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The Great Waltz
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(pre 1970) Dance Musicals History Listings
These pages deal with DVD & VHS general musical videos (Good for the entire family) that usually are available, used or new for collecting or viewing, most are for under $20 ... For Swing dance videos ... Check the Swing Films archives (has free video clips as well).









Affair in Tinidad1952Two ScenesRita Hayworthdvdvhspstrsntk
Alexanders Ragtime Band1938n/aAmeche, Fayedvdvhspstrsntk
All American Co-Ed.1941n/aFrancis Langforddvdvhspstrsntk
Anchors Aweigh1945Jazz, Mex Hat DanceJerry the mouse!, Kelly, Sinatra,dvdvhspstrsntk
An American in Paris1951Jazz, Ballet Kelly, Leslie Carondvdvhspstrsntk
April in Paris1952BallroomDoris Day, Ray Bolger dvdvhspstrsntk
Argentine Nights1940n/aAndrew Sisters Debutdvdvhspstrsntk
Band Wagon, The1953 Ballet , Tap, JazzAstaire, Buchanan, Charisse, Fabray,dvdvhspstrsntk
Barkleys of Broadway1949Tap,BallroomAstaire, Rogers,dvdvhspstrsntk
Belle of New York1952Tap, BallroomAstaire, Ellendvdvhspstrsntk
Big Broadcast of 19381938Jazz, BallroomHope,W.C. Fields, dvdvhspstrsntk
Birth of The Blues1941n/aBing Crosbydvdvhspstrsntk
Black and Tan 1929Jazz, Flash, TapFive Hot Shots, Fredi Washington, Cotton Club Chorus Girlsdvdvhspstrsntk
Born To Dance1936Jazz TapEbsen, Powell, Stewartdvdvhspstrsntk
Brigadoon1954Scottish dancing, Wedding Dance, Jazz Charisse, Kelly, Van Johnson, dvdvhspstrsntk
Broadway Melody of19361936Ballroom, Jazz TapEleanor Powell, dvdvhspstrsntk
Broadway Melody of19381937Ballroom, Jazz TapEbsen, Garland, Powell, Taylordvdvhspstrsntk
Broadway Melody of 19401940TapAstaire, Powell, G. Murphy dvdvhspstrsntk
Bundle of Blues 1933EccentricBessie Dudley & Florence Hilldvdvhspstrsntk
Bye, Bye Birdie1963Jazz, Swing, TwistJanet Leighdvdvhspstrsntk
Call Me Madam1953n/aVera Ellen, Donald O'Connordvdvhspstrsntk
Can-Can1960Apache, Can-CanMacLaine, Prowse, Sinatradvdvhspstrsntk
Carefree1938Ballroom, Tap, the YamAstaire, Rogers,dvdvhspstrsntk
Carolina Blues 19 Tap,Ann Miller, Harold Nicholasdvdvhspstrsntk
Collegiate, the1936--dvdvhspstrsntk
Country Music Hoedown1955TV: Lawrence Welk Show dvdvhspstrsntk
Country Music on Broadway1964Country, Square, Western-dvdvhspstrsntk
Cover Girl1944Ballroom,Jazz Hayworth,Kelly, dvdvhspstrsntk
Cowboy Blues1946Country, Square,Western-dvdvhspstrsntk
Cowboy Canteen---dvdvhspstrsntk
Curly Top1935TapShirley Templedvdvhspstrsntk
Daddy Long Legs1955Tap, Collegiate, SluefootAstaire, Carondvdvhspstrsntk
Dames1935Tap, JazzDick Powelldvdvhspstrsntk
Damn Yankees1958Jazz, Tap Kelly, Reynoldsdvdvhspstrsntk
Damsel in Distress,
1937n/aAstaire, Joan Fontainedvdvhspstrsntk
Dancing Lady1933Tap, Ethnic, BallroomAstaire, Crawforddvdvhspstrsntk
Dancing Mothers [Silent]1926N/AClara Bowdvdvhspstrsntk
Dancing Pirate, the1936n/aCharles Collinsdvdvhspstrsntk
Don't Knock theTwist1961TwistChubby Checkerdvdpstrsntk
Down Argentine Way-Latin, SwingCollins, Grable, McGowen, Miranda, Romero,dvdvhspstrsntk
Dixiana1930Tap, (Musical set in 1840s)Bojangles, Bebe Danielsdvdvhspstrsntk
Down To Earth(Xanadu)1947JazzHayworthdvdvhspstrsntk
Du Barry Was aLady 1943n/a Ball, Kelly, Skeltondvdvhspstrsntk
Easter Parade1948Tap, Ballroom (Stepping Out with my Baby song)Astaire, Garland, Miller dvdvhspstrsntk
Eternal Waltz, the1954Straussn/advdvhspstrsntk
Finian's Rainbow1968n/aAstaire, Clark, Steeledvdvhspstrsntk
Five Pennies1959JazzArmstrong, Kaye, dvdvhspstrsntk
