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Sonny Watson
Various Photo's of My Dance Life & Others.
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(Up to Two People)

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Sonny and Robin (early eighties)

Sonny and Valerie Browne (early Eighties)

Sonny and Tracy Adams (Mid Eighties)

Sonny and Mary ann

Sonny and Mary Ann

Sonny and Bonita

Sonny and Kris Hagerty

Sonny and Lisa - Invitational JandJ at US Open

Sonny (Pro-Am)

C/W Days Valerie/Sonny Tracy/Sonny Maryanne & Sonny Benita Sonny/Kris US Open 2004 Sonny/Judy

Sonny Portrait (Judging Phoenix)

Sonny and Deanna

Sonny (Early Eighties)

Sonny and Mary Ann (doing their Routine)

Sonny and Kris: Dallas Dance: Showcase Division: 2nd Place

Sonny and Tracy

Sonny's Backside lol

Jack Smith DJ'ing at club

Sonny Promo Me/ Deanna Phoenix 1992 Maryann Nunez/Sonny Kris/ Sonny Sonny/Tracy Sonny Rear DJ Jack Smith

Deanna at 18

Deanna and James

Deanna and Kyle

Deanna and Heavy

Deanna on Graduation Day ( Bachelors Degree 2004)

Tatianna, Deanna and Sonny

Deanna and James

Sonny and Robin - Early 1980s
Deanna 18 Deanna - Open JJ Kyle/Deanna Heavy/Deanna Graduation Tatiana, Deanna, Me Deanna - Open Sonny C/W Days

Deanna and Manny - 2009 US Open

Deanna and Manny - 2009 US Open

Deanna and Manny - 2009 US Open

Congrats Cake on US Open

2007 pic of US Open

Deanna at Halloween at club

Deanna at Halloween at club

Halloween Deanna Kelly Leanna


Deanna Deanna Deanna 1ST Place Cake 1st Place Open Deanna Playboy Bunny (Halloween) The Girls 2009 Kelly/Deanna

Baby Im A Star - Swingshift US Open



Back To Basix - aka Swingshift

Valley Swing Dance Club Dance Team (first team in 87)

Sonny and Deanna at the Crest Lounge

Dimples Kareoke Bar in Burbank - Swing Night

Swingshift - Prince Routine Swingshift Showstoppers Back to Basix VSDC Team Deanna & I Dimples Swing Nite

Halloween 2010

Jordan and Tatianna before they were Jordan and Tatianna lol

Sonny and Leilani

Two cuties



Halloween '11 B-DAY 2010 Jordan & Tat The Girls 2008 Leilani The Girls 2010 Some Event ? Me 2009

The Rears 2 at club

The Rears :)

Swing DJ Hall Of Fame Inductee Award


at City of Angeles as Judge

AS Judge

My Favorite slow dance pattern

Doing the Knife with Elise Valdez

Best Rears in the Valley :) DJ Hall of Fame Bella '09 As Judge - City of Angels 2012 My 2012 B-Day Gang Dance

Denny's after club on Wednesdays


Michael Monarch and John Riddle at Crest 2007

Wednesday Group Photo 2009
IHOP 2010 Denny's 6/2011 Halloween 2011 Michael Monarch (Steppenwolf) Weds. Class Weds Contest '09 Weds Dancers at 11:30pm
2012 Walk of Legends 2012 2012 Walk Of Legends Sonny and Liza - First place Mountain Magic - Tahoe event Wednesday My Uncle Jim (Sprint Car Racer) My Dog and Cat (ain't they cute)
2012 Walk of Legends Induction 2012 Liza 1st   My Uncle's Car My Pets
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