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"These women are fairly good looking (mostly), the men are macho enough (?), the dialogue... well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place."

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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As | Real: = Real Name | m: = Married | n/a = Not Available | ( ) = Note | c.= Circa. | Pic = Photo


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Dance Type


PicYanick-USA?Miss Nude No. America 1986, 87, 88, 89-Stripperc.1980's
PicYatzonLucyUSA --Burlesque, Stripper -
  Yorke Lynn USA? m: Fred Beck - Burlesque, Stripper 1950's
PicYoungBarbaraUSAused Fans-Burlesque, Stripper-
-YoungGenii- Baghdad After Midnight (1954) | Strips Around the World (1955) | Not Tonight Henry (1961)-Burlesque, Stripperc.1950's
-YoungLonnieUSANaughty New York (1959)- Stripper | Actressc.1950's
- Yung Barbara San Francisco, CA. Chinese Girls-a-Peekin' Revue (Fong Wan's Club Oakland) | China Darlings of 1950 Revue | Chinatown after Midnite | Pal Joey | The Kubla Khan, Club Shanghai, and The Sky Room - Asian Burlesque, Stripper 1950's
-Za Za-USAaka: Lily Christine-Burlesquec.1940's
  Zell Rose USA billed as: The Golden Girl | Sister of Betty Rowland | M: Baron Empain | Paradise (NYC) - Burlesque c.1940''s
  Zolita The Snake Goddess USA Used snakes in act. Blonde Burlesque, Stripper 1950's
-ZongaMillieUSAaka: Millie De Leon-Model for animationc.1900's
-Zorima--billed: There Is Only One. Real: Margaret Lehtinen McCloskey-Burlesque, Carnivals and Worlds Fairsc.1940's
PicZoritaMissYoungstown, OHReal: Katherin Boyd, aka: Miss England, Ada Brockette. 1959 - Naughty New York, 1974 Lenny,39" 35" 36"Dance of the Wandering Hands. Secret sacred love dance!, Danced with Snakes8/30/1915-11/12/2001

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