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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As / m: = Married/ n/a = Not Available / ( ) = Note / c.= Circa.
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Ballet Dancers List

      Although this site is mainly Dedicated to couples dancing, it did not seem right to not include Ballet as there are many Ballet dancers and choreographers who crossed over from one to the other.

   The "Golden Age of Ballet" was from 1908-1935. The American Ballet was officially started when Ballanchine and Dimitriew were hired to organize and establish the School of American

Ballet. Many times Ballet dancers of the time danced as couples (like Adagio) etc. and also danced in Musicals, Nightclubs, Plays and Movies. However, I do not have the time or resources available to make this a complete Ballet section... sorry! Search our general dancers section for more ballet dancers and information than may be listed here. ( Note: St. Petersburg Russia became Petrograd in 1914 and is now Leningrad, Russia.)
Also See:"Ballet Dance Page"






Dance (s)



Adams Diana Stanton, VA. Oklahoma, Pillar of Fire Edward Canton, Anthony Tudor Ballet Hugh Laing 1926-1993
Ailey Alvin Rogers, TX House of Flowers, Jamaica Own Dance Company Ethnologic, Ballet n/a 1/5/1931-1989
Alder Alan Canberra Sadler Wells, n/a Ballet, Tap, Highland Dancing Lucette Aldous B.1937-
Aldous Lucette New Zealand Ballet Rambert, Royal Ballet Rudolf Nureyev Ballet n/a B.1938-
Algaroff Youly n/a n/a n/a Ballet n/a 3/28/1918-8/6/1995
Allard Marie France? n/a n/a Ballet Mistress to Gaetan Vestris 1742-1802
Allen Amelia n/a Love Dreams [1921], Last Waltz [1921], Music Box Revue [1922] n/a Ballet n/a C.1920's
Alonso (Martínez-Hoya) Alicia (Ernesta de la Caridad dei Cobre) Havana,Cuba. Great Lady, Stars in Your Eyes, Fall River Legend n/a Ballet Fernando Alonzo B.1921-
Alonzo Fernando Havana Cu. Mordkin n/a Ballet Alicia Alonso (Martinez) B.1914-
Amyl Janette Normandy, Fr. Ballerina Movie n/a Ballet n/a B.1920-
Babilée Jean Paris, France Paris Opera n/a Ballet, Mime, Character Nathalie Philippart B.1923-
Baby Ballerina's Toumanova (age14,)Baranova (13,) Riabouchinska(15)  doesn't apply Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo Appellation given to these dancers. Ballet Doesn't Apply B.1932-
Bakerkina n/a n/a n/a Russian Dancer Ballet n/a 1920's?
Balabina n/a n/a n/a Russian Dancer Ballet n/a C.1920s
Balanchine(Balanchivadze) George St Petersburg, Russia Apollon Musagète Alexandria Danilova Ballet Vera Zorina 1/22/1904-4/30/1983
Balon (Ballon) Jean France Academie Royal Francoise Prevost, Ballet n/a 1676-1739
Banks Margaret Vancouver, Canada Les Sylphides n/a Ballet, Mazurka n/a B.1924-
Barberina (Campanini) La (Barberina) Parma, Italy Versailles, Dardanus Rinaldi Fossano Comic, Ballet Lord Stuart Mackenzie, Carlo Luigi Cocceii B1721-6/7/1799
Baranova Irina Petrograd, Russia Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo Cotillion, Follow The Girls, Baby Serge Lifar Ballet German (Gerry) Sevastianov B.1919-
Barishnikäv Mikhail Riga, Lativa Kirov Ballet White Knight's Ballet n/a B.1948-
Bausch Pina Solingen, Germany Wuppertal Theater n/a Modern, Ballet n/a B.1940-
Beauchamp Blondy (Blondi) France Academie Royal Camargo's teacher Ballet Pierre's Nephew C.1680s
Beauchamp Pierre Versailles, France Named 5 classic ballet positions. Louis XIV, Lully Ballet, Choreograhper n/a 1639-1705
Berge Marcel Paris Ballet dancer Pavlova, Sedova Ballet n/a B.1891-
Bentley Muriel NYC 3 Virgins &
a Devil
Ruth St. Denis Co., Jose Greco Ballet, Spanish n/a C.1940's
Blasis Carlo Naples, Italy Marseilles, Milan, Imperial Academy Gosselin, Le Gallois, Bougnoti Vaguemoulin Ballet, Invented The Attitude Pose n/a 1797-1878
Bliss Herbert Kansas City, Missouri Pas De Deux Romanti Janet Reed Ballet n/a B.1923-
Blond, Le n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a B.1800-?