Flying Down to Rio1933Ballroom, Tap, the CariocaAstaire, Del Rio, Rogersdvdvhspstrsntk
Follow the Fleet1936Tap, BallroomAstairedvdvhspstrsntk
Footlight Serenade1942Jazz, BallroomGrable, Hermes Pandvdvhspstrsntk
For Me And My Gal1942Jazz, Ballin' The JackGarland, Kellydvdvhspstrsntk
Funny Face1957Ballroom, TapAstaire, Hepburn dvdvhspstrsntk
Funny Girl (Fanny Brice)1968n/aStreisand, Sharifdvdvhspstrsntk
Gay Divorcee1934Ballroom, Tap, the ContinnetalAstaire, Ball, Grable, Rogers, dvdvhspstrsntk
Gold Diggers of 19331933Shadow Waltz, Tap,Rogers, Dick Powell, Keeler, Blondelldvdvhspstrsntk
Gold Diggers of 19351935n/aDick Powelldvdvhspstrsntk
Goldwyn Follies, the1938n/aEdgar Bergendvdvhspstrsntk
Great Waltz, the1938WaltzLuise Rainerdvdvhspstrsntk
Great Waltz, The1955WaltzMia Slavenska dvdvhspstrsntk
Jazz on a Summers Day1958n/aLouis Armstrongdvdvhspstrsntk
Han's Christian Anderson1952n/aKayedvdvhspstrsntk
Happy Go Lovely1951n/aVera Ellen, Cesar Romerodvdvhspstrsntk
Harlem1930Cotton ClubPathe News Reel dvdvhspstrsntk
Harlem Is Heaven 1932TapBojanglesdvdvhspstrsntk
Harvey Girls, the1946n/aGarland, dvdvhspstrsntk
Hello Dolly!1969General dance scenesStreisanddvdvhspstrsntk
Hit the Deck1955Jazz TapAnn Miller, Reynolds, Tamblyn, dvdvhspstrsntk
Hoedown1949Country, Square, Western-dvdvhspstrsntk
Holiday Inn1942TapAstaire, Crosby, M. Reynoldsdvdvhspstrsntk
Hollywood Barn Dance1947Country, Square, Western-dvdvhspstrsntk
Honolulu 1939Hawaiian Jazz TapPowelldvdvhspstrsntk
In the Good Old Summertime1949n/aGarland, Minnellidvdvhspstrsntk
It's Always Fair Weather1955Jazz, Tap, Roller Skates Charisse, Daily, Kelly, Kidd,dvdvhspstrsntk
Invitation to the dance-Jazz, Animated, Pantomime Carol Haney, Kelly, dvdvhspstrsntk
Just Around the Corner1938TapBojangles, Templedvdvhspstrsntk
King And I1956BallroomBrynner, Kerr, dvdvhspstrsntk
King of Jazz, The1930VariousPaul Whitemandvdvhspstrsntk
Kismet1955somewhat Oriental dancesBlythe, Grey, Keel, dvdvhspstrsntk
Kiss Me Kate1953Tap, JazzK. Grayson, Keel, Ann Miller, Tom Rall, Fosse, Bobby Vandvdvhspstrsntk
Les Girls1957Jazz, Wild Ones Motorcycle sceneKelly, Mizi Gaynor, dvdvhspstrsntk
Let's Dance1950Tap, Ballroom, Piano Dance SceneAstaire, Betty Huttondvdvhspstrsntk
Let's Go Collegiate [try here]1941  dvdvhspstrsntk
Little Colonel, the1935TapBojangles, Templedvdvhspstrsntk
Little Miss Broadway1938TapTempledvdvhspstrsntk
Littlest Rebel, the1935TapBojangles, Holt, Temple,dvdvhspstrsntk
Living in a Big Wayn/aJazz, Kids dance scene Dodd, Kelly, Marie McDonald dvdvhspstrsntk
Mambo1954Mambo, n/advdvhspstrsntk
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round1937Swing Cab Callowaydvdvhspstrsntk
Mary Poppins1964JazzDick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, dvdvhspstrsntk
Mississippi Rhythm-Country, Square, Western-dvd vhspstrsntk
Moon Over Harlem1939Has Dancing, Bud Harris,dvdvhspstrsntk
Music Man, The1962- dvdvhspstrsntk
My Fair Lady1964n/a, A. Hepburn, Rex Harrisondvdvhspstrsntk
Oklahoma1955deMille Ballet , JazzGordon Mcgrae, Shirley Jonesdvdvhspstrsntk
On the Town1949Jazz Ann Miller, Ellen, Kelly, dvdvhspstrsntk
Paint Your Wagon1969JazzClint Eastwooddvdvhspstrsntk
Paradise in Harlem1939Jubilee Pictures Frank Wilson, Edna Mae Harrisdvdvhspstrsntk
Pete Kelly's Blues ???1955Blues ??????Jack Webbdvdvhspstrsntk
Pie Pie Blackbird1932TapNicholas Brothers dvdvhspstrsntk
Pirate, the 1948Jazz, BallroomGarland, Kelly,dvdvhspstrsntk
Poor Little Rich Girl1936TapTempledvdvhspstrsntk
Red Shoes 1948Ballet , Jazz,Leonide Massine, Moira Shearer, Ludmilla Tcherinadvdvhspstrsntk
