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Vintage Burlesque Dance Star: "Bunny Ware"

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Bunny Ware Burlesque dancer photo

Bunny Ware

Performed and arrested six times at the Stardust Club in St. Louis for lewd acts and by the end of 2 weeks upto 13 times. Each time they arrested they confiscated her costume and she had to make another for her next show. She filed suit agianst the city PD to try to prevent them from taking the costumes ... don't know how that turned out but they soon dropped all charges. Also worked at the 'Chez Paree' in Denver.


Miss Ware is seen here in a ...hmmm, kinda sorta Burlesque Bedtime costume in white. Very interesting but dang, very stiking visually.

  • Real Name: Joanne "Bunny" Ware
  • Birth date: n/a
  • Birth place: USA?
  • Married: n/a
  • Films: 1967: Mundo Depravados; World Of The Depraved

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