Blondy (Blondi) Nicole France n/a Beauchamps Nephew Ballet n/a 1677-1747
Blum René France Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo n/a Ballet n/a 1884-1944
Bolender Todd Canton, Ohio Benard Chester Hale Ballet n/a C.1940's
Bolm Adolph St. Petersburg, Russia Ziegfeld, Dillingham, Coq d'or, Mad Genius Pavlova Ballet n/a 1884-1951
Boris Ruthanna Brooklyn, NY Cirque De Deux Frank Hobi, Fokine Ballet, Spanish n/a B.1918-
Borovansky Edouard Czech Covent Garden , Borovansky Ballet n/a Ballet M: Xenia 1902-1959
Borovansky Xenia Moscow Covent Garden , Borovansky Ballet Real name: Xenia Nicoleva Smirnova Ballet M: Edouard 1903-1985
Botta Bergonzio, Di Italy? First Ballet (Spectacle) Duke of Milan Ballet n/a C.1459s
Bournonville Antoine France Royal Copenhagen Ballet Noverre, Danish Ballet Father of Auguste 1760-1843
Bournonville Antonius Auguste Copenhagen, Denmark Abdallah, Toredor Vestris Ballet n/a 1805-1879
Bowman Patricia Washington, D.C. Radio City Hall, Roxy Theater, Copacabana Paul Haakon, Mordkin, Fokine Ballet n/a C.1930's
Bronislava Ninjinska Minsk, Belaus Petrushka, Diaghilev, Maryinski n/a Ballet Sister to Ninjinsky 1891-1972
Bruhn Erik Copenhagen N.Y.C. Ballet n/a Ballet     1928-1986
Cahusac Louis De Paris? Dance Master n/a Ballet, Dance     C.1740s
Campanini Barerina
Parma, Italy Academie Royale, Covent Grdn. Fossano. aka: La Barberina Ballet Lord Stuart McKenzie, Carlo Luigi Cocceii 1721-6/7/1799
Campra André Province Composer n/a Ballet n/a 1660-1744
Cecchetti Enrico Milan, Italy La Scala, Marynisky Nijinsky & Pavlova's Instructor Ballet n/a 6/21/1850-11/13/1928
Cerrito Fanny Italy Pas De Quatre Taglioni, Grisi, Grahn Ballet n/a 1817-1909 (1821-1899?)
Chalif Louis H. Odessa, Russia Excelsior, Life of a Czar n/a Ballet, Folk, Mazurka n/a 1876-11/24/1948
Chase Lucia Waterbury, Connecticut 3 Virgins & A Devil Mordkin Ballet Ballet Thomas Ewing 1907-1986
Chauviré Yvette France? n/a n/a Ballet Oleg Tupine 1917-1996
Christensen Lew Brigham City, Utah Vaudeville, American Ballet Bros: William & Harold Ballet Gisella Caccialanza B.1908-1984
Coralli Jean (and Teresa) Paris Giselle, La Tarentelle Aka: Jean Coralli Perecini Ballet, Tarentelle n/a 1779-5/1/1854
D' Camargo Marie- Anne Cupis Brussels Paris Opera, Ajax n/a Ballet, Court, Minuet Lived w/ Comte de Clermont 1710-1770
Cunningham Merce Centralia, WA. Martha Graham n/a Ballet, Modern, Abstract n/a B.1919-
Dalcroze Emile Jacques- Swiss Developed Eurhythmics n/a n/a n/a 1865-1950
Danielian Leon NYC Frankie & Johnny, Carnival Mordkin, Fokine school Ballet n/a 10/31/1920-1997
Danilova Alexandra Peterhof, Russia Caprico Espagnol, Lola Montez Ballanchine, Tamara Geva Ballet, Asturian Fandango n/a 1903-1997
Danilova Marie St. Petersburg, Russia n/a Charles Didelot Ballet n/a 1793-1810
