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Rose La Rose

Stage Name

Real Name

"Rose La Rose"

Rosina DePella

"the Queen of Burlesque"

      Rose got her start while working for Mr. Minsky as a private secretary and Bookkeeper at the age of 16. When Minsky's top Stripper walked out on him, she took over and that's all she wrote. She is said to have had her mother Jennie (Mother DePella) tour with her for over 18 years. Was known as "the Queen of Burlesk" and "Tops in any League."

    A typical Rose la Rose act would be her singing of a song called "Who Will Kiss My Oo La La?" & she'd dance, frequently slapping her "Oo la la" fanny. She also produced a full two hour show called "Rose La Rose and her Sophisticated Rose Buds" in 1955. It was rumored that she was an avid hunter and even killed a bear, but probably was more for publicity.

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   She registered two of her performances with the Billboard Protection Bureau entitled 'Boudoir Sensation' and 'Park Bench Fantasy' in 1950.

She was the first burlesque performer to earn $2,000 per week. Walter Winchell even said she was the highest paid Stripper in the America. Rose was a savvy Business woman as well, owning a chain of Burlesque Theaters, namely "the Town Hall" Burlesque Theatre and "the Esquire Theaters" in Toledo, Ohio. Rose also is credited for bringing about the final death-blow to live burlesque performances.

    The burlesque houses she owned (Toledo) were the first to switch entirely to "nudie cutie" feature films, so that she no longer had to deal with the egos of burlesque queens or comics & often drunken musicians & stage hands. It was a matter of months, after her switch-over before other burlesque theaters across the country began making the switch, being already set up to show films between live acts, so having no new monetary investment requirements, it was quite easy to end the live portion of the daily entertainments.

Birth Place

Birth Date



New York City, NY.1913-7/27/1972yes, was marriedn/a

Dance Types


Music Titles

Erotic 1938 - Wages of Sin [1] Have I Gone Too Far (and stayed away too long)
Striptease Queen of Burlesque Lobby Card [1] Monotonous (New Faces parody)
Tap Dance   Who Will Kiss My Oo La La?

Night Clubs



  Alvin Theatre (MI.)Bachelor's Women
Minsky's Esquire Theatre (Ohio) Too Many Sarongs
Tecolote, El (The Owl) (Mexicali, Mexico) Folly Theatre (Kansas City, MO.)  
Town Hall (Ohio) Minsky's Maryland Theatre  
  Old Howard Theatre, the (Boston, MA. 1950)  
  Park Burlesque Theatre  
  Rialto Theatre  

Video Clips (pop-up)



Video Clip not available at this time1938 - Wages Of Sin (There's a 1956 version also)n/a
Video Clip not available at this time1946 - Queen of Burlesque [DVD] 
Video Clip not available at this time2004 - Striptease: The Greatest Exotic Dancers of All Time [DVD] 
Video Clip not available at this time2010 - Behind the Burly-Q [DVD]


Video Clip not available at this timeTops in any League (Short)12/1952 - Cavalcade of Burlesque (Cover)
Video Clip not available at this time  
Video Clip not available at this time  

Various Rose la Rose Photo's
Burlesque stripper - Rose La Rose photo Burlesque stripper - Rose La Rose photo Burlesque stripper - Rose La Rose photo Burlesque stripper - Rose La Rose photo Burlesque stripper - Rose La Rose photo
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