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"These women are fairly good looking (mostly), the men are macho enough (?), the dialogue... well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place."

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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As | Real: = Real Name | m: = Married | n/a = Not Available | ( ) = Note | c.= Circa. | Pic = Photo







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aka: Wild Cherry.

??Burlesque, Stripperc.1940's?
??La ChrisChris??$ Teaserama 1955.??Burlesque, Stripperc.1950's
PicLa ForteCarmenUSA11/1941 - It Magazine.??Burlesquec.1940's
??La HomaPrincessUSA Old Howard Theatre (12/1951). Erotic Indian Dancer. Billed: Beautiful Chickasaw Chic. Park Burlesque??Burlesquec.1950's
PicLa TourAdeleUSAaka: Latour??Burlesquec.1950's
??La MacheFlameUSATassle Twirler??Burlesquec.1940's
PicLa Sarenan/a??

aka: The Fire Goddess.

??La Savonan/aCzechoslovakia(Int'l Dancing Star of the Modern Scheherazade).??Burlesque, Stripper, Actressc.1950's
PicLakeDaphneBuffalo, NY.aka: Marshmallow Girl, Jezebelle. Billed: Miss Elegance??Burlesque, Stripc.1960's
??LaneBambiUSAaka: Esther, Skippy, The Newark Streaker. (Tassle Twirler. Streaked in NY, was arrested 1974. Newark Streaker. Granny a Go-Go)
??Burlesque, Stripper??
PicLaneBeverlyUSA aka: The Most Daring Girl in Burlesque. Gayety Theatre???? 1940's
PicLaneJoyUSAAfrican-American Dancer??Burlesque??
??LaneRustyUSAaka: Rusty Lane and her Stars on Parade. billed as "Exciting & Enchanting". Youngstown Park Theater??Burlesque, Stripperc.1940's

aka: Sally Majestic

??LaneSheilaUSAaka: Allouette Sheila Lane. Naughty New Orleans.??Stripperc1950's
??LansingJoiSalt Lake City, UT.aka: Miss Hollywood.
Real: Joyce Wasmansdorff.
39-23-35Burlesque, Stripperb.4/6/1929
??LarsonDarleneUSAappreared in Minsky's Burlesque Follies??Burlesque, Stripperc.1960's
??LaVonFrenchy??B-Girl Rhapsody (1950).??Burlesque, Stripperc.1950's
PicleBlancAlouetteMontana1954 - Naughty New Orleans, aka: "The Tassle Twirler".??Burlesque, Stripperc.1950's?
??LeeChelinaUSA????Burlesque, Stripperc.1950's
PicLee"Gypsy Rose"Seattle WA.The Stripper (1963). Babes in Bagdad (1952), Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937). Real: Rose Louise Hovick.5'10" 37-23-36
132 lbs
Burlesque, Stripper, Actress, Author2/9/1914-4/26/1970
??LeeHeavenUSAaka: The Devilish Angel Of Burlesque.??Burlesquec.1950's
PicLeeJenny (Jennie)Kansas City, Missouriaka: Miss 44 and Plenty More, The Bazoom Girl. Real: Virginia Lee Hicks m: Danny Wanick (1949) & Charlie Arroyo. (Jan & Dean "Jennie Lee" song) Founded 'Exotic Dancers League' in 1955.42-28-38Burlesque9/23/1928-3/24/1990
??LeeTender??aka: "The Satuesque Venus".??Burlesquec.1950's
LewisDiane??????Burlesque, Minsky'sc.1960's
??LillyTiger??The Playpen (1967), Day of a Stripper (1964).??Burlesque, Stripperc.1950's
??LindoCelita??aka: "the Heavenly Thing!".??Burlesquec.1950's
PicLingAh??Chinatown - San Francisco.aka China LingBurlesquec.1950's
??LingMai??Esquire Theatre, ("The girl who combines the wisdom of The East with the wiggles of The West").??Burlesque, Stripperc.1950's
??LingTingPort Washington, N.Y.aka: Comet. Pasadena Playhouse (CA), Hudson Union City. (Billboard Mag 12/19/1953)??Burlesque, Stripper, Spanish dancesc. 1953
??Lorelei????aka: " The Girl In The Oyster Shell"??Burlesquec.1940's
??LouiseTana??M: Mr. Burtman??Burlesquec.1950's

aka: Goddess of the Spirt World.

??Burlesquec. 1940's?
PicLynnAjaUSAMiss Nude Midwest.??Burlesquec.1960's
ClipLynnVickiUSA1955: Teaserama, Female Impersonator??Burlesquec.1955
??LynneKitty??aka: The Kat Girl??Burlesque, Stripperc.1960's

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