Roberta1935TapAstaire, Dunne, Rogersdvdvhspstrsntk
Roman Scandals1933n/aEddie Cantordvdvhspstrsntk
Roxie Hart1942Jazz, Tap, Black Bottom Ginger Rogers, dvdvhspstrsntk
Royal Wedding1951Tap, BallroomAstaire, Jane Powelldvdvhspstrsntk
Salome1953Salome Dance, 7 Veils, Belly DanceHayworthdvdvhspstrsntk
Second Chorus1940Tap, BallroomAstaire, Paulette Goddarddvdvhspstrsntk
See You in My Dreams, I'll1951Some DanceDoris Day, D. Thomas, dvdvhspstrsntk
Senstations of 19451944Tap, Acrobatic Eleanor Powell, Calloway, Johnson Brosdvdvhspstrsntk
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers1954 Ballet , Jazz, FolkD'Ambrose, Jane Powell, Keel, dvdvhspstrsntk
Shall We Dance1937Tap, BallroomAstaire, Rogers dvdvhspstrsntk
Ship Ahoy1942Jazz Tap SwingPowell, Sinatra, Stafforddvdvhspstrsntk
Show Boat1936JazzIrene Dunne, Championsdvdvhspstrsntk
Silk Stockings1957Tap, BallroomAstaire, Charissedvdvhspstrsntk
Singing in The Rain1952Jazz Kellydvdvhspstrsntk
Sky's the Limit, The1943Tap, Bar Counter Top DanceAstaire, Joan Lesliedvdvhspstrsntk
Small Town Girl 1953Jazz TapAnn Millerdvdvhspstrsntk
Song of the Islands1942HawaiianGrabledvdvhspstrsntk
South Pacific1958n/aGaynor, Kerrdvdvhspstrsntk
Sound of Music, The1965n/aJulie Andrewsdvdvhspstrsntk
Square Dance Katy1950Country, Square, Western-dvdvhspstrsntk
Square Dance Jubilee1949Country, Square, Western-dvdvhspstrsntk
Stars and Stripes Forever1952n/aCliffton Webbdvdvhspstrsntk
State Fair1945n/aJeanne Craindvdvhspstrsntk
Story of Vernon & Irene Castle1938Ballroom, Foxtrot, TangoAstaire, Rogers dvdvhspstrsntk
Sweet Charity1966Jazz Vereen, Doby, Quick, Paula Kelly, Chita Rivera, MacLaine,dvdvhspstrsntk
Swing in the Saddle1944  dvdvhspstrsntk
Swing Time1936 Ballroom, TapAstaire, Rogers dvdvhspstrsntk
Swing Your Partners-Country, Square, Western-dvdvhspstrsntk
Symphony in Black1933Snake HipsSnake Hips Tucker & Bessie Dudleydvdvhspstrsntk
Take Me Out To The Ball Game1949Jazz Kelly, Sinatradvdvhspstrsntk
The Jolson Story1946JazzLarry Parks dvdvhspstrsntk
The Loves of Carmen1948Rita's Gypsy dancesHayworthdvdvhspstrsntk
The Story of Jazzclipsn/aLouis Armstrong, othersdvdvhspstrsntk
This is the Army1943Jazz, SwingGeorge Murphy, Regan, dvdvhspstrsntk
Three Little Words1950JazzRed Skeltondvdvhspstrsndtk
Thousands Cheer1944Gene's Mop Dance SceneGarland, Katherine Grayson, Kelly, Lena Horne, Powell, dvdvhspstrrsntk
Tonight and Every Night1945n/aHayworth, Janet Blair dvdvhspstrsntk
Top Hat1935Tap, BallroomAstaire, Rogers dvdvhspstrsntk
Unsinkable Molly Brown1964n/a Reynolds, Verdon,dvdvhspstrsntk
Up in Arms1944JazzDoris Day, Kaye, Mayodvdvhspstrsntk
West Point Story1950Tap, Jazz Doris Day, Cagney, Mayodvdvhspstrsntk
West Side Story1961JazzNatalie Wooddvdvhspstrsntk
Wonder Man1945n/aDanny Kayedvdvhspstrsntk
Words and Music1948n/a Allyson, Ellen,Garland, Kelly, Lena Horne, Rooneydvdvhspstrsntk
Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942JazzJames Cagneydvdvhspstrsntk
Yolanda and the Thief1945Tap, Astaire, Lucille Bremerdvdvhspstrsntk
You'll Never Get Rich1941Ballroom, Boogie Barcarolle, Cakewalk, Rumba, TapAstaire, Hayworthdvdvhspstrsntk
You Were Never Lovelier1942Ballroom, Tap (Shorty George #)Astaire, Hayworthdvdvhspstrsntk
Young Girls of Rochefort1968Ballet, Jazz George Chakiris, Kelly, dvdvhspstrsntk
Ziegfeld Follies1946n/aAstaire, Garland, Kelly, Skeltondvdvhspstrsntk
Ziegfeld Girl 1941CalypsoTurner, Hedy Lamarr, Garland, Stewartdvdvhspstrsntk
Zorba the Greek1964Greek, FolkAnthony Quinndvdvhspstrsntk
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