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"These women are fairly good looking (mostly), the men are macho enough (?), the dialogue... well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place."

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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As | Real: = Real Name | m: = Married | n/a = Not Available | ( ) = Note | c.= Circa. | Pic = Photo





Notes/ Performed / Films


Dance Type


?? Ecstacy n/a USA Roxy Theatre. Billed: The Answer To All Your Dreams. ?? Burlesque, Stripper c.1950's
PicEgyptLittleUSA... see page??Belly, 7 veils, Stripc.1900's
??Electra??? N.YC. ?aka: Goldie Grey, M=Alfred. (wore battery powered blinking costume.) The poor man's "Mae West"5' 1"Burlesqued.4/1999
??ElliotPat??aka Pat Elliot Minsky M: Harold Minsky??Burlesque, Stripperd.2004
  Ember Cindy USA Billed: The Flaming Beauty ?? Burlesque, Stripper c.1964

aka: Diane Webber

??Model, Belly Dancerc.1950s
ClipErotique??USAn/a??Does a African-American type Belly dance1940's
??Evangeline??Mississippireal: Kitty West, aka The Oyster Girl. M=Jerry West. related to Elvis Presley5'1"Burlesque, Veilb.6/1930
ClipEvansDixieLong Beach, CA.aka: Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque, The Unveiling (1996),40"-26"-34"Burlesque, Stripperb.8/26/1926
Buxom Beautease (1956)??Burlesque, Stripperc.1950s

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