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Damsel In Distress VHS Cover
Damsel in Distress
"With A Sword in Hand He Goes to the Head of the Clash!. "

-- Synopsis: Due to a pre-arranged marriage Lady Alyce Marshmorton (Fontaine) must marry soon to orchestra leader Reggie, and the staff of Tottney Castle have laid bets on who she'll choose. Jerry (Astaire) is " elected"to rescue his Lordship's daughter Lady Alyce from this arranged marriage. This is Fred's first movie without Ginger since he first danced with her on film. Fred is paired here with eighteen-year-old starlet named Joan Fontaine. Altho Fontaine had really big shoes to fill she came up short in the dance department but was actually very lovely and charming in her role. This is a great Astaire movie and except for one obvious point ... no Ginger!, it had a better plot than previous Astaire/Rogers films and a better cast. There is a lot of interplay with comics George Burns and Gracie Allen.

* Fred has a few solo dance numbers. George, Gracie and Fred do a Whisk Broom dance to " Put Me to the Test" and some dancing in a carnival's 'Fun House' and ending in the Hall of Mirrors to the song " Stiff Upper Lip" which recieved an Oscar Award for its choreography. Gracie also did a few numbers with Fred. Fred only danced once with Fontaine, a pas de deux to " Things Are Looking Up."


 Film Pictures
A Scene from Damsel: Fred and Joan
Fred, George and Gracie in the Fun House routine
Joan Fontaine
Sheet Music Cover
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1937 English [DVD | VHS]




R.K.O. Black and White Musical / Comedy


Country Made:


101 minutes USA George Stevens

Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Films Dance Rating

Fred Astaire Tap Dance Very, Very, Good

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

Fred Astaire Fred Astaire (Choreographer) Constance Collier (Lady Caroline)
George Burns Angela Blue (Asst. Chor.) Fred Astaire (Jerry Halliday)
Gracie Allen Hermes Pan (Dance Dir.) George Burns (George)
Joan Fontaine Victor Baravalle (Musical Dir.) Gracie Allen (Gracie)
Joe Niemeyer   Harry Watson (Albert)
Sam Harris   Jan Duggan (Mrs. Ruggles)
    Joan Fontaine (Lady Marshmorton)
    Montagu Love (Lord Marshmorton)
    Ray Noble (Reggie)
    Reginald Gardiner (Keggs)

Dances performed in this Film 

Films special dance interest

Ballroom n/a Astaire's Drum dance
Tap   George and Gracie Dancing
    Whisk Broom Dance routine

Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Sheet Music Covers

A Foggy Day Betty Rone n/a
Ah! Che a Voi Perdoni Iddio Fred Astaire  
I Can't Be Bothered Now Gracie Allen  
Nice Work If You Can Get It Jack George  
Put Me to the Test Mario Berini  
'S Wonderful Mary Dean  
Stiff Upper Lip Pearl Amatore  
The Jolly Tar and the Milkmaid    
Things are Looking Up    
Barkleys of Broadway (F& G)

Similar Films

Stage versions of the film

Cast Recordings / Soundtracks 

Barkleys of Broadway (F& G) 1928 - A Damsel in Distress n/a
Carefree (F& G)    
Dancing Lady (w/ Crawford)    
Flying Down To Rio (F& G)    
Follow the Fleet (F& G)    
Roberta (F& G)    
Second Chorus (w/ Goddard)    
Shall We Dance (F& G)    
Story of Vernon & Irene Castle    
Swing Time (F& G)    
Top Hat (F& G)    

Books Available on this film ...

Title Author Date Publisher
A Damsel in Distress n/a 1919 n/a
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