marathon Dancer c.1924
Cummings Robert Joplin, Missouri Actor, Dancer, College Swing Film Eleanore Whitney Ballroom 6/10/1908-12/2/1990
Cunningham Merce USA Martha Graham Co., Solos n/a Ballet, Modern b.1919
Curts Billie & Billy Long Beach, CA. Marathon Dancer 1935 Derby Show Marathon Dancer c.1935
Curtis Hyacinth New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Girl. m: Clarence Robinson Toured with USO c.1935?
Cuthbertson Bobbie Scotland (Scotland's greatest dancer) London Coliseum n/a c. 1929
Cyrene n/a n/a Said to be first of the Circus Dancers n/a Circus Dancer, Spanish c.1887

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