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248 Mill Street. (between Welsh Street and Neal Street)



Grass Valley Nevada




Lola Montez c.1853 1857 ?

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1) Lola Montez House (photo #1 of 4)
2) Lola Montez House (photo #1 of 4)
3) Lola Montez House (photo #1 of 4)
    This is the house Lola Montez lived in while in Nevada. Montez moved to Grass Valley in 1853 and purchased the building for her home (formerly a Miner's Mill, then School House,) this is the only home she ever owned. In subsequent years, the building was remodeled and by 1975, it was condemned. The current building at this address is a replica. It is considered a Nevada Historical Landmark (NO. 292.) Lotta Crabtree lived up the street (at 238 Mill Street.)
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the Lola Montez House
Lola Montez House

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