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"These women are fairly good looking (mostly), the men are macho enough (?), the dialogue... well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place."

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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As | Real: = Real Name | m: = Married | n/a = Not Available | ( ) = Note | c.= Circa. | Pic = Photo







Dance Type


??Tajmah??Connecticutaka: Jewel of the Orient. (not asian) (Stripper Tina Marie's Daughter). "Spider and the Virgin" act.??Burlesque, Strip, interpretive Orientalb.1943
??Tana??USAaka: The Persian Princess, The Temptress.??Burlesque, Strip??
??Tangolele????aka: Yolanda Montes????c.1960's
PicTanayo??Costa Ricaaka: Tandayo, Tandalaye, Costa Rica's Dream Girl. Paris After Midnight (1951).??Burlesque, Stripd.8/2003
??Tanya????aka: Dee Valka. sisters Bronya and Marie Stobbe??Burlesque, Strip, Tap, Acrobatic, Balletc.1942 to 71
??TaylorCindy??(Billed as Tailor made Beauty)??Burlesquec.1960's
??TaylorEvelyn?? Roxy & Gayety Theatre.  aka: The Kiss Girl | Evelyn Taylor and her Golden Girls.??Burlesque, Strip,c.1940's
??TaylorJoni??Retired in 1964??Burlesque, Strip,??
??Temptress,Tanya, theUSA1955-Cabaret Mag??Cooch Dance, Stripc.1950's
PicTequila??USA"The Intoxicating Tequila"??Stripper??
??TheresaMlle.??(Carnival Mag)??Burlesquec.1942
??ThomasKarenUSAaka: The Georgia Peach??Burlesque, Stripc.1950's
??ThompsonLydiaUSA(Imported British Burlesque to USA, creator of the 'leg show')??Risque, Burlesque, Jig, Can-Can1866-1899
PicTiffanyJanUSAaka: Star of Stars??Burlesque, Stripc.1950's
??Tirza??USA(aka Tirza Duval), "The Wine Bath Girl". mother was (Ziegfeild Girl Emielita Duval. Owned Tirza Chinese Restaurant)??Burlesque, Fanc.1950's
PicT.N.T.Miss??aka: Reddi Red??Burlesque??
??Torchy????aka: Wild Cherry, Galatea, the Statue that comes to life .Married 3 times.??Burlesque, Strip, Oriental, Afro-Cubanc.1940's
??ToyNoelSan Francisco, CA.Real: nee Ngun Yee. aka: "the Chinese Sally Rand," M: Carleton Young. Film: Chinese Joy Dance, Big Trouble in Little China. New Follies Bergere, NY. Club: Forbidden City, Maxie's, The 18th Club, The Latin Quarter, & Stork Club.??Burlesque, Strip, Fan, Bubble, Chinese Joy Dance (Clip)12/27/1918 - 12/24/2003
??ToyTiny??aka: Tiny Mite??Burlesquec.1950s
??Trudine??USAaka: "The Queen of Quiver"??Burlesquec.1950's
??TulanePrincessUSAaka: June Tua, The Miami Story??Stripperc.1950s

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