Decombe Albert Francois France n/a n/a Ballet, Choreographer n/a 1787-1865
De Valois Ninette Wicklow, Ireland Founded UK Royal Ballet Debut 1914 Ballet n/a 1898-2001
DeMille Agnes NYC Rodeo, Oklahoma, Seven Brides, (Niece of Cecil B. DeMille) Ballet Walter Prude 9/18/1905-10/6/1993
Diaghileff Serge Pavlovich (Novgorod) Perm, Russia Ballet Master Pavlova, Karsavina Ballet n/a 3/31/1872-8/19/1929
Didelot Charles Ludwig Stockholm  changed the ballet  Madeleine Guinard Ballet, Mime n/a 1767-1837
Dimitriew Vladimar     Swan Lake [1933] n/a Ballet n/a C.1930's
Dolin (Healey-Kay) Anton (Sydney Francis Patrick Chippendall) Slinfold Sussex, England Markova-Dolin Ballet, Make Mine Music, Swan Lake, Geselle etc. Tamara Karsavina, Nemtchinova, Irina Baronova, Alicia Markova, Alicia Alonso, Ballet n/a 1904-11/25/1983
Dollar William Henry E. St. Louis The Duel, Musicals Melissa Hayden Ballet, Ballroom, Folk n/a 4/20/1907-2/28/1986
Domenichino Of Piacenza France? Dance Master n/a Court, n/a C.1400s
Dudley Jane USA n/a Sophie Maslow, William Bales Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Interpretive, Breakdown n/a 1912-9/19/2001
Dumilatre Adele France Giselle, Corsair Henri Desplaces. Sister to Sophie Dumilatre Ballet n/a 1821-1909
Duncan Isadora (Dora Angelena) San Francisco n/a n/a Ballet, Mime Sergi Yesenem 5/27/1878-1927
Dunham Katherine Chicago, Ill Martinique Ballet n/a Ballet, "Negro Dances," Vernacular Dances, African American Dance n/a B.1914-
Dupré Louis France? n/a n/a Ballet n/a 1697-1774
Eckl Shirley Pittsburgh, PA 3 Virgins & A Devil n/a Ballet n/a B.1923-
Eglevsky André Moscow Scuola Di Balla Pavlova Ballet Leda Anchutina B.1917-
Ellis Roy n/a The Sea Nymph Teddy Walters Ballet n/a 1928
Enters Angna NYC Lost Angel n/a Ballet, Mime, Greek n/a B.1907-
Elssler Fanny (Franziska) Vienna La Reception d'une Jeune... Theresa-Sister Ballet, Cachucha, Tarentelle, Cracoviene Prince Leopold of Salermo, Anton Stuhlmuller 6/23/1810-11/27/1884
Elssler Theresa Vienna (sometimes spelt Essler) Fanny-Sister En-Travesti- Ballet n/a 1808-1878
Fadicheva Kaleria n/a n/a n/a Ballet n/a 7/20/1936-9/13/1994
Fedorova Alexandria Russia Maryinsky Theater, Moved to USA n/a Ballet Married Alexander Fokine, mother of Leon Fokine B.1884-
Fedorova II Sophie Moscow? Moscow Imperial Theater Pavlova Company Ballet n/a 1879-1963
Ferraris Amalia Italy n/a Grisi and Taglioni Ballet n/a 1830-1904
Ferren Nellie England? Gaiety Theater n/a Skirt Dancer n/a n/a
Feuillet Raul Auger France? Choreographer (Like Laban) n/a Ballet, Dance n/a 1650-1709
Fiocre Eugenie n/a 1870 - Coppelia n/a Ballet Louise 1845-1908
Fiocre Louise n/a n/a n/a Ballet Eugenie C.1860s
Fioretti "Mesdames" Italy? n/a n/a Ballet M: Fiocre? C.1700s?
