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     Many of these dancers danced on the Vaudeville stage when Vaudeville's history was transforming into Burlesque, as well as dancing in many regular nightclubs which had fabulous stage shows featuring the talent and many times the skin of these famous Hoochy Coochy dancers. Some fabulous dancers found the easy money and cheap fame of the risque side of burlesque very appealing with many changing the way we think, dress and act today.

     In the glory days of Burlesque, shows were filled with hilarious comedians, witty sketches, beautiful chorus girls and costumes, Dancers and... the Strip tease. Some of this might be old but you'll enjoy the (visual) history of these amazing performers of Burlesk. We are mainly talking the Vegas Showgirl, Burlesque and theatre type, not the sleaze strip joints one may think of when thinking of Burlesque today (many dancers are listed here however). Many of these dancers/ Strippers of yesteryear are honored here.

     Note: This page may not be suitable for minors as some photos are on the risque side(no full frontal nudity_or_porn here but there are some topless photos), so caution is advised, you may want to child block these pages (histburl).

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Pic Adams Anita USA Girls, Girls, Girls Strip c.1950s
Pic Alexander Rita USA - Stripper c.1950's
Pic Allabazi Countess -

aka: The Old Roumanian

Exotic, Sultry c.1940s
Pic Allen Ruth USA - - c.1940s
Pic Aloma Princess - n/a - c.1940s
Pic Alonso Chelo Cuba Real Name: Isabel Garcia, aka: The Cuban H-Bomb, 36-21-36. Burlesque, Movies b.1937
Pic Amazons Glamorous USA 1959 - Naughty New York, Dance Group Soft Shoe, Strip c.1950s
Pic Ample Annie USA Real Name: Edith Holtzman, $ Auto bio aka: San Diego Annie,42-24-36 Stripper, b.1960
Pic Ann Marie USA n/a - c.1940s
Pic Ann Smokey Shy - n/a - c.1960s
Pic Andre' Rene USA 1979 - Dracula Sucks - c.1970s
Pic Aquilar Amalia Cuba, Peru, Mexico, USA aka: "Rhumba Amalia". Latin Quarter, Trocadero (Not a stripper) Burlesque, Nightclub & Movie Latin, Rumba c.1940s
Pic Arbor Ann - aka: Ann "Bang Bang" Arbor billed as "her Million Dollar Figure", Minsky's, Rialto - 1950s?
Pic Ates Nejla Turkey

aka: The Exquisite Turkish Delight.

Belly Dance, Cabaret 1933-1965
Pic Atlanta Rita Germany aka: Original "Champagne Girl" Grindhouse Follies Volume #21, Bed of Violence. M: John Bain Belly Dancer, Stripper c.1950s
Pic Badalian Lillian USA Spanish Type Spanish, Burlesque c.1930s
Pic Baker Joséphine St. Louis, MO Real Name: Freda McDonald Carson, aka: Black Venus, Black Pearl, Creole Goddess. Various, Topless, Burlesque, Actress 6/3/1906-4/12/1975
Pic Bambi - USA - Burlesque c1940s
Pic Bara Theda - - Actress, Burlesque 7/29/1885-4/7/1955
Pic Barr Candy Edna, TX Real Name: Juanita Slusher, El aka: Carol Barr, 37-22-33, Rancho, Vegas, Burlesque, Showgirl 7/6/1935-
Pic Beech Barbara USA n/a Burlesque c.1940s
Pic Bell Ronnie USA

aka: Miss Twin Liberty Bells

Burlesque -
Pic Bell Virginia Montrose, CA. aka: "Ding-Dong" Bell, 5'2"- 48-24-36 Strip B.1932
Pic Bertica - - 1940s - I'm To Speak English Risque c.1940s
Pic Bey Roubea - Grindhouse Follies #27 Risque, Slave, Arab Dance c.1940s
Pic Blondell Mae USA ABC's of Love, Baghdad after Midnight, Buxom Beautease, Grindhouse FolliesFRS Stripper c.1950s
Pic Bonnamy Bon USA - - -
Pic Body Irma The Prospect Park, NJ.

