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Main starting point for our 'Dancers section' of this website ... Click on the above 'Alpha Letter'

Click on the letter above that best describes the LAST NAME of the dancer your searching for and if not on the list, Then try any "Nick-names", and finally try searching for the names next (see green arrow above-Right). Also try different variations on the spelling or other terms known about them/it.

There are over 1000 dancers listed and as time permits I am always adding more information. (some of this info is reported to me by the actual person or family members.) I am sharing this information with all, so use what you want, agree, disagree, whatever, but here it is.

Adding/Correcting Information:

If you can add any information not listed here, please help me and other Dancers, Choreographers, Students, Historians etc., who may be searching for that very information you have, e-mail it to me ... Please!. I will add your name and/or e-mail or your back link to that page if you wish. If you e-mail me with a question and I have the answer available I will e-mail you back, no response means I don't have your answer available at the moment (yes I do answer many of them.) However your email does not just get deleted so if anything comes up on your question in the future, I'll get in touch about it.


We are pleased if you find any information on these pages helpful, as that is what it is here for. But if you want to 're-publish' or 're-write it' (meaning anything higher than 20 words or numbers) by any means, electronic or otherwise, requires a credit ..."by" and a "do-follow link back" to the original Streetswing source page you used (Legitimate academic Schools, College's and Universities do not need to do this, but appreciated.) Your duplicate/similar/copied content will be SEO and PR lowered by Google's Googlebot as duplicate content unless linked to original source! (yes the bot's do check publish dates, etc. and if not, we can the Bot's to you.) Hot-linking is not allowed, but don't worry I can block your hot-linking thru my server if need be. All content on this site is protected by copyright ©1985-2013 and/or other copyright holders (if known, yes, we link/credit back) and permission may need to be granted from them as well. Thank-You! (PS: I do not give permission on non-streetswing-owned images, videos or supply higher resolutions copies)!

As in most history/herstory projects, Information is not deemed to be factual/ accurate, even if cited as History can (and does) change at any time, or what people want to believe to be true, so use at your own risk.

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