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"These women are fairly good looking (mostly), the men are macho enough (?), the dialogue -- well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place."
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Photo Last ▼ First ▲ Birthplace Notes: Performed: Films Measurements Dance Type Era
- Rae Sheila - billed: The Hungarian Bombshell. - Burlesque, Stripper d.7/2010
Pics Rand Sally Elton, Missouri Real: Helen Gould Beck | Night clubs, Broadway | Movies. - Fan dance | Bubble | Burlesque | Risqué 8/31/1904-8/31/1978
Pics Randall Kay Yvonne USA aka: The O.K. Girl - - 1961
Pics Ravel Rita Mexico? aka: The Mexican Spitfire - Burlesque, Stripper -
Pics Raven - Manhattan, NYC aka: Raven de Lumiere, Raven de la Croix | Real: Lynn Christie Ann Martin 42F"-24"-36" Burlesque, Stripper 1976-2006
Pics Raye Ginger USA - - Stripper, Actress -
- Red Tee Tee USA aka: The T.N.T. Girl | Film: The Bellboy| worked at Sho-Bar, 500 Club - Burlesque 1950's
- Reed Delores n/a - 40"-27"-38" Burlesque, Stripper 1958
- Rees Amelia USA - - Burlesque -
- Renay Liz USA aka: Melissa Morgan | Real: Pearl Elizabeth Dobbins | Did a real mother/daughter Burlesque act with daughter Brenda (Brenda committed suicide at age 39) | Liz also spent time in prison for not ratting out Micky Cohen.
44DD"-26"-36" Burlesque, Stripper b.4/14/1926
Clip Rene Helen USA aka: The Toast of Paris | 1952 film Striptease Girl - Burlesque, Stripper 1930's
Pics Revelle (Ravel) Rita Mexico? aka: the Latin Temptress, The Mexican Spitfire - Striptease 1950's
Pics Reynolds Diane - - - - -
- Reynolds Recia USA Billed: The Long Stemmed American Beauty Long Black Hair Burlesque, Stripper 1950's
- Richardson Cindy Canada danced at the Lux 5'2′′ 36-24-37 112lbs Burlesque, Stripper 1960's
- Rickert Shirley Jean USA aka: Hollywood's Golden Goddess, The Golden Girl, Gilda and her Crowning Glory | (Child Actress: Our Gang Comedy Series). - Actress, became Stripper B.3/25/1926
- Rickmen Carmela USA? aka: The Torrid Twister | Billed: Sophia Loren of Burlesk - Burlesque, Stripper 1950's
- Roche Tani USA aka: The Tassel Twirling Tami - Burlesque, Stripper 1950's
- Rogers (Rodgers) Jessica USA aka: The WOW Girl | Seven, Brides for Seven Bros (1954), Batman (1964). 37"-25"-35" Actress, Stripper 1950's
Pics Rodriguez Belinda USA - - Burlesque 1960's?
Pics Roir Diana USA 1955 - Shock-O-Rama. (performed with a Monkey). - Stripper 1950's
- Roony Mary - aka: Chris Snow, Crystal La-Vegas 'The Girl with the Golden Nuggets and the Winning Numbers' | Billed: the Million Dollar Baby - Burlesque, Stripper b.1941
Pics Rosie Rough House USA - - Stripper 1940's
Pics Rose Betty USA - - -Burlesque, Stripper 1940's
-- Rose * Lili Ann Boston real: Lillian Kiernan (Brown) | m: 3x's last Jim Brown | Scollay Square, Casino theater | Author: Banned in Boston: Memoirs of a Stripper - Burlesque, Risqué, Striptease 1950's
- Rose Mexicali USA? Real: Frankie McLean - Burlesque, Stripper 1940's
Pics Rose, la Rose USA Real: Rosina DePella | (Owned Town Hall and Esquire Theaters in Toledo Ohio). Too many Sarongs (1944,) The Wages of Sin (1938,) Queen of Burlesque (1946.) - Burlesque, Risqué, Strip 1913-7/27/1972
Pics Ross Anita USA Not Raven - Stripper 1950's
Clip Rowland Betty Columbus, OH. Billed: Ball of Fire | M: Gus Shilling. (Sisters Dian and Rose Zell) Brunette Passion Dance, Burlesque, Stripper 1940's
- Rowland Diane USA Police Gazette?. (Sisters Betty and Rose Zell) - Burlesque, Risqué 1940's
- Rowland Raven USA aka: Raven Roland Black Hair Burlesque, Risqué | Spanish | Tap dance 1950's
- Rowland Rose Zell Columbus, OH. aka: Golden Girl | M: Baron Jean Empain. (Sisters Dian and Betty). Committed Suicide. - Burlesque, Stripper 1940s
- Royce Rosita Lincoln, NE. Real: Marjorie Rose (used amazing birds in her act!) | Striporama (1953.) - Burlesque, Risqué, Dance of the Doves, 1918-9/24/1954
- Ruhlova Countess - aka: The Seductive and Beautiful - Burlesque 1940's
- Russell Busty - billed: 50" Miss Dairy Queen, the Chest appeal Girl 50"-26'-36" Burlesque 1950's
Pics Russell Rene - - - - -
Pics Rusty Unk USA - - Burlesque 1950's
- R'Wanda Princcess - real: Laura Lewis - Burlesque, Stripper 1950's

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