Real Name: Mary Elizabeth Good neighbor

Stripper c.1950s
Pic Bond Peggy - Headliner Park Burlesque Theatre. aka: Miss Dynamite Burlesque, Stripper c.1940s
Pic Booth Lally USA Ernie's - Greenwich Village Rumba c.1940s
Pic Boyia Bonnie USA Real Name: Bonnie G. Boyer, aka: Bonnie Boya. Burlesque, Stripper b.1923
Pic Brigett Linda Winnsboro, Louisiana Real Name: Georgia Lambert, aka: the Cupid Doll, Burlesque, Stripper 1939-4/9/2004
Clip Britton Ginger - also in 'Souls In Pawn' (1940) Burlesque, Stripper 1840's
Pic Britton Sherry New Brunswick, NJ Real Name: Edith Britton, aka: The Sweetheart of 52nd Street. Burlesque, Stripper b.7/24/1924
Pic Brosemer Betty Pasadena, CA. 38-18-35, M: Joe Wieder Burlesque b.8/2/1935
Pic Brown Billie Jeanne USA $ Auto bio Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Brown Donna "Busty" USA aka: Lusty Busty Brown
Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Brown Mae n/a - - -
Pic Bryan Julie USA Sexy Dancer Burlesque c.1940s
Pic Bubbles Darlene USA Real Name: Virginia Lachinia, aka: Vikina, Sheri Darlene. Mambo, Burlesque, Stripper c.1940s
Pic Burns Boots USA 606 Club Dancer Burlesque c.1939
Pic Cairns Lillian USA Showgirl Burlesque Showgirl c.1930s
Pic Carina Gina USA n/a Devil Dance c.1934
Pic Carmela - -

aka: Carmila, Carmela the Torrid Twister

Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Carmen Jeannie Paragould, AR

aka: The Queen of B Movies

Actress, Stripper -
Pic Cassidy "Cup Cake" - - - c.1950s?
Pic Chandler Rene -

aka: Champagne of Burlesque

Burlesque, Stripper 1970s
Pic Charda Nita USA - - c.1950s?
Pic Chimai "Princess" France - Burlesque c.1910s
Pic Christie Donna USA - - -
Pic Christine Lilly "the Cat" New Orleans, LA Real Name: Martha Pompender, aka: The Cat Girl & ZA ZA.37C-22-35 Burlesque, Stripper b.1924-1/1965
Pic Christine Tina - - - -
Pic Cillin Penny USA

aka: "French Capsule Of Dynamite"

Burlesque c.1950s
Pic Collins Brandy USA?

aka: The Intoxicating Brandy Collins

Burlesque c.1950s
Pic Conrad Marion - Lido Club, Paris Cabaret, Burlesque c.1959
Pic Constant Connie USA - - -
Pic Cooper Cookie USA - Burlesque c.1956
Pic Cord Marie Billed: The Gypsy Rose Lee of Burlesque. Headlined at the Roxy (and her dancing debutantes) c.1940s
Pic Corday Mara Santa Monica, CA. Real Name: Marilyn Watts. 36-23.5-35 Actress, Burlesque B. 1/3/1930
yes Corio Ann Hartford, Connecticut

aka: Sultan's Daughter, Swamp Girl, Sarong Girl

Burlesque, Strip 11/29/1914-3/1/1999
Pic Costello Donna USA - - -
Pic Crystal n/a USA - - --
Pic Cup Cake Cassidy USA - - -
Pic Damarr Manuela USA

aka: The Toast of Two Continents

- -
Pic Dawn Gaye USA - - -
Pic Day Darlene USA

aka: Tall Torrid Texan

Showgirl c.1940s
Pic de la Croix Raven Manhattan, NYC Up! Burlesque, Actress c.1970s
Pic DeLeon Millie USA credited to starting Burlesque to become Raunchy. Burlesque c.1900s
Pic De Putti Lya USA - Burlesque, Showgirl c.1920s
Pic de Val Val USA 1953: Burlesque In Hawaii "Dance of Emotions", Stripper, c.1940s
Pic DeFee Lois USA aka: Queen of the Glamazons, The Eye-Full Tower. 6'4" Tall Stripper -
Pic Del Mar Annette USA aka: "Miss Hot & Cold" NY Worlds Fair Fan, Risque c.1940s
Pic Deming Elaine - - - -
Pic DeMois Sabine USA - Stripper C.1940s
Pic Denise Maralyn Ohio? - Showgirl, Dancer c.1950s
Pic Dennis Dorian USA - - -
Pic Denver Kerri -

