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Dance History Archives -- Vintage Burlesque Dance Star: "Alouette Leblanc"

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Vintage Burlesque dancer "Alouette Leblanc"

Alouette Leblanc

Photo of vintage Burlesque star "Alouette Leblanc" ... aka: ' The Tassel Twirler'.  Her act consisted of tassels on her breasts and buttocks going in different directions at same time as she circled round the floor. Danced on Bourbon street for most of her career. Upon retiring from the stage she stayed active in the Burlesque community as a choreographer and seamstress until her death.

In this promo shot, Alouette is wearing a tassel satin bra and shoulder height Black Opera Gloves. Appeared in Naughty New Orleans (1954). Alouette passed away on March 18th, 2009 in Charleston S.C.

  • Real Name: Ruth Corwin
  • Birth date: 1929-2009
  • Birth place: USA?
  • Married: N/A

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