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Vintage Burlesque dancer "Ann Arbor" Photo 1

Ann Arbor

Photo of vintage Burlesque star "Ann "Bang-Bang" Arbor". Billed: Ann Arbor: the Bang-Bang Girl, "The Million Dollar Legs, The Gall with the Million Dollar Figure". Performed in the Sunny Honey's revue. Was originally a dancer in the Alexis Kosloff Ballet troupe. Her name was taken after the Michigan City.

Miss Arbor is show in this promo with curly hair, jewelery and Fingerless Opera Gloves and a beauty mark. Performed at the Hudson Theatre, Empire, Town Hall, Park Theatre, Minsky Theatres and Victory Burlesk Clubs.

  • Real Name: n/a
  • Birth date: n/a
  • Birth place: Detroit, Michigan USA?
  • Married: n/a

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