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"These women are fairly good looking (mostly), the men are macho enough (?), the dialogue... well, if you are interested in dialogue, you are looking in the wrong place."

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PicBabyAngelUSAaka: The Chest Appeal Girl"48-25-36"Burlesque, Stripperc.1940's
??BaconFaithUSAcreated the Fan Dance that made Say Rand famous.?? Fan Dance (Clip)c.1930's
PicBadalianLillianUSASpanish Type??Spanish, Burlesquec.1930s
??BaerHoney??$ Teaserama 1955.??Burlesque, Stripperc.1950s
PicBakerJoséphineSt. Louis MOaka: Black Venus, Black Pearl, Creole Goddess, Josephine.Real: Freda McDonald Carson.??Various, Topless, Burlesque, Actress, dancer6/3/1906-4/12/1975
PicBambiSR.USAaka: Dolores Rozelle, Bambi Brooks, Bambi Jones, Joi Naymath. M: Artie Brooks. Daughter was known as Bambi Jr. Film: Day of a Stripper (1964)??Burlesque, Writerc.1940's
??BaraTheda??... See Page .??Actress, Burlesque7/29/1885-4/7/1955
??BardotBabetteSwedenMondo Topless. I, Marquis de Sade.??Burlesque, Stripperb.1940
PicBarrCandyEdna, TXEl Rancho, Vegas, aka: Carol Barr,
Real: Juanita Slusher.
37-22-33Burlesque, Showgirl7/6/1935-
??BartonDixieUSA????Burlesque, Stripperc.1940's

aka: Miss Twin Liberty Bells.

??BellBonnieUSABilled as: "Appropriatly Attired"??Burlesquec.1940's
PicBellTinkerUSAand her Sins of Cleopatra??Burlesquec.1940's
PicBellVirginiaMontrose, CA.

aka: "Ding-Dong" Bell, The Amazing 48.

5'2"-48-24-36Burlesque, Strip,b.1932
??BennettDarlene??(Twin Sister to Dawn Bennett.) Olga's Girls (1964), Music to Strip By (1965).??Burlesque, Strip, Filmc.1960s
??Bertican/a??1940s - I'm To Speak English.??Risquec.1940's
??BeyRoubea??Grindhouse Follies #27.??Risque, Slave, Arab Dancec.1940's
??BlairVirginiaChicagoaka: Dagmar.??Burlesque, Stripperc.1940s
PicBlondellMaeUSAABC's of Love, Baghdad after Midnight, Buxom Beautease, Grindhouse Follies: FRS??Stripperc.1950s
PicBodyIrma TheProspect Park, NJ.Billed as: The Incomparable, The One and Only, The Greatest since Gypsy Rose Lee. Real: Mary Elizabeth Goodneighbor. Striparama (1963)43"-24"-30"Burlesque, Stripperc.1950s
??BonBonGinaCuba????Burlesque, Stripper, Actressc.1965/90
??BondPeggy??aka: Miss Dynamite, Peg-O-My-Heart Girl. billed as: The Intriging Personality of Peggy Bond.??Burlesque, Stripperc.1940s
PicBonnamyBonUSA????Burlesque, Stripper??
??BoothLallyUSAErnie's - Greenwich Village.??Rumbac.1940's
BoyerRavenUSAaka: Stacie Randell and Reina Bonoyer. 1948-Strip Tease College Girls: as Jean.??Model, Burlesque Actressc.1940s
??BoyiaBonnieBrooklyn, Michiganaka: Bonnie Boya. Real: Bonnie G. Boyer. Billed as Bewitching, Bedazzaling. A Talker/Dancer.
??Burlesque, Stripper, Carnivals1923-1998
??BriggsBetty??aka: Zebra Girl.??Showgirl, Model, Burlesque, Actressd.2000
??BrigetteLindaWinnsboro, Louisianaaka: the Cupid Doll, Kissing Bandit, Billed: "America's Most Beautiful Exotic". Real: Georgia Lambert. 500 Club, Sho Bar. married at age 13.4'11" Platinum BlondeBurlesque, Stripper. Dance of a Lover's Dream1939-4/9/2004
ClipBrittonGinger??Souls in Pawn (1940).??Burlesque, Stripper??
PicBrittonSherryNew Brunswick, NJaka: The Sweetheart of 52nd Street.Real: Edith Britton.??Burlesque, Stripperb.7/24/1924
PicBrosemerBettyPasadena, CA.M: Joe Wieder.
??Burlesque / Pin-Up Girlb.8/2/1935
??BrownBillie JeanneUSA$ Autobio.??Burlesque, Stripper??
??BrownDonnaUSAaka: Donna "Busty" Brown, Lusty Busty Brown.
??Burlesque, Stripper??
??BryanJulieUSA(a Very Sexy Dancer).??Burlesquec.1940's
ClipBryceAlyceUSAJungle Drums??Burlesquec.1930s
PicBubblesDarleneMinneapolis, MNaka: Vikina, Sheri Darlene.
Real: Virginia Lachinia.
37" BustMambo, Burlesque, Stripperc.1940's
PicBurnsBootsUSA(606 Club Dancer.)??Burlesque1939

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