aka: The Baby Doll of Burlesk

Burlesque, Stripper c.1950s
Pic De Olivera Divar - - - -
Pic Desiree n/a USA - - -
Pic Do May Princess USA

aka: Cherokee Half Breed

Burlesque, Stripper c.1950s
Pic Doda Carol USA - Topless, Stripper c.1969
Pic Doe Adele USA - - c.1956
Pic Doll Linda USA Real Name: Linda Byrd. Folly Theatre in Kansas City. Viva Las Vegas Actress, Burlesque c.1950s
Pic Dolman Adele

aka: the Malibu Mermaid

Pic Dors Diana Swindon, England 36.5D-24-35 Burlesque, Stripper b.10/23/1931
Pic Dorsay Reneee - Headliner Roxy Theater Burlesque, Stripper c.1950's
Pic Dougan Vicki - aka: Vikki The Back. Made Popular-Low Cut Back Garments Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Egypt Little USA ...see page Belly, 7 veils, Strip c.1900's
Pic Empey Marge - - Stripper -
Pic Evans Dixie Long Beach, CA.

aka: Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque

Burlesque, Stripper b.8/26/1926
Pic Fanslaw Connie Brooklyn Brooklyn Theater Burlesque, Showgirl c.1931
Pic Farrell Stacy USA Real Name: Juanita May, aka: Eartha-Quake. Burlesque, Stripper c.1950s
Pic Fenway Carrie USA First to go Topless Burlesque c.1923
Pic Ferrari Candy -

aka: Miss Nude Brazil

- c.1970s?
Pic Fifi Mademoiselle

Real Name: Mary Dawson

Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Flo & Floie n/a Denver, CO?

aka: Florence Joyce

Risque, Exotic Dancer -
Pic Fong Amy - - - -
Pic Foster Paula USA - Stripper c.1960s
Pic Fraidora Mlle. France? - Can-Can, Showgirl c.1898
Pic Francine n/a USA aka: The Tulsa Wildcat. Roxy Theatre Burlesque c.1930s?
Pic Frost Jackie USA

aka: The Coolest Kid in Town

Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Garrett Winnie n/a - Burlesque c.1940s
Pic Gaylord Gayla n/a

aka: Eve and the Serpent

Burlesque, Stripper c.1950s
Pic Gibson Julie n/a

aka: The Bashful Bride

Burlesque -
Pic Gibson Linda n/a

aka: Gibson Girl of Burlesk

- c.1960s
Pic Gibson Nicki Colorado

aka: Denver's Dancing Darling

- c.1959
Pic Gina - -

aka: The Toast of Venice

Burlesque, Strip -
Pic Gio Miss -

aka: 2 Hands

Stripper -
Pic Girl Gilda The USA 1950 - ABC's Of Love Stripper c.1950
Pic Glory Blaza USA 1950 - ABC's Of Love Stripper c.1950
Pic Grable Rita USA

aka: The Girl in the Black Silk Stockings

Burlesque, Strip c.1930s
Pic Gray Ginger - - - -
Pic Grey Francis - Grindhouse Follies #27 Exotic Fan Dance c.1930s
Pic Harlow Honey USA

aka: Hot Honey Harlowe, Mrs. Lenny Bruce

Burlesque, Strip c.1950s
Pic Harlow June USA

aka: The American Beauty

- c.1930s
Pic Hart Margie Edgarton, Missouri

aka: Margaret "Margie" Hart Ferraro

- b.9/28/1913
Pic Hari Mata Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Real Name: Margaretha Geertruida Zelle

Burlesque, Cabaret, Spy b.8/7/1896
Pic Hellstar n/a USA

aka: Daughter of Darkness"