Fokine Michel St. Petersburg, Russia Daphnes, Chloe Fokina Ballet M: Vera Fokina 4/26/1880-8/22/1942
Fokina(Antonova) Vera Russia  Carnival, Scheherazade Fokine Ballet M: Michel Fokine B.1886-
Fonteyn Margot Britain Le Baiser de la fée, Swan Lake etc. Real Name: Margaret Hookman. Michael Somes, Rudolf Nureyev Ballet n/a 1919-1991
Fosse Bob n/a Choreographer, dancer n/a Jazz, Ballet n/a 1927-1987
Franklin Frederic Liverpool, Merseyside, England Musicals, Ballets Lancashire Lads, Wendy Toye Ballet, Ballroom n/a B.1914-
Fuller Loie, (Marie Louise) Fullersburg, Ill. Paris Expo-1900 n/a Ballroom, Scarf, Fire, Serpentine n/a 1862-1/2/1928
Gamucci Augusto n/a Teatro Colin - Buenos Aires. Bellezze A Capri [1951], Il Danzatore n/a Opera Dancer n/a C.1949
Gardel Maximilien France? Invented Rond de Jambe n/a Ballet Master n/a 1741-1787
Gardel Pierre France Brother of Max n/a Ballet M: Mlle. Miller 1758-1840
Gatti Rosina NY? MET, Phantom of the Opera [1943] Started as a Child Ballerina Ballet ???? Gatti-Casazza ?1930's?
Gautier Théophile Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées) (Son: Théophile Gautier (1836-1904) Emaux et Camées [1852], la Péri [1843], Giselle Writer, Jouranlist, Dance Critic and Poet M: Ernesta Grisi 8/31/1811-10/23/1872
Geltzer Yekaterina Russia? Ballet Russe, Toa-Toa / Red Poppy n/a Ballet n/a 1876-1962
Genee Adeline Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark High Jinks, Camargo n/a Ballet n/a B.1878-
Gentry Eve Los Angeles Royal Academy Of Dancing Real Name: Henrietta Greenwood Ballet, Modern n/a B.1920's?
Gerdt Paul Russia Imperial n/a Adagio, Mime n/a 1844-1917
Geva(Gevergeva) Tamara Petrograd Ziegfeld-Whoopie Ballanchine, Danilova, Bolger Ballet M: John Emery B.1908-1997
Gollner Nana B.Texas Nut Cracker, Medusa, Pas de Quatre n/a Ballet M: Paul Petroff 1920-1980
Gorham Kathleen Narrandera, New South Wales n/a Aka: Ann Somers Ballet M: Robert Pomie 1932-1983
Gorsky Alexander Russia Sleeping Beauty n/a Father to Karsavina M: Platon Karsavin 1871-1924
Grahn Lucille Copenhagen Cope Royal Thtr. Eoline Taglioni, Grisi, Cerrito Ballet n/a 1821-1907
Graham Martha Pennsylvania Xochital Ted Shawn Ballet, Modern, n/a 1894-1991
Grigorieva Tamara Russia Aft. of The Faun David Lichine n/a n/a C.1940's
Grimaldi Joseph England Mother Goose, Sadler wells, Drury Lane Had son of same name who died in 1863 Mime, Clown n/a 1779-1837
Grisi Carlotta Milan, Italy Giselle, La Peri, La Esmeralda, Paquita n/a Ballet, Polka M: Jules Perrot 1819-1899
Guimard Madeleine Paris, France Temple Of Terpiscore n/a Ballet, Mime M: Despreaus [1789] 1743-1816
Guglielmo Ebreo Italy Dance Master Aka: William the Jew of Pesaro Court, Ballet n/a B. before 1440
Haokon Paul Denmark Musicals, Pavlova, Fokine, Bowman Ballet n/a B.1914-
Hayden (Herman) Melissa (Mildred) Canada Radio City MH, The Duel William Dollar, John Kriza Ballet n/a B.1923-
Heberlé Teresa Austria Paris Opera, England Opera Ferdinand Albert Ballet, Adagio n/a 1806-1840
Heinel Anne Germany? Introduced Multiple Pirouette n/a Ballet, Chorographer M: Gaetan Vestris 1753-1808
Helpmann "Sir" Robert Mount Gambier, No. Australia 1942-Hamlet, Sleeping Beauty, Tales of Hoffmann [1951], The Red Shoe [1948], Chitty Chitty Bang-bang Margot Fonteyn, Ballet n/a 4/9/1909-9/28/1986
Hightower Rosella Ardmore, OK. Visions, Giselle, Apollo Leonide Massine Ballet, Gypsy, Waltz n/a B.1920-
Hobi Frank Aberdeen, WA. Cirque de Deux Ruthanna Boris Ballet n/a B.1921-
Holm (Eckert) Hanya (Johanna) Worms, GR. 1948 - Kiss Me Kate Mary Wigman Modern, Ballet n/a 1893-1992
Humphrey Doris Oak Park, Illinois Americana Charles Wedman, Ruth St. Denis, Limon Ballroom, Clog, Folk, Esthetic, Ballet, Modern M: Charles Weidman 1895-1958
Hutin Francisque n/a Park Theater Introduced new French Style to US Traditional Classic Ballet n/a C.1820s
Idzikowski Stanislas n/a (shown on Pathe Newsreel 3/18/1957) Teacher to Pavlova and Nijinsky Ballet n/a 19??
