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"These women are fairly good looking (mostly), the men are macho enough (?), the dialogue... well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place."

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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As | Real: = Real Name | m: = Married | n/a = Not Available | ( ) = Note | c.= Circa. | Pic = Photo







Dance Type


PicSa MourAnita??Miss Nude Illinois. Silver Dollar Saloon52EE" 24" 26"Stripperc.1960s?
PicSabachiKayUSA????Burlesque, Showgirlc.1930s
??SabrinaMs.UKReal: Norma Sykes??Burlesqu, Model, Actressc.1950's
??Salumba????aka "The Exciting Salumba". Palomino Club-Vegas??Burlesque, Stripperc.1970s
??SamarrSabraUSAaka "The Turkish Delight"??Burlesque, tripperc.1950s
??SanHa-ChaUSAReal: Bernice Tassin??Burlesque, Fanc.1930s
PicSan-Sann/aMoultrie, GAaka: Bridgit Bardot of Burlesk.
Real: Frankie Parham.
36"-22"-36"Burlesque, Vampire Danceb.1934
??SantleyMabelUSA(Mme. Rintz's Female Minstrels)??Burlesquec.1880s
yesSatanaTuraHokkaido, Japan, raised in Chicago, IL.Real: Tura Luna Pascual Yamaguchi. aka: "Miss Japan Beautiful"38DD-22"-37", 5' 7"Burlesque, Stripperb.7.10/1938?

aka: The Aqua Goddess

??SaundersKayUSA1959 - Naughty New York??Stripperc.1950s
??SavonaLaUSAaka: The Modern Scheherazade??Burlesque, Stripperc.1950s
PicSen Lee Fu??USAOriental??Burlesque, Showgirlc.1940s
PicSenseu????Oriental??Burlesque, Showgirln/a
??Sequin??USAaka: Beauty to the 4th Dimension M: Tony Tamburello.??Burlesqueb.1927
??SevanSabina??aka: "The Turkish Temptress" of Istanbul, Turkey??Burlesque, Stripperc.1960s
??SeymorTheresa??Follies Mag??Burlesque, Stripperc.1959
??"Shape, The"Sally??????Stripperc.1940s?
??SharonLeighUSAMiss Nude International??Stripperc.1980s?
??SheebaBath??("Girlwinds" at Mayfair Theatre)??Burlesquec.1949
?? Sheehan Tere USA aka: "The Champagne Goddess! Sparkling Tere Sheehan" ?? Burlesque 1940's?
PicSheena????aka: "The Fantastic Savage.??Burlesquec.1940s?
??SheridanAmyEngland(Adelphi Theatre in London, 1867)??Burlesque1838-1878
??SheridenTexasTexasaka: Yellow Rose of Texas??Burlesque??
??Shiva????(Dance of the Cobra)??Burlesque, Stripc.1950s
PicSinclairCynthia??aka: Cynthia (The Body) Sinclair??Burlesque, Stripc.1950s
PicSiri????aka: "The Dutch Doll??Burlesque, Showgirlc.1940s
PicSloaneReddiUSAaka: "The No-No Girl"??Stripperc.1950s
Sonia??USAaka: The Sultry Sophisticate??Burlesquec.1940s
PicSothernGeorgiaAtlanta, GAaka: The Tiger Girl, The Human Dynamo. Striporama (1953),??Burlesque, Stripperb.1910-10/14/1981
??SpelvinGeorgina??????Burlesque, Stripc.1950s
??St. ClairJuneMA.aka: Platinum Princess. real: Geraldine ('Jerry') Margaret Ford. billed as the Toast of the Gold Coast. Roxy Theatre. sister named Helen Colby??Burlesque, Stripb.10/6/1913
??St. ClairShawna??aka: Dixie Dae, Ginger Woods. Retired in 1972????d.1997
PicSt. CyrLillyMinneapolis, MN.aka: Queen of Burlesque. Real: Willis Marie Van Schaak. 500 Club, $ Love Moods36"-24"-35"Salome, 7 Veils, Stripper6/3/1918-1/29/1999
PicStanwyckBarbaraBrooklyn, NY(was not a burlesque dancer, only portayed one on Film)??Jazz, Ballroom7/16/1907 - 1/20/1990
PicStarrBlazeTwelevepole (Wilsondale), W. VA.Real: Fannie Belle Fleming, aka: Miss Spontaneous Combustion, The Hottest Blaze in Burlesque, $ Book- Blaze Starr38"-24"-37"Burlesque, Stripb.1/1/1932
PicStarrCrystalUSAaka: The Devil's Daughter. B-Girl Rhapsody (1950),??Burlesque, Stripc.1950s
PicStormTempestEastman, GeorgiaReal: Annie Blanche Banks. $ Teaserama,
41DD"-25"-35"Burlesque, Stripb.3/1/1928
??Stormy????Stripper, Owned Stormy's Casino Royale in New Orleans, LA.??Burlesque, Stripper, Ownerc.1940s
PicStripperCarnival??(A Stripper in Carnivals)??Stripc.1950s
PicSummersDusty??$ Autobio, Vegas only Nude Magician??Stripper, Go-Go, Magicianc.1960s
??SundeMary??(Venus on Parade shows)??Burlesque20's-40s
??Suzie-Q????aka: Little Miss Sunshine??Burlesque1960s
??Suzzette????Film: Peek-A-Boo??Burlesque, Stripc.1948
??SydallLynnUSAaka: "Cookie"??Burlesque, Stripc.1950s
??Syra????aka: The French Doll. (Can-Can Follies)??Burlesque, Fan Dancec.1950s

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