- c.1970s
Pic Hills Tiffany USA Miss Minnesota, aka: Stripper with the Million Dollar Legs Stripper c.1980s
Pic "Honey Bee" USA - - c.1950s?
Pic Howard Betty USA aka: Betty Blue Eyes Howard, The Girl Who Has Everything. 40-25-37 Burlesque, Strip c.1950s
Pic Howe Anne USA ("46-24-34!") Lulabye of Bareland - c.1950s
Pic Huntley Jill USA

aka: The Dean Of Tease

- c.1950s
Pic Jada n/a USA

aka: The World's Hottest Exotic

- n/a
Pic Jo Betty USA Road show Shorts #13 Viennese Acrobatic Dance c.1940s?
Pic Jones Kitty USA - - n/a
Pic Jones Libby USA

aka: The Florida Hurricane

- n/a
Pic Jones Mickey USA aka: The Platinum Doll Burlesque, Stripper c.1940s
Pic Joyce Jacqueline USA

real name: Diana Dell

- n/a
Pic Jubilee Miss USA - - n/a
Pic Kalantan Miss Fresno, California 16mm film "Fire Dancer". Son of Sinbad Burlesque, Fire Dancer b.3/13/1928
Pic Kay Beatrice USA - - c.1930s
Pic Kayse Brandy USA - - n/a
Pic Kelly Margie USA - - b.1934
Pic King Diana USA

aka: The Grecian Goddess

Burlesque, Stripper n/a
Pic Knight Cherry USA $ 1955 Teaserama - 1940s?
Pic Labrech Cherry USA

aka: Wild Cherry

Burlesque, Stripper C.1940s?
Pic La Forte Carmen USA 11/1941 - It Magazine Burlesque c.1940s
Pic Larah - USA - Burlesque -
Pic La Sarena - -

aka: The Fire Goddess

- -
Pic La Savona - - - - -
Pic Lake Daphne USA

aka: Marshmallow Girl, Jezzabel

Burlesque, Strip c.1960s
Pic Lane Bambi USA aka: Esther, Skippy, The Newark Streaker
Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Lane Beverly USA - - -
Pic Lane Rusty USA - - -
Pic Lane Sally USA - - -
Pic Lane Sheila USA

aka: Allouette Sheila Lane

Stripper c1960s
Pic Lansing Joi Salt Lake City, UT. Real Name: Joyce Wasmansdorff, aka: Miss Hollywood. 39-23-35, Burlesque, Stripper b.4/6/1929
Pic Laye Rhonda - - Burlesque -
Pic leBlanc Alouette Montana

aka: "The Tassel Twirler"

Burlesque, Stripper c.1950s?
Pic Lee Chelina USA - - -
Yes Lee "Gypsy Rose" Seattle, WA. Real Name: Rose Louise Hovick, Actress, Author, Stripper 37-23-36. Burlesque, Stripper, Strip teaser's Education act b.2/9/1914
Pic Lee Jenny (Jennie) Kansas City, Missouri

aka: Miss 44 and Plenty More, The Bazoom Girl.

Burlesque, Strip 1928-1990
Pic Luna - - aka: Goddess of the Spirt World Burlesque 1940s?
Pic Mansfeld Jayne Bryn Mawr, PA. Real Name: Vera Jayne Palmer, 40D-21-35.5 Actress, Burlesque b.4/19/1933
Pic Manuella DaMarr USA aka: 'Toast of Two Continents' Burlesque 1940s
Pic Mara Chris USA

Real Name: Elvira Padovano

Burlesque, Stripper c.1955
Pic March April USA - Strip c.1940s
Pic Marinka - - - - -
Pic Martin Brandy USA - - -
Pic Martin Micky USA n/a Stripper c.1960s
Pic Mason Ann USA

aka: "Hot & Cold" NY. Worlds Fair

Devil Dance, Risque c.1930s
Pic May-Yong Mabel USA n/a Fan, Burlesque c.1920s
Pic McCalla Irish Pawnee City, Nebraska Real Name: Irish Elizabeth McCalla, aka: Sheena: Queen of the Jungle. 39.5-24-38 Burlesque, Stripper b.12/25/1928
Pic McDonald Marie - aka: Marie "The Body" McDonald. Danced at Florentine Gardens. Later dated mobster Bugsy Segal Burlesque c.1940s
Pic McGuire Sandy USA - Burlesque, Showgirl c.1940s
Pic Melina - -

aka: The Greek Gift

Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Meyer Eve Atlanta, GA Real Name: Eve Turner, 39-25-35 Burlesque, Stripper b.1928
Pic Midnight Susi - "The Flame of the Jet Set", Palomino Club-Vegas Burlesque, Stripper c.1970s
Pic Miller Jackie USA 40-26-38 Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Milo Dee NY.NY Real Name: Dorothy Zoellner, aka: The Venus of Dance. Burlesque, Stripper c.1950s
Pic Molka - USA - Burlesque, Stripper c.1950s
Pic Monday Stormy -

aka: 'Miss Young and Petite'

Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Moore Cleo Baton Rouge, Louisiana 38-25-36.5 Burlesque, Stripper b.9/31/1930
Pic Morgan Chesty Poland Real Name: Lillian Wilczkowsky. 73-28-38 Burlesque, Stripper c.1960s
Pic Morgan Vivian USA 1959 - Naughty New York. Headlined Palace Burlesque Theatre. aka The Lady from Park Avenue (and her dancing debutantes) Burlesque, Stripper C.1950S
Pic Natividad Kitten Juarez, MX Real Name: Francesca Natividad. 44DD-25-35 Stripper, GO-GO b.2/13/1948
Pic Newmar Julie Los Angeles, CA. Real Name: Julia Chalane Newmeyer aka: Cat Woman, 1964-Batman. 38-23-38 Actress, Burlesque b.8/16/1935
Pic Nora - -

aka: The Quivering Torso

Burlesque -
Pic O'Farrell Flash NYC

aka: Blonde Venus, Amazonical Cyclone, Atomic Anatomy Girl, The 6' Glamazon. 6'4"

Burlesque, Stripper 3/27/1922-8/23/1980
Pic O'Neil Taffey -

aka: The Kandy Kid of Burlesque

Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Ohta Mako - - - -
Pic O'Moore Jackie - aka: Satan's Angel
Burlesque, Stripper 5/25/1929
Pic Onassis Dianna - - - -
Pic Page Bettie Kingsport, TN aka: The Queen of Bondage, 36-24-36.5
Veil, Hat, Risque b.4/22/1923
Pic Page Paula - - Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Paget Patti USA - Burlesque, Fan c.1940s
Pic Paige Janis USA Hollywood Canteen Movie Burlesque c.1945
Pic Palace Olga n/a - Burlesque -
Pic Palmer Vickie USA - - -
Pic Pandora - USA - - -
Pic Paree Pat USA NY Worlds Fair Dance Of Illusions, Mirror Dance c.1940s
Pic Paris Yvette USA $ AutoBio Strip c.1960s?
Pic Parker Bobbie USA - - c.1940s
Pic Parker Rita USA 1962 - Naughty New Orleans Stripper c.1960s
Pic Parks Valerie USA Headliner at the Roxy. billed as "the Star of Stars" Showgirl, Burlesque, Stripper c.1940s
Pic Perkins Carrie USA - Burlesque c.1880s
Pic Pearl Misty USA - Stripper c.1960s
Pic Perri Ann USA

aka: "The Jane Russell of Burlesque"

Burlesque, Stripper -
Pic Powell Pepper USA - - c.1940s
Pic Quake Eartha USA - Burlesque, Stripper -
Yes Rand Sally Missouri Real Name: Helen Gould Beck. Night clubs, Broadway, Movies Fan, Bubble, Burlesque Risque 8/31/1904-1978
Pic Randall Kay USA

aka: "The O.K. Girl"

- -
Pic Raven (de la Croix) -

aka Raven de la Croix

Stripper 1970s
Pic Raye Ginger USA - - -
Pic Renay Liz USA Real Name: Pearl Elizabeth Dobbins. aka: Melissa Morgan. 44DD-26-36 Burlesque, Stripper b.4/14/1926
Pic Revelle Rita USA - Stripper 1950s
Pic Reynolds Diane n/a - - -
Pic Rickert Shirley Jean USA aka: Hollywood's Golden Goddess, Gilda & her Crowning Glory. Child Actress: Our Gang Series Actress became Stripper B.3/25/1926
Pic Rodgers Jessica USA aka: The WOW Girl. 1954-Seven Brides for Seven Bros, 1964-Batman Actress, Stripper c.1950s
Pic Roir Diana USA 1955 - Shock-O-Rama, performed with a Monkey Stripper c.1950s
Pic Rosie Rough House USA - Stripper c.1940s
Pic Rose Betty - - - -
Pic Rose, la Rose USA Real Name: Rosina DePella. Owned TOWN HALL" and "ESQUIRE" Theaters in Toledo Ohio, 1944 - Too many Sarongs, Queen of Burlesque. - c.1940s
Pic Ross Anita USA

aka: "Raven"