Istomina Avdotia St. Petersburg Imperial School of Ballet (Duels were fought over her) Ballet n/a 1799-1848
Jasinski (Czeslaw) Roman Warsaw, Poland Ballet Russe Monte Carlo n/a Ballet M: Moussia Larkina B.1912-
Jeanmarie Renée Paris, France Carmen, Marquee de Cuevas Ball n/a Ballet n/a C.1950s
Joffrey Robert Seattle,WA. Joffrey Ballet 1965 Aka: Abdullah Jaffa Anver Bey Kahn Ballet n/a 1930-1988
Joos Kurt Württemberg, Germany Ballets Joos Anna Markard - daughter Ballet, Choreo n/a B.1901-1979
Junger Esther NYC Parade, Life begins 8:40 n/a Ballet, Modern, Contempory n/a C.1930s
Karsavina Tamara St. Petersburg, Russia Maryinsky Theater Father: Alexander Gorsky, Plato Karsavin Ballet M: Vasily moukhin, Henry Bruce 3/9/1885-5/26/1978
Kavan Albia n/a Yankee Clipper Eugene Loring Ballet n/a C.1930s
Kaye Nora NYC Radio City MH, Pillar Of Fire Real Name: Nora Koreff Ballet, Waltz n/a B.1920-
Kidd Michael NYC On Stage, Billy the Kid, Finians Rainbow Petroucka, Angot Ballet M: Mary Heater B.1919-
Kirstein Lincoln Rochester, N.Y. Founded American School of Ballet George Balanchine Ballet n/a 1907-1996
Kitchell Iva Junction City, KA Radio City MH n/a Ballet, Mime n/a C.1940s
Koesun Ruth Ann n/a Aurora n/a Ballet n/a C.1940s
Kriza John n/a Fancy Free Melissa Hayden Ballet n/a C.1940s
L' Abbe Anthony Paris? Dance Master n/a Ballet n/a 1680-1737
"La Barberina" Barberina Campanini Parma, Italy Acade'mie Royale Rinaldi Fossano Ballet M: Lord Stuart McKenzie, Carlo Cocceii 1721-6/7/1799
La Fontaine Mlle. n/a 1681-La Triomphe de l' Amour 1st female dancer in Academie Royale & Paris Opera Ballet n/a 1665-1738
Laing Hugh Barbados, W.Indies Ballet Theater n/a Ballet n/a B.1911-
Lamoureux Louise Italy? Faust Fanny Essler, Ronzoni Troupe, Signor Barrati, Hannah Gale, Santolini Ballet, Lamoureux Galop, Polka, Bohemme, Mazurka n/a C.1848
Lande Jean Baptiste France Formed 1st Russian Ballet Co., Imperial Theatre School in St. Petersburg n/a Ballet dancer and maitre de ballet n/a C.1730's
Larkina (Larkin) Moussia (Moscelyne) Miami, Oklahoma Ballet Russe Monte Carlo n/a n/a M: Roman Jasinsky B.1925-
Laskey Charles Monclair, NJ Oklahoma, On Your Toes Vera Zorina Ballet n/a B.1911-
Le Clercq Tanaquil Paris The Minotaur, Moncion Ballet n/a B.1929-
Leclair Jean-Marie (The Elder) Lyons Dancer * Composer Lyons Opera Ballet Master Bro: Jean-Marie-1703-77 1697-1784
Legat Nicholas (Nicoli) St. Petersburg, Russia Great dancer & Teacher Son of Gustav Legat, Father to Sergi Ballet M: Nadine Nicolaeva 1869-1937
Legat Sergi Russia? Choreog. Son of Nicoli Ballet M: Maria Petipa 1875-1908
Le Picq Charles Paris? Paris Opera Louis XIV Ballet n/a n/a
LeRoux Adele Louise Pauline France n/a n/a Ballet n/a 1809-1891
Lichine (Lichtenstein) David Rosto-On- Don, Russia Afternoon of a Faun, Unfinished Dance, Pavlova Co., Nijinska's Co. Tamara Grigorieva Ballet M: Tatiana Riabouchinska 1910-1972
Lifar Serge Russia n/a n/a Ballet n/a 1905-1986
