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Dance History film revue: Start Cheering

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Start Cheering ... (aka O Diabo à Solta)

Watch the students leap from Latin to lunacy... Sciene to spooning... Calculus to crooning! It; s hey-heywire!
Synopsis: Film star Ted Crosley, fed up with movie life, quits pictures to enroll in Midland College, much to the horror of his manager Sam Lewis and his stooge-friend Willie Gumbatz. Ted wishes to enroll in school under an assumed name but Sam, hoping to nip his school plans in the bud, tips off the press and school. * This film features Louis Prima and Latin Music. There is one very good swing scene in this film with Maxie Dorf and Mary McCasslin.
Jeni Le Gon with The Four Blackbirds are in studio records/casting call lists as cast members, but they did not appear or were not identifiable in this movie.
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3/3/1938 Columbia Pictures Albert S. Rogell DVD | VHS | Blu-Ray


Country Made:



78 Minutes U.S.A. English Black and White


Featured Dancer (s):

Featured Dance:

Dance Rating:

Musical / Comedy/ Dance Arthur Murray Dancers Big Apple | Arthur Murray Shag Very Good

Known Dancers:

Choreographers / Directors:

Actors / Actresses:

Arthur Murray Dancers Morris Stoloff (Musical Director) Jimmy Durante (Willie Gumbatz)
Hal Leroy (Specialty - Tap dance)   Walter Connelly (Sam Lewis)
Lawrence 'Lolly' Wise   Joan Perry (Jean Worthington)
Mary McCasslin   Charles Starrett (Ted Crosley)
Maxie Dorf (w/ Mary)   Craig E. Earle (Professor Quiz)
    Gertrude Niesen (Singer)
    Raymond Walburn (Dean Worthington)
    Three Stooges (as Themselves)
    Broderick Crawford (Biff Gordon)
    Hal Leroy (Tarzan Biddle)
    Ernest Truex (Blodgett)
    Virginia Dale (Mabel)
    Chaz Chase (Shorty)
    Jimmy Wallington (Announcer)

Known Dances done in Film:

Special Dance Interest:

Similar Films:

Big Apple Tap Dance Big Apple n/a
Arthur Murray Shag (123 kick version)   Cutaway, the (Jimmy Durante)  
Cutaway, the      

Music Titles In Film:

Bands / Musicians / Singers:

Sheet Music Covers:

  Louis Prima n/a
  Johnny Green Orchestra  

Film Posters:


Soundtracks Available:

    Hail, Sigma Psi

Stage Versions of Film:

Stage Versions Date:

Cast Recordings:

n/a n/a n/a

Books / Magazines on this film:

Title: Author: Date: Publisher:
n/a - - -

Other / Notes:


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