Stripper c.1950s
Pic Rowland Diane USA Police Gazzette? Burlesque, Risque c.1940's
Pic Royce Rosita - Real Name: Marjorie Rose, Dance of the Doves, Burlesque, Risque -
Pic Russell Rene n/a - - -
Pic Rusty unk USA - Burlesque c.1950s
Pic Sabachi Kay USA - Burlesque, Showgirl c.1930s
Pic Sa Mour Anita - - Stripper c.1960s?
Pic Salumba - - aka "The Exciting Salumba". Palomino Club-Vegas Burlesque, Stripper c.1970s
Pic San Ha-Cha USA

Real Name: Bernice Tassin

Burlesque, Fan c.1930s
Pic San-San n/a Moultrie, GA Real Name: Frankie Parham. aka: Bridgit Bardot of Burlesk. 36-22-36 Burlesque, Vampire Dance b.1934
Pic Santley Mabel USA Mme. Rintz's Female Minstrels Burlesque c.1880s
Pic Satana Aturas Chicago, IL. Real Name: Tura Yamaguchi. aka: Miss Japan Beautiful 37-24-36, 6'3" Burlesque, Stripper b.7.10/1938
Pic Sarena La USA

aka: The Aqua Goddess

Burlesque c.1940s
Pic Saunders Kay USA 1959 - Naughty New York Stripper c.1950s
Pic Sen Lee Fu n/a USA Oriental, Park Burlesque Theatre Headliner Burlesque, Showgirl c.1940s
Pic Senseu - - Oriental Burlesque, Showgirl -
Pic Sevan Sabina -

aka: "The Turkish Temptress" of Istanbul, Turkey

Burlesque, Stripper c.1960s
Pic Seymor Theresa - Follies Mag Burlesque, Stripper c.1959
Pic Shape, The Sally - - Stripper c.1940s?
Pic Sharon Leigh USA Miss Nude International Stripper c.1980s?
Pic Shear Rhonda USA - Stripper c.1950s
Pic Sheena - -

aka: "The Fantastic Savage"

Burlesque c.1940s?
Pic Shiva - - Dance of the Cobra Burlesque, Strip c.1950s
Pic ShyAnn Smokey - - Stripper -
Pic Siri n/a -

aka: "The Dutch Doll

Burlesque, Showgirl c.1940s
Pic Sloane Reddi USA

aka: "The No-No Girl"

Stripper c.1950s
Pic Sothern Georgia Atlanta, GA

aka: The Tiger Girl, The Human Dynamo

Burlesque b.1910
Pic Spelvin Georgina - - Burlesque, Strip c.1950s
Pic St. Cyr Lilly Minneapolis, MN. Real Name: Willis Marie Van Schaak. aka: Queen of Burlesque. 36-24-35 500 Club, $ Titillating Tata's, Vol. 5 Salome, 7 Veils, Stripper 6/3/1918-1999
Pic St. Clair June - aka: The Blonde Venus, The toast of the Gold Coast. Headliner Roxy Theatre. Stripper 1950's
Pic Starr Blaze Twelevepole, W. VA. aka: Miss Spontaneous Combustion, 38-24-37, Book- Blaze Starr Burlesque, Strip b.1932
Pic Starr Crystal -

aka: The Devil's Daughter

Burlesque, Strip c.1950s
Pic Sterling Jan - n/a n/a n/a
Pic Storm Tempest Eastman, Georgia Real Name: Annie Blanche Banks, $ Teaserama, 41DD-25-35 Burlesque, Strip b.3/1/1928
Pic Stripper Carnival - Stripper in Carnivals Strip c.1950s
Pic Summers Dusty - $ Autobio, Vegas only Nude Magician Stripper, Go-Go, Magician c.1960s
Pic Sunde Mary - Venus on Parade shows Burlesque 20's-40s
Pic Sydall Lynn USA

aka: "Cookie"