Littlefield Dorothie & Carl Philidelphia, Penn. Worlds Fair, Icetime, Barn Dance Danced with each other, Sister Catherine Ballet n/a C.1940s
Livry Emma France Died by fire implications (aka: Emma Emarlot) Ballet n/a 1842-1863
Lorraine Christine n/a n/a n/a Ballerina n/a C.1920s
Loring (Kerpestein) Eugene (LeRoy) Milwaukee, WI Yankee Clipper, Jinx Albia Kavan Ballet n/a B.1914-
Lully Jean- Baptiste Arno, Italy Aka: Giovanni Battista Lulli Louis XIV, Beauchamp Ballet, Mime n/a 1632-1687
Mahoney Arthur n/a Thalia Mara n/a Ballet n/a C.1930s?
Massine Leonide Moscow n/a Rosella Hightower, Patricia Bowman n/a n/a 1895-1979
Mara Thalia n/a Arthur Mahoney n/a Ballet n/a 1930s?
Markova Alicia England Make Mine Music, Your Show Of Shows-10/24/1953 Anton Dolan. Real Name: Lilian Alicia Marks Ballet n/a 1910-2004
Maziller Joseph France n/a n/a Ballet n/a 1801-1862
Meri (Hughes) La (Russell Meriweather) Louisville, KY Founded School of Natya n/a Ethnolical Dancer, Spanish n/a n/a
Moncion Francisco n/a Triumph of Bacchus Le Clercq, Ballet n/a C.1940s
Montessu     France n/a n/a     n/a 1805-1877
Mordkin (Mikhail) Mikhailovitch Moscow, Russia Mordkin Ballet, Imperial School Anna Pavlova, Ballet M: Bronislava Pojitskaya 1881-7/15/1944
Morlacchi n/a n/a Theater Comique-Boston Morlacchi Ballet Troupe Ballet, Polka, Grecian, Can-Can, Tarentells n/a C.1850s
Moylon Mary Ellen n/a Scheherazade n/a Ballet n/a n/a
Mumaw Barton Hazelton, PA. Ted Shawn Co. n/a Ballet, Modern n/a B.1912-
Nemtchinova Vera Moscoa Anton Dolan, Paul Petroff n/a Ballet, Mazurka, Can-Can n/a C.1930s
Nijinska Bronislava Warsaw n/a n/a Choreo, Teacher Sister to Vaslav 1891-1972
Nijinsky Thomas Russia? n/a n/a Character Dancer Father of Bronislava & Vaslav n/a
Nijinsky Vaslav Ukraine Maryinsky Thater Tamar Karsavina, Diaghileff Co. Ballet M: Romola de Pulszky 1890-1950
Novacs Nora Hungary? Roland Petits ballet Istvan Rabovsky Ballet n/a C.1950s
Novak Nina     The Mute Wife n/a Ballet n/a n/a
Noverre Jean Georges Paris, France Royal Theater Marie Anoinette Ballet n/a 1727-1809
Nureyev Rudolf Russia? n/a Margot Fonteyn, Lupe Serrano Ballet n/a 1938-1993
Page Ruth Indianpolis, Ind. Ballet Scafolding n/a Ballet M: Thomas Hart Fisher C.1930s
Panaieff Michael Novgorod, Russia In Our Time, Rhapsody In Blue, Mission To Toumanova, Baranova, Danilova Ballet, Choreography n/a B.1913-
Pavlova Anna St. Petersburg Swan Lake, Mordkin, Kossloff Ballet, Gavotte M: Victor Dandre 1881-1931
Pécourt Louis Guillayme France Caumus Lully, Beauchamp, Louis XIV Ballet n/a 1655-1729
Perrot Jules France Giselle Marie Taglioni, Marie Elssler, Carlotta Grisi Ballet, Pantomime M: Carlotta Grisi, Capitoline Samovskaya 1810-1892
Petipa Jean Antoine Paris Russian Imperial Ballet Teacher Fanny Elssler, Ballet n/a 1796-1855
Petipa Lucien France Russian Imperial Theater Son of Jean Ballet, Mime n/a 1815-1900
