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Dirty Dancing
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For more Movie & DVD listings see "Dancers" and or"Dance" pages in our Dance History Archives.
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Movie Title Date Type Star / Dancer
Assassination Tango 2003 Tango Robert Duvall
Breakin' 1984 Break Dancing, Pop, Lock Shabadoo, Boogaloo Shrimp, Others
Breakin' 2 19?? Break Dancing, Pop, Lock Shabadoo, Boogaloo Shrimp, Others
Carlos Saura Dance Trilogy: Carmen 2000 Spanish, Flamenco n/a
Cabaret 1972 Jazz Liza Minnelli
Chicago 2002 Tap, Jazz, Tango Gere, Zellweger, Zeta-Jones
Cotton Club, The 1984 Tap, Jazz, Chorus Lines Bubba Gaines, 'Buster' Brown, Charles 'Honi' Coles, Gregory Hines, Gwen Verdon, Harold Cromer, Henry LeTang, Mario Van Peebles, Maurice Hines, Richard Gere, Sandman Simms and many more.
Dance with a Stranger 1985 Nightclub Richardson
Dance With Me 1998 Salsa Vanessa Williams (poster)
Dirty Dancing 1987 Mamboetc. Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Gray (poster)
Dirty Dancing II (Havana Nights) 2005 Salsa n/a (poster) , See E-Bay
Explosive Dance - Lindy, Tap, Step Various
Flash Dance 1983 Jazz,Strip (PG) Jennifer Beals, (poster)
Footloose 1984 Jazz Kevin Bacon (poster)
Forbidden Dance, The 1990 Lambada n/a
Grease 1978 Jazz Travolta, Newton-John (poster)
Hairspray 1988 1960s fad dances Bono, Lake, Harry, Zadora
Lambada 1989 Lambada n/a (poster)
Latcho Drom 1993 Gypsy Dance n/a
Little Shop Of Horrors 1986 Jazz Rick Moranis
Mad About Mambo 1998 Salsa Keri Russell, William Ash
Mambo Cafe 1999 Salsa n/a
Mambo Kings 1992 Salsa n/a (poster)
Mambo Italiano 2003 Salsa Luke Kirby, Paul Sorvino, See E-Bay
Moulin Rouge 2003 Various Nicole Kidman (poster)
Newsies 1992 Jazz Tap Duvall, Ortega
Pennies From Heaven 1981   Steve Martin
Queen of the Stardust Ballroom 1975 Ballroom Many older L.A. Dancers
Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 Jazz, Stage Tim Curray (poster)
Salome's Last Dance 1988 Salome Dance Glenda Jackson (sexual content)
Salsa 1988 Mambo Robie Rosa, Miranda Garrison
Saturday Night Fever 1977 Disco, Hustle John Travolta (poster)
Save the Last Dance 2001 Ballet, Hip-Hop Stiles, Thomas
Scent of a Woman - n/a Dance Scene
Sergent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1978 Jazz Peter Frampton
Shall We Dance 1997 Ballroom -subtitled (Poster)
Shall We Dance 2003 Salsa Jennifer Lopez, Richard Gere, See E-Bay
Shout! 1990 Swing Tim Curray, Susanah York
Staying Alive 1983 Jazz John Travolta, more (poster)
Strictly Ballroom 1993 Ballroom Paul Mercurio (poster)
Swingers 1996 1 Swing scene the Derby, Plus Swing Scene (poster)
Swing Kids 1993 Swing Excellent Swing Scenes! (poster)
Tango Bar, the 1988 Tango Julia, Lynch
Tango Lesson, the 1997 Tango Sally Potter, Pablo Veron
Tap! 1989 Tap Gregory Hines
Tootsie 1982 Jazz? Dustin Hoffman
Urban Cowboy 1980 C/W John Travolta (poster)
White Knights 1985 Tap / Ballet G. Hines, Mikhail Baryshnikov
Zoot Suit [DVD] - Latin, Swing Olmos
Musical Compilations
60's Musical Video Collection 1996 Various Miracles, Robinson, Zombies
Andrew Lloyd Weber Collection 2001 Various Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar
Girl Groups: Story Of Sound 1983 Rare 1960's Ronettes, Supremes, Shangri-Las
Golden Age of Looney Tunes V1 1998 Looney Dance :) 1930's Animated
Hollywood Musicals MGM Various Astaire etc.
Hollywood Musicals II 1995 Various Various
Hollywood Musicals Collection 1995 Various Astaire etc.
Hollywood Musical Collections 1995 Various Various
Hollywood Musicals of the 40s 2001 Various Various
Hollywood Musical's Of The 50's 1998 Various Various
Hollywood Musicals of the 60s 2001 Various Various
Musicals Great Musical 1998 Various Various
Musicals of Note (3-Pack) 1991 Various -
That's Entertainment I 1974 Various Astaire, Kelly, etc.
That's Entertainment II 1976 Various Astaire, Kelly Etc.
Broadway Dance Musicals
Annie 1981 Jazz Quinn, Burnett
Burn The Floor 2000 Ballroom, Latin n/a
Cats! 19 Jazz n/a
River Dance - The Show 1995 Clog / Tap M. Flatley, Butler
Stomp - Out Loud 1997 Jazz / Tap / Eccentric n/a
Lord Of The Dance 1996 Clog / Tap M. Flateley
All That Jazz (rated R) 1979 Jazz Roy Scheider
Xanadu (down to earth) 1980 Jazz Olivia Newton-John
Tap Dogs 1996 Tap Dein Perry
The Wiz 1978 Jazz etc. Michael Jackson, Ross
Other Dance Related Videos
Anthology Collector's Set 1996 Beatle's Videos Beatles
Ballroom Dancing: Int'l Champ's 1991 Various Dances Amstel, Hardy, Burns and Fairweather, Hilton's
Cream 19?? Concert Prince & NPG, See E-Bay
Dance 1997 Concert Fleetwood Mac
Dancing: complete Set 1992 Documentary Various (Shorty george)
Denishawn: Birth of Modern Dance 1988 Documentary St. Denis, Ted Shawn
Born To Swing 1973 Concert Count Basie
Festival de la Danza 1999 Various Various
Hail, Hail Rock & Roll 19?? Concert Chuck Berry
I Am What I Am 1987 Bio-Footage Jerry Lee Lewis
Jean Georges Noverre's Medea 2001 Ballet noverre's Ballet recreated
MTV: Dance Moves (97) 1997 - -
Shindig-James Brown 19?? Concert James Brown
Shindig-Jerry Lee Lewis 19?? Concert Jerry Lee Lewis
Shindig-Legends Of Rock & Roll 19?? Concert Chuck Berry etc.
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