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The Barkleys of Broadway
Barkleys of Broadway (aka: You Made Me Love You)
This movie marked the end of an era and the end of a legendary dance partnership!

      Synopsis: Josh (Astaire) and Dinah Barkley (Rogers) are married and a professional song-and-dance couple whose routine bickering finally cause a breakup. Dinah decides she doesn't get enough credit for her ability and feels she is in Josh's shadow. She is offered a part in a stage play about Sarah Bernhardt and leaves Josh high and dry to take on this straight dramatic role as Sarah Bernhardt, but they later do reunite. This is the last Astaire/Rogers movie they did together and is the only one in they did in color.

      This film is not a return back to the RKO days of Fred and Ginger's past ... it's essence has the trademark MGM stamp. You sense the words spoken by the two actors has a ring of truth in their real life partnership as they haven't danced together for over ten years or since 1939. The magic

and charisma is very much still alive, but in a VERY different way... Overall an excellent Astaire/Rogers film for the entire family.

    * Fred and Gingers dancing is superb and Astaire's dancing here is more athletic and energetic. Ginger looks like she is really enjoying the dances with Fred. Fred dances a " Shoes With Wings" sequence where his shoes come alive magically which is also outstanding. Astaire and Rogers do a good Scottish dance and song to " My One and Only Highland Fling." The DVD version also features: Reunited at MGM: Astaire and Rogers Together Again, Vintage short: Annie Was a Wonder, Classic Droopy cartoon: Wags to Riches, Theatrical trailer

Barkleys of Broadway Lobby Card Barkleys of Broadway Lobby Card Barkleys of Broadway Lobby Card Fred and Ginger from Barkleys of Broadway Fred and Ginger Screen Shot from Barkleys

More Film Information below



Availability: YES!
1949 English [DVD | VHS | DVD Set | Download]




MGM Studios Color, Closed-captioned Comedy / Musical


Country Made:


109 minutes USA Charles Walters

Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Films Dance Rating

Fred and Ginger Tap Dance Excellent !!!

Known Dancers in Movie


Actors / Actresess

Bess Flowers Robert Alton (Choreographer) Billie Burke (Mrs. Belney)
Butch Terrell Lennie Hayton  (Musical Dir.) Carol Brewster (Gloria Amboy)  
Fred Astaire Hermes Pan (Astaire's Dances) Clinton Sundberg (Bert Felsher) 
Gale Robbins (Shirlene)   Fred Astaire (Josh Barkley) 
Ginger Rogers   Gale Robbins (Shirlene May)
    George Zucco (The Judge)
Ginger Rogers (Dinah Barkley)
Hans Conried (Ladislaus Ladi)
Inez Cooper (Pamela Driscoll)
Jacques Franç ois (Jacques Barredout)
Joyce Mathews (Genevieve)
Nolan Leary (Stage Doorman)
Oscar Levant (Ezra Millar)
Roger Moore (First Man)
Wilson Wood (Larry)

Dances performed in this Film 

Films special dance interest

Adagio n/a Fred and Ginger Reunion
Highland Fling   Fred & Ginger's Last Dance Together
Swing Trot   Highland Kilts with brogues
Tap Dance   " Shoes with Wings routine"
    Swing Trot dance

Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Sheet Music Covers

A Weekend In The Country [MP3] Fred Astaire n/a
Not Available Bouncin' the Blues Ginger Rogers  
Not Available Manhattan Downbeat Oscar Levant (on Piano)  
My One and Only Highland Fling [MP3]    
Sabre Dance    
Shoes With Wings On [MP3]  


Swing Trot [MP3]   $ Barkley's of Broadway (1949) German
Tchaikovsky's 1st Piano Concerto    
They can't take that away from me [MP3]    
This Heart of Mine [MP3]    
You'd Be So Hard to Replace [MP3]    

Similar Films

Stage versions of the film

Cast Recordings / Soundtracks 

$ Astaire-Rogers Collection v2 n/a n/a
Carefree(F& G)    
Damsel In Disress (w/ Fontaine)    
Dancing Lady (w/ Crawford)    
Flying Down To Rio (F& G)    
Follow the Fleet (F& G)    
Roberta(F& G)    
Shall We Dance (F& G)    
Story of Vernon & Irene Castle    
Swing Time (F& G)    
Top Hat (F& G)    
Books Available on this film ...
Title Author Date Publisher
n/a n/a n/a n/a
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