Burlesque, Strip c.1950s
Pic Tajmah - Connecticut aka: Tajmah, Jewel of the Orient (not asian) Burlesque, Strip b.1943
Pic Tangene - - The Dance of the Moon Burlesque, Strip -
Pic Tangolele n/a - - - c.1960s
Pic Tandayo n/a Costa Rica aka: Costa Rica's Dream Girl Burlesque, Strip d.8/2003
Pic Temptress, The Tanya USA 1955-Cabaret Mag Cooch Dance, Strip c.1950s
Pic Tequilla n/a - - Stripper -
Pic Theresa Mlle. - Carnival Mag Burlesque c.1942
Pic Thompson Lydia USA Imported British Burlesque to USA, creater of the 'leg show' Risque, Burlesque, Jig, Can-Can 1866-1899
Pic Tiffany Jan USA

aka: Star of Stars

Burlesque, Strip c.1950s
Pic Toy Noel n/a Chinese Joy Dance Burlesque, Strip -
Pic Tulane Princess USA aka: June Tua, The Miami Story Stripper c.1950s
Pic Twins Hilton USA - Burlesque c.1940's
Pic Van Doren Mamie Rowena, So Dakota Real Name: Joan Olander, 37-22.5-36 Actress, Burlesque b.2/6/1931
Pic Van Vooren Monique USA - Burlesque c.1940's
Pic Ventura Anita USA - Burlesque c.1940s
Pic Venus - -

aka: The Goddess of Love

Burlesque 1960s?
Pic Vickkers Laura - - - c.1961
Pic Vincene - -

aka: The Goddess of Love

Burlesque, Strip c.1970s
Pic Voe Marie -

aka: The Bombing Bombshell

Burlesque, Strip
Pic Waggin Patti - aka: "the co-ed with the educated torso", 1950- Too Hot to Handle film Burlesque, Strip c.1950s
Pic Warshaw Hinda Milwaukee? May be the first American stripper Burlesque, Strip c.1925
Pic Wayne Trudy - $ Teaserama - c.1950s?
Pic Weber Diane USA n/a - -
Pic West Evelyn San Francisco, CA. aka: $50K Treasure Chest, Hubba Bubba Girl, 39.5-25-35. 1956 - A Night at the Follies, Burlesque, Strip B.1922
Pic West Kitty Mississippi Real Name: Abbie Jewel Slawson, aka: Evangeline the Oyster Girl. M: Jerry West-1956 Burlesque, Strip b.6/1930
Pic West Mae Brooklyn, NY Real Name: Jane West. 39-27-39 Actress, Burlesque b.8/17/1893
Pic White Thelma USA - - c.1940s
Pic Wilde Sonia USA - - c.1960s
Pic Wilkinson June Eastbourne, England aka: The Bosom, The Body. 43-22-36 The Moulin Rouge, Macumba Love, The Rage Within, M: Dan Pastorini. Burlesque, Cabaret Dancer b.3/27/1940
Pic Williams Grace USA

aka: The Flying Saucer Girl

- c.1950s
Pic Wilson Imogene USA Ziegfeld Girl Burlesque c.1930s
Pic Winters Billy Jo USA - - C.1930s?
Pic Wood Natalie - Gypsy Actress, Played Role c.1950s
Pic Wow-Wow Miss - - Burlesque c.1940s
Pic Yanick - USA? Miss Nude No. America 1986, 87, 88, 89 Stripper c.1980s
Pic Yatzon Lucy USA n/a - -
Pic Young Lonnie USA 1959 Naughty New York Stripper c.1950s
Pic Zorita Miss Youngstown, OH Real Name: Katherin Boyd. aka: Miss England. [1959] Naughty NY, [1974] Lenny Dance of the Wandering Hands. Danced with Snakes 8/30/1915-11/12/2005

Unknown Moulin Rouge Dancers c.1900s
Misc Magazine Photos Various
LEGEND: aka = Also Known As | Real: = Real Name | m: = Married | n/a or -= Not Available | ( ) = Note | c.= Circa. | Pic = Photograph
Photographers of many of these pictures here are: Irving Klaw, Bruno of Hollywood, James Kollan, Groucho, Maurice Seymour and Gene Lacerne etc. Some of the other pics are unnamed or unknown photographs. If you know the name of the photographer I will be glad to know and list it. Although all attempts are made for accuracy, this information is not verified as accurate.
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