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Crystal Starr

Photo of Burlesque Dancer: Crystal Starr

Crystal Starr
aka: The Devil's Daughter. B-Girl Rhapsody

Vintage Hottie and Burlesque Bump and Grind Dancer, Stripper Black and White photo
with Crystal sitting on a sma table stand. Wearing a black Hat and gloves, Fish Nets and Medium Heels
and what appears to be a Maids outfit holding a fan.

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Dancer Specifics
USA DOB: DOD: ?? ?? ?? Blonde Caucasian



Photographers of many of these ecdysiast pictures here are: Irving Klaw, Bruno of Hollywood, James Kollan, Groucho, Maurice Seymour and Gene Lacerne, Reutlinger etc. Some of the other pics are unnamed or unknown photographs. If you know the name of the photographer I will be glad to know and list it.

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