Petipa Marius Marseilles, France Paquita, Blue Dahlia, Paris Opera Fanny Essler, Son of Jean  Father of Classic Ballet, Spanish M: Maria Sourovschikova 1818-1910
Petit Roland Paris Ballets de Paris n/a Ballet n/a B.1924-
Perrot Jules Joseph Lyon Esmeralda, Giselle Auguste Vestris, Marie Taglioni Mime, Ballet, Clown M: Carlotta Grisi 6/1810-1892
Petroff (Peterson) Paul Denmark Folies Beregere n/a Ballet, Contemporary M: Nana Gollner C.1930s
Popova Nina Novorossiysk, Russia Graduation Ball, Gaite Parisieanne, Merry Widow Vassileff, Vilzak Ballet, Competion, Can-Can M: Nicholas Orloff B.1922-
Preobrajenska Olga St. Petersburg, Russia Maryinsky Theater, Coppélia n/a Ballet n/a 1/21/1871-12/27/1962
Prévost Francoise France? Retired in 1730 Blondy Mime, Ballet n/a 1680-1741
Primus Pearl Trinadad Showboat, n/a Ballet n/a C.1940s
Rambert (Rambam) Marie, Dame (Cyvia) Warsaw Ballet Russe, Marie Rambert Dancers n/a Ballet, Modern n/a 1888-1982
Rameau Georges Paris Dance Master (Pierre's Father) Ballet, Gavotte etc. n/a C.1700s
Rameau Jean Phillipe France Composer n/a Ballet n/a 1683-1764
Rameau Pierre France The Dancing Master n/a Ballet M: Elizibeth La Haye B.1725-
Rassine Alexis Lithuania Bluebird n/a Ballet n/a C.1930s
Reed Janet Tolo, Oregon Pas De Deux Romanti Herbert Bliss Ballet, Waltz M: Branson Erkstine C.1940s
Riabouchinska Tatiana Moscow "a Baby Ballerina." Le Coq d'or, Covent Garden Roman Jasinsky, David Lichine Ballet M: David Lichine 1917-2000
Riccobini Valetin Italy Versailles La Barberina Ballet n/a C.1740s
Robbins Jerome New York City Stars In Your Eyes, On The Town, Fancy Free Eugene Loring, Daganova Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom n/a B.1918-1998
Romanova (Makarova) Nataliya St. Petersburg, RU Kirov & Royal Ballet n/a Classical Ballet n/a B.1940-
Rosati Carolina Italy Gise Balletlle, Esmeralda n/a Ballet n/a B.1827-
Rostova Lubov     Cotillion n/a Ballet n/a C.1930s
Sadler Donald Van Nuys, CA. Int'l Casino Show, U.S.O. Esther Junger Ballet n/a B.1920
Saint-Leon Arthur Michel (Charles Victor) France Imperial Theater (some say born in 1821?) Ballet, Choreo, Musician M: Fanny Cerito 1815-1870
Sallé Marie Paris, France St. Laurents fair, Apolllon, Daphne David Dumoulin, Brother, Prevost Ballet n/a 1707-1756
Scott Margaret Joahnnesburg, South Africa Sadler Wells, Rambert Co. n/a Ballet n/a B.1922-
Serral n/a n/a n/a Mons. Camprubi Bolero, Ballet  n/a C.1834
Shabelevski Yurek n/a n/a n/a Ballet n/a C.1930s
Shawn Ted Kansas City, Missouri Dance of Ages, Jacobs Pillow Norma Gould, Ruth St. Denis Ballet, Modern, Ethnologic, Orienta L, Hindu M: Ruth St. Denis 8/13/1914 10/21/1891-1972
Skibane George Yasnaya, Russia Grand Ballet de Monte Carlo Blum, Diaghileff, Markova Ballet M: Marjorie Tallchief B.1920-
Slavenska (Corak) Mia Yugoslavia La Mort du Cygne Gertrud Kraus, Weiss, Von Weiden Ballet, Modern, M: Kurt Neumann C.1930s
Sproule Ann & Judith n/a Dawn (Stills) n/a Ballet n/a C.1920s
