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Roberta VHS Cover
"A Musical Fashion Show with a bevy of beauties "

-- Synopsis: Football player John Kent (Randolph " swell" Scott) who travels to Paris to visit with his rich dressmaker Aunt Minnie (Helen Westley) and is accompanied by his friend, Huckleberry " Hunk"Haines (Fred Astaire) who is the bandleader for the Wabash Indianians Jazz Band. John meets Stephanie (Irene Dunne) a deposed Russian Princess and all goes fine until the phony Russian Countess Scharwenka (Ginger Rogers) shows up with an attitude about the clothes that she must wear but is actually recognized by Hunk as his old girlfriend from back home. The Aunt suddenly dies and leaves her fortune to John and things really get going. This film was nominated for an Oscar.

* This is not the typical Astaire-Rogers film as it centers mostly on displaying the latest fashions from Paris than on dance numbers however the ones they do are very good. Astaire and Rogers do a comedy dance routine to " I'll Be Hard to Handle," and later a duet / dance to " Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and the finale " I Won't Dance" . Astaire also did a solo to " I Won't Dance" as he Tap dances and shakes hands with some of the observers in the audience earlier in the film. This film was remade by M.G.M. in 1952 as LOVELY TO LOOK AT starring Kathryn Grayson, Red Skelton and Howard Keel.


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1935 English [DVD | VHS]




R.K.O. Black and White Musical / Comedy / Romance


Country Made:


106 minutes USA William A. Seiter

Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Films Dance Rating

Fred and Ginger Tap Dance Very Good

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

Fred Astaire Fred Astaire (Choreographer) Adrian Rosley (Professor)
Ginger Rogers Max Steiner   (Musical Dir.) Bodil Rosing (Maid)
  Hermes Pan (Ensembles) Claire Dodd (Sophie Teale)
    Ferdinand Munier (Lord Delves)
    Fred Astaire (Huckleberry Haines)
    Ginger Rogers (Countess Scharwenka)
    Helen Westley (Roberta/Aunt Minnie)
    Irene Dunne (Stephanie)
    Lucille Ball (Model)
    Luis Alberni (Alexander Voyda)
    Lynne Carver (Virginia Reid)
    Randolph Scott (John Kent)
    Sam Savitsky (Cossack)
    Torben Meyer (Albert)
    Victor Varconi (Prince Ladislaw)

Dances performed in this Film 

Films special dance interest

Ballroom n/a Fred and Ginger
Tap Dance    

Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Sheet Music Covers

Back Home in Indiana Candy Candido n/a
I Won't Dance Fred Astaire  
I'll Be Hard to Handle Ginger Rogers  
Let's Begin Irene Dunne  
Lovely to Look At    
Opening Night    
Russian Folk Song    
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes    
Song of Russia    
The Touch of Your Hand    
You're Devastating    

Similar Films

Stage versions of the film

Cast Recordings / Soundtracks 

Barkleys of Broadway (F& G) 1933 - Roberta $ 1952 Cast Recording
Carefree (F& G) 1952 - Roberta  
Dancing Lady (w/ Crawford)    
Damsel In Disress (w/ Fontaine)    
Dancing Lady (F& G)    
Flying Down To Rio (F& G)    
Follow the Fleet (F& G)    
Lovely To Look At    
Shall We Dance (F& G)    
Story of Vernon & Irene Castle    
Swingtime (F& G)    
Top Hat (F& G)    
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