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Poster of Top Hat - DVD

Top Hat

" They're Dancing Cheek-To-Cheek Again! "

--Synopsis: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers make it look so darn easy. In this tale Jerry Travers (Astaire) is a professional dancer who meets, becomes smitten with and then falls in love with Dale Tremont (Rogers). Ginger thinks Fred is married rather than single due to mistaken-identities and misinterprets him she rejects his advances as she thinks that Horace (played by Horton) is Jerry and Jerry is Horace who is married. After a series of entanglements, Jerry propose but gets rejected, Dale ends up marrying Beddini, and Jerry learns that Dale has been " mistaking him for Horace for all this time" so he decides to break up her marriage before it is truly consummated. The plot has some dull moments but the dancing carries the film throughout. Nominated for four Academy Awards.

* Fred does his famous solo 'Top Hat' dance routine (along with the chorus) with his tapping cane to the song 'Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails,' As well as his show stopping Soft Shoe Tap dance to " No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)." Fred and Ginger do what is probably their best dance number on film to " Cheek to Cheek" with Rogers in that famous blue Ostrich feather Ball gown. This film also introduces the ballroom dance called the Piccolino which is done by using the waist-sashes of the dancers as props.

DVD Version also features: 'Audio Commentary' by Astaires daughter Mackenzie, 'On Top': Inside the Success of Top Hat, A comedy short called 'Watch the Birdie' with Bob Hope and a classic cartoon 'Page Miss Glory'

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1935 English [DVD | VHS | DVD Set]




R.K.O. Black and White Comedy / Musical / Romance


Country Made:


101 minutes USA Mark Sandrich

Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Films Dance Rating

Fred Astaire The Piccolino Excellent !!!

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

Fred Astaire Fred Astaire (Chor) Edward Everett Horton (Horace Hardwick)
Ginger Rogers Hermes Pan (Chor) Eric Blore (Bates)
Jack Geiger Max Steiner (Mus. Dir.)  Erik Rhodes (Alberto Beddini)
Lora Lane    Fred Astaire (Jerry Travers)
Rita Waterhouse   Ginger Rogers (Dale Tremont)
    Helen Broderick (Madge Hardwick)
    Lucille Ball (Flower Clerk)

Dances performed in this Film 

Films special dance interest

Ballroom n/a Astaire and Rogers
Piccolino   The Soft Shoe w/ Sand
Soft Shoe   The Piccolino dance
Tap Dance    

Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Sheet Music Covers

Cheek to Cheek Fred Astaire n/a
Isn't This A Lovely Day Ginger Rogers  
No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)    
The Piccolino    
Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails    

Similar Films

Stage versions of the film

Cast Recordings / Soundtracks 

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Carefree (F& G)    
Damsel In Disress (w/ Fontaine)    
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Books Available on this film ...

Title Author Date Publisher
n/a n/a n/a n/a
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