St. Leon Arthur (Charles Victor) Paris, France Le Lutin de la Vallee, 1870- Coppelia n/a Ballet M: Fanny Cerrito 1821-1871
Subligny Marie Therese de Italy? n/a n/a Court n/a 1666-1736
Subra Mlle. Italy? Le Fandango n/a Ballet n/a 1877
Svetlova Marina n/a The MET. n/a Ballet n/a 1940's
Taglioni Anna France? (See Taglioni Index for all Taglioni's) Real Name: Anna Amalie Galster Ballet M: Paul Taglioni 1808-1881
Taglioni Marie Stockholm, Sweden Pas De Quatre (See Taglioni Index for all Taglioni's) Ballet, Waltz, Mazurka, La Gitan, M: Comte de Voisins 1804-1884
Taglioni Marie Paul Germany n/a (See Taglioni Index for all Taglioni's) Ballet M: Prince Windisch 10/27/1833 - 8/27/1891
Taglioni Paul Italy Coralia, Thea (Brother of Marie) Ballet M: Amelia 1808-1884
Taglioni Phillippe Italy La Sylphide (See Taglioni Index for all Taglioni's) Ballet Father of Marie 1778-1871
Tallchief Maria (Betty Marie) Fairfax, OK. Symphony in C, de Cuevas dancer Moncion, Belcher, Ballanchine Ballet, M: George Balanchine 1/24/1925-
Tallchief Marjorie Fairfax, OK. Ballet Theater, Lichine, Nijinska Ballet M: George Skibine, B.1927-
Theilade Nini Java Mid Summer Nights Dream n/a Ballet, Bacchanale n/a B.1915-
Toumanova Tamara Russia Days Of Glory L. Massine, Gene Kelly, J.Starbuck Ballet, Spanish, Ballroom, Jazz M: Casey Robinson B.1919-
Tudor Anthony London, Eng. Hollywood Pinafore, Day before Spring n/a Ballet n/a 1908-1987
Van Praagh Peggy London Teacher, Choreo, Austrailian Ballet n/a Ballet n/a 9/1/1910-
Vestris Armand Paris? n/a Son to Augustus Ballet M: Lucia Elizibeth Bartolozzi 1787-1825
Vestris Charles n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Vestris, SR. Gaetan Apollino Baldassare Florence, Italy (said to have invented the Pirouette) Louis XIV, Adelaide Simonet, Giovanna Bicelli, ( Father to Marie-Agustus) Ballet, Mime M: Anne Heinel, Marie Allard- (Mistress) 1729-1808
Vestris Lucia Elizabeth n/a In One Hour, The Carnival Ball n/a Actress n/a 1797-1856
Vestris Marie Augustus Paris Aka: Vestr'Allard Cinquintine ( Son to G. Vestris) Ballet, Chaconne M: Anne Catherine Augier 1760-1842
Vestris Marie Jean Agustin n/a [?Maybe managed the Royal Thaetre at Covent Garden (1841) and Lyceum, but was probably a different Vestris?.] Mother of Vestris's Sr. Ballet n/a n/a
Vestris Thèrése Italy? n/a Sister of Gaetan Ballet Mistress to Jean Lany C.1700s
Vigano Salvatore Naples Otello, La Vestalle n/a Ballet, Spanish M: Maria Medina 1769-1821
Walters Teddy n/a The Sea Nymph Roy Ellis Adagio n/a 1928
Weaver John Paris? Dance Master n/a Ballet, Gavotte n/a 1673-1760
Weidman Charles Edward, Jr Lincoln, NB. As Thousand Cheer, Americana Doris Humphrey Ballet, Ballroom n/a 1901-1975
Woicikowsky Leon n/a La Concurrence n/a Ballet n/a 1930's
Youskevitch Igor n/a Black Swan n/a Ballet n/a n/a
Zorina Vera n/a n/a n/a Ballet M: Balanchine  1940's
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