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"These women are fairly good looking (mostly), the men are macho enough (?), the dialogue... well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place."

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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As | Real: = Real Name | m: = Married | n/a = Not Available | ( ) = Note | = Circa. | Pics = Photo


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-WagginPatti USA aka: Patti Bronell "the co-ed with the educated torso | The Doll with Sex-Oomp | The Boldest Beauty in Burlesque. | "Too Hot to Handle (1950), Lili's Wedding Night (1952). real: Patricia Heartwig. aka: M: 2nd. Bill Brownell. 3rd baseball player Don Rudolph. daughter Julina Rudolph. 36"-23"-35" | Raven HairBurlesque, Strip 1926-1992
- Wallace Beryl Brooklyn, NY. Real: Beryl Heischuber - Burlesque b.1909
-WallenTwinnie-Varietease (1954), $ Teaserama 1955
BrunetteBurlesque, Strip1950's
PicsWareBunny---Burlesque, Strip1970s?
Pics WassouHinda Waterbury, Conn. aka: various spellings: Warsaw, Wassa, Wauson | Billed: And Her Hindu Belles | (May be the first American stripper) | Alvin, Rialto, Capitol Theatres | (There was a Burlesque 'Babe Wassou' - Eltinge theatre 1942)-Burlesque, Strip, Shimmy1925
PicsWayneTrudy-$ Teaserama 1955, Buxom Beautease (1956)
Blonde HairBurlesque1950's?
PicsWebberDianeUSAaka: Marguerite Empey-Belly Dancer, Cheesecake Model1950's
- Wells (Welles) Vicki USA Billed: The Most Sculptured Body in the World. | The Radiant Red Headed A-Peeler. Rialto, Empire Burlesque Red Head Burlesque, Model 1940's
PicsWestEvelynAdair County, Kentucky
aka: $50K Treasure Chest, Hubba Bubba Girl. A Night at the Follies (1956), Birth of the Blues (1941).
39.5"/25"/35"Burlesque, StripB.1/30/1922-11/14/2004
-WestKittyMississippiaka: Evangeline the Oyster Girl.
Real Name: Abbie Jewel Slawson,
M: Jerry West (1956)
-Burlesque, Stripb.6/1930
-WestMaeBrooklyn, NYReal: Jane West. (Not a Stripper)39"-27"-39"Actress, Burlesqueb.8/17/1893
Picss WhizzGeeUSA aka: Gigi Patterson/Martineau | Real: Mary Glisson | billed: The Grand Slam | The Wow of the West. Star of Seattle's Worlds Fair Follies Revue 56"-28"-38"Burlesque1950's
-Wild CatFrenchieUSAaka: Jexebel-Burlesque1950's
-Wild Cherry-USA aka: Galatea, the Statue that comes to life, Torchy | Silver Frolics, Bourbon Street. -Burlesqque, Stripper1940's
-WilkinsonJuneEastbourne, England
aka: The Bosom, The Body. The Moulin Rouge, Macumba Love, The Rage Within, M: Dan Pastorini.
43"-22"-36"Burlesque, Cabaret Dancerb.3/27/1940
-WilliamsGraceUSAaka: The Flying Saucer Girl--1950's
PicsWilsonImogeneUSAZiegfeld Girl-Burlesque1930's
PicsWintersBilly JoUSA---1930's?
PicsWintersJaime---Burlesque, Strip1960's?
-WintersSherryUAaka: "The Yum Yum Girl". Film: Peek-A-Boo-Burlesque, Strip1953
PicsWongJadin Marysville, CA. Danced: Forbidden City Nightclub-Burlesque, Strip b.5/24/1913-3/2010
-WoodNatalieSan Francisco, CA.Real: Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko (Actress, Not a stripper, played Gypsy in film - 1962) M: Robert Wagner (m. 1972-1981)-Actress, Played Stripper Role7/20/1938-11/21/1989
- Wynette Winsome USA m: Don Hart (Chicago 1946) -Burlesque